April 12, 2024

39 Spring Nail Art Designs We’re Jumping On Early

Lilac and lime, we’ve missed you. While we were off flirting with autumn russets and winter reds, we almost forgot how much we love spring nail art. Pastels and florals may not be groundbreaking, but they offer a refreshing step change into spring.

The season sees us drop the serious act and get more playful again with lightweight shades and upbeat designs that can help lift our mood.

Already we’re looking to zesty colours like mint, lilac, lemon and peach to help manifest brighter days. But alongside bringing the sunshine, our nails can add a finishing touch to our aesthetic. We love matching our manis to our spring makeup vibe.

If you’re going for barefaced makeup, sheer textures and a little lip balm then natural-looking oat milk nails might be more your bag. Or for a glam 2023 twist, lipgloss nails are about to be massive. If you’re a minimalist, check out our top 10 nail designs on a clear base. If you want to hit peak spring mode, florals are a given, and we have all of our fave floral designs rounded-up for you here. For something a little bolder, gem and crystal nails have been taking off. And if you simply can’t decide, your nail horoscope can take care of the decision for you.

If you fancy having a go at doing some nail art yourself, luckily we have inspo at every skill level. For beginners, we have simple dots, courtesy of an old bobby pin, or gradient manis that see a different shade painted on each finger – no nail art required. For the creatives, you could go full Van Gogh with some sunflowers. You could play up spring vibes with speckled mini egg designs, or switch things up with fried eggs. Or, you could go for accent nails with swipes of spring-friendly butter yellow, sky blue and pastel pink.

Here’s our favourite spring nail art designs to get you going…

Lilac trim

Wendy house florals

Remixed squiggle Frenchie

Pastel swirl

Pink florals

Olive green

Tennis tips

Cheery emojis

Tangerine dream

Mint and emojis

Half moon Frenchies

Peach reverse French

Cow print and florals

Half oval Frenchies

Lemon or lime

Pastel tips

Rainbow stripes

Teal fire chrome

Pastel squiggles

Skittle nails

Lilac Frenchies

Chrome corner Frenchies

Lilac floral

Y2K Butterfly

Peaches and cream

Pick & mix pastels

A different kind of Easter egg

Checkerboard florals

Speckled Mini Egg nails

Wild flowers

Yolk yellows

Pastel swoosh

Pointed pistachio

Cloudy skies

Daisy chain

Eggs over easy

Mini Egg Frenchie

Matte ombre

Spring yellow

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