V-360 – a new vaginal rejuvenation treatment booming in the UK

There’s a throng of brands emerging with products and treatments aimed specifically at the upkeep of our vaginas. The latest vaginal tweakment making waves in Hollywood? The V-360 – one I consider a long-term investment.

Here at GLAMOUR HQ, we love nothing more than discovering the latest beauty and wellness treatments and tweakments and we can’t help but notice they’re moving south and targetting our nether regions.

You see the new “V-360” is not about a ‘designer vagina.” I mean, there is no landing strips and bedazzling going on here. A brand new vaginal rejuvenation treatment to the UK, the V-360 is gaining traction because it’s quick and painless, can be done on a lunch break and enhances your sex life. Here at GLAMOUR, we stand by the motto ‘your beauty, your rules’, so if it makes you feel better, go for it.

Dr Galyna Selezneva at Dr Rita Rakus is known as London’s “V-Doctor” for looking after some of the UK’s most famous lady bits. Rather than the common preconception that clients would be 50-something mums looking for some kind or restoration and repair – Galyna sees a lot of patients in their 20s and 30s. Some of them have had babies and some consider it maintenance. She says she’s seen a big upswing in interest within the past few months, “Most of my clients that come in for this are getting younger and younger, actually. And for every woman I treat, four or five friends or family follow,” she said.

Her method is the Ultrafemme 360 – otherwise known as “V-360“ – which works to keep your vagina taut, tight, less dry and fully functional. Dr Selezneva says, “Very much in the way that we start looking after our skin a bit more in our 30s (the occasional facial, better face creams, maybe Botox), we ought to start looking after our vaginas at around the same time.”

Dr Selezneva adds that “this generation cares about their skin, size of pores on their faces, and vagina is in the same way – a part of your body that needs TLC and looking after. This treatment is great in that it works both inside and out – it keeps the vagina tight internally helping to boost sensation and prevent sagging – and externally it additionally improves the appearance of the lips, which loses collagen the same way we do on our faces.”

How it works: You lay on the table and a probe that delivers radiofrequency energy is inserted (not painful) which heats up the vaginal tissues to 41 degrees (it feels warm but comfortable, as apparently there are surprisingly few nerve endings in there, who knew?). It takes exactly 30 minutes.

The warming temperature of the probe causes the existing collagen in the tissues to contract, and the heat shock stimulates the growth of new collagen. This causes a feeling of tightness and can help improve orgasms after treatment.

In controlled clinical studies by Ultra Femme, 89 per cent of women reported post-treatment that their original conditions (ie dry vagina) had improved greatly.

As Dr Selezneva adds: “A wand used internally and externally – it’s painless, non invasive, boosts collagen and prevents vaginal laxity. There’s no downtime; you can start having sex again immediately. And you should. It’s effective, efficient and lasts – although in young women, a top-up is recommended every two years.”

Ultra Femme with Dr Galyna Selezneva at Dr Rita Rakus Clinic, London SW3 (drritarakus.co.uk) Cost: £3,500 for three sessions – you need three for the best results.

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