May 25, 2024

39 Things I Can’t Wait to Do Once Social Distancing Is Over

Don’t get me wrong, staying at home has had its perks, but I don’t think I’ll ever have another Friday night in once social distancing is up. I value human interaction way too much, plus, I’ve watched just about every good Netflix show out there to justify a night of no plans. I miss jam-packed days of beach trips, bonfires, good conversation, and even better company.

I miss sporadically meeting friends after work for a baseball game or going to the gym and sparking up conversation with my fitness instructor. Better yet, I miss real-life happy hours (remember those? ). It’s the little things, really.

I know our new normal might last for a while longer and doesn’t adhere to my dreamy bucket-list plans, but hey, a girl can hopefully look ahead, right? Because the day when we can all be together again will come. Here are 39 things I can’t wait to do once social distancing is over.

Here are the most stylish puzzles to do this weekend

I can’t be the only one who has ditched Tiger King chat in favour of sharing puzzle tips with their friends… can I?

Since lockdown began, I’ve found myself living in anticipation of my friends’ latest completed puzzle vids (the satisfaction of seeing that last piece snap into place is like nothing else) and recommendations for the best ones to buy next. We’re sending links to the snazziest puzzle carriers and pondering on whether head torches are more game-changing than laughable. Old before my time? Perhaps.

Last weekend, amidst the never-ending search for things to do at home, I decided to do a spot more puzzle shopping. But it wasn’t as simple as anticipated. I was greeted with an abundance of “out of stock” messages and for the life of me, I couldn’t find a puzzle available for delivery. If nothing else, it was comforting proof that I wasn’t alone in my new-found love for the retro hobby – jigsaw puzzle sales have gone through the roof since we all started social distancing, and some retailers have even had to pause orders to keep up with insane demand.

But I wasn’t going down without a fight. In a bid to satisfy my jigsaw puzzle craving, I made it my mission to hunt down a whole load of jigsaw puzzles for adults which are stylish *and* still in stock. I’m now pretty spoilt for choice.

There’s an inspirational woman-themed puzzle from Oliver Bonas that’s sitting at the top of my list alongside a beautifully illustrated yoga puzzle (perfect for the avid yogis among you). If you’re hunkering down in the countryside and desperately missing the capital, this city of London puzzle will take your mind off the big smoke-shaped hole in your heart. Eager for a challenge? Pick up this gradient puzzle by Bryce Wilner. It might only be 100 pieces but boy is it tricky. There’s also a New York puzzle for anyone trying to supress their holiday cravings and this hilarious Coronavirus puzzle which might even be worth getting framed when it’s done.

Switch off and pass away the hours in the most wholesome way possible with one of these best puzzles for adults.

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