June 21, 2024

4 Secrets to Cheap Roman Shades

Because they’re made to fit a window’s exact dimensions, Roman shades are pretty expensive to invest in for a rental apartment. Still, that doesn’t stop us from loving them – their neat folds are just so modern and clean compared to swoopy curtains.

Ultimately, the heart wants what the heart wants, no matter your budget. So, we decided to find a few ways to make Roman shades a little easier on the wallet.

No more buyer’s guilt! And don’t worry, we’re not talking DIY. All it takes is a few shopping tricks. . .

1. Buy a faux shade

Urban Outfitters sells drapey cotton “shades” that are really just shade-shaped curtains you hang inside your window with a tension rod. Hate the idea of screwing into your window frames and don’t mind a brighter room? These guys are for you.

2. Don’t go custom

Search “Roman shades” on Google and a bunch of custom ones will come up – avoid those. Designs in set widths and lengths will be a bit less expensive since they aren’t made to order. We noticed Amazon has a decent selection. Friendly reminder to make sure your windows match one of the sizes before you order.

3. Shop the kids’ section

Stores like Pottery Barn and RH sell Roman shades on their regular sites, but head to their kids’ sections to find slightly lower prices. (Both brands are also having sales right now, FYI. ) The styles will be more limited, but you’re probably looking for a basic neutral fabric anyway. One catch: These shades come in those standard sizes we were talking about.

4. Don’t be picky about material

Sure, linen or cotton roman shades are ideal, but you’re on a budget here. Be open to a polyester fabric and suddenly there are options in the $20-per-shade range.

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