February 21, 2024

35 Wedding Hashtag Ideas for Facebook Instagram

Everyone does their weddings in their own unique style, but there’s one thing nearly every wedding has in common, and that’s pictures – hundreds or even thousands of pictures!

Memorializing the big event in visual and video format is both an old tradition and a hot new trend, as younger newlyweds (and even some older folks going back up that aisle) are using their social media savvy to get all those memories recorded in one format or another.

If your wedding is coming up, you’re going to have all of your friends and family snapping photos from dawn ’til dusk. How will you ever be able to get all those pictures?

Enter wedding hashtags. By using a wedding hashtag for photos posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (and getting your guests and even your professional photographer to do the same, all you need to do is click on the hashtag in any one of those platforms to see all of the photos your loved ones have shared. But what hashtag will be as fun and memorable as your wedding?

Tips for Making Wedding Hashtags

We’ve included a lot of hashtags below for inspiration. However, you might want a hashtag that’s more unique to you and your loved one. Consider some of the following rules when coming up with the perfect wedding hashtag.

  • Make sure no one else has the same one. Otherwise, your photos are going to get mixed in with someone else’s. That kind of defeats the whole purpose.
  • Make it easy to remember. You don’t want your Aunt Marge using the wrong hashtag and sending the photos off into the ether.
  • Avoid common misspellings. Easy typos will also make your precious photos hard to find.
  • Capitalize the first letter in each word. This makes it much easier to read, which will reduce mistakes.
  • Use puns, alliteration, or rhymes. These playful word games will make hashtags fun and easy to remember.
  • Use inside jokes or nicknames. Be personal and choose something unique to your friends and family to make a more original hashtag.
  • Draw from your engagement or when you first met. Details from the engagement or your relationship (like your song) will make for romantic and original hashtags.
Examples of Personalized Hashtags

These examples may or may not work for your particular wedding, but they should serve as inspiration.

  • Is your significant other’s last name “Long”?
    • #LiveLongAndProsper
  • Is the groom’s last name Younge?
    • #ForeverYounge
  • What about the last name Holton?
    • #ToHaveAndToHolton
  • Were you high school sweethearts?
    • #PromDateToLifeMate
  • Is your wedding going to be outdoors at night?
    • #UndertheMilkyWay
  • How about a destination wedding?
    • #ThatOneTropicalWedding
  • Is your song from the Breakfast Club?
    • #Don’tYouForgetAboutMe
  • Did the girl ask the guy at the engagement?
    • #HeSaidYes
    • #SadieHawkinsWedding
Wedding Generator Inspired Personalized Hashtags

The following hashtags were pulled from or inspired by the many wedding hashtag generators available online. We used the hypothetical couple Andrea Winter and Kevin Jones for these hashtags. If you see one you like, just insert your own names where appropriate.

  • #AndreaAndKevinTieTheKnot
  • #TeamAndreaAndTeamKevin
  • #AndreaAndKevinsFairyTale
  • #AndreaAndKevinsLoveStory
  • #JonesSquared
  • #AndreaAndKevinRoundOne
  • #OnceUponAJones
  • #TooLateToSayNoWinter
  • #OnCloudJones
  • #NoGoingBackAndreaAndKevin
  • #WinterNoMore
  • #TheAdventuresOfAndreaAndKevin
  • #MeetTheJoness
  • #WinterHeartsJones
  • #AndreaAndKevinSittingInATree

  • #JonesPartyOfTwo
  • #GoodbyeWinter
  • #WinterAndJonesMerger
  • #HappilyEverJones
  • #MrAndMrsJones
  • #AndreaAndKevinKissAndTell
  • #AndreaAndKevinSaveTheLastDance
  • #WhenKevinMetAndrea
  • #KevinPutARingOnIt
  • #YouHadMeAtJoness
  • #NewlywedsOnTheBlock
Let Everyone Know About Your Hashtag

No matter how brilliant and original your wedding hashtag is, it won’t do you any good unless you get the word out. Include your hashtag in any or all of the following places.

  • Save-the-date card
  • Wedding invitation
  • Wedding program
  • Reception table cards
  • Sandwich board

With your wedding hashtag, your friends and family can broadcast your nuptials in real time. Take a break from the dance floor and pull out your smartphone to get a gander at your special day’s awesome pics.

Have any other terrific wedding hashtag ideas? Share them below!

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