35 best make-up for brunettes

BeautyHack gathered the perfect makeup for brunettes: pencils for eyebrows the right shade, bright eyeshadow, blush, which do not emphasize the pallor of the skin, and lipstick for every taste.

Bloggers, beauty gurus and editors shared their comments, and makeup artist Sasha Markova told about the major differences in the makeup of brunettes and blondes.

“We women are so different. But one similar for sure – always want to look perfect, happy to emphasize their dignity and skillfully hide the flaws. And hair color plays an important role.

Understand what makeup suits brunettes and what to look for when choosing makeup, dark-haired girls. As a makeup artist (and a brunette) I admit – these girls are extremely lucky, because unlike the blonde, the makeup they can use rich vibrant colors and look as natural as possible. Due to the high contrast accents in make-up dark-haired ladies should be bright emerald green or blue smoky eyes do look mysterious, and determined to make a bright accent on the lips, get ready to be the Queen of the night”.


Concealer Luminous Silk Foundation, Giorgio Armani

Тональный крем Luminous Silk Foundation, Giorgio Armani

“I’m a fan of tonal Armani Luminous Silk especially. It is a veil, which even in dense application sponge on the skin looks natural and easy.

Even if we take the most opaque and dense tone of the brand Giorgio Armani, he still will not look on the face like a mask. All in high-quality pigments and reflective particles correct. Means of this brand loved by makeup artists all over the world, and it is absolutely justified”.

Cushion-Derma-Cushion, Grey Beige, Dr.Jart+

Кушон Derma-Cushion, Grey Beige, Dr.Jart+

“One of my favorite BB creams for a long time was BeautyBalm Dr.Jart+. I think I found an alternative. When using the tool, there is a feeling that is not just putting makeup on, and as though and a good moisturizer at one time. The coating becomes weightless (used a cushion sponge that comes in the kit), and the skin – shining (in your heart kushana hidden highlighter in the shape of a cross). If you mix both colors, you get a trendy effect gym skin (as someone who loves sports, to be honest – the result is indistinguishable: as if the truth only came out with a cardio workout).

For more dense and matte coverage, apply only the beige part kushana – the tool is well conceals imperfections and even skin relieves irritation. Great composition: low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and marine plankton extract to hydrate, calamine (compounds of zinc oxide and iron oxide) to reduce redness, Moringa oil pancake for protection from exposure to adverse environmental factors. SPF 50 – how a great bonus (not everyone can take makeup with you on vacation, but it will be handy on the summer sea)”.

Concealer with lifting effect Perfectionist, Estee Lauder

Тональный крем с лифтинг-эффектом Perfectionist, Estée Lauder

“Assistant for skin. Perfectionist really fills wrinkles their texture and reduces their visibility. Wrinkles completely invisible, and the deep – well smoothed. Glowing pigments in the formula of the creams scatter light and make the face healthy and protected from the sun with SPF 25. Young girls this concealer will help to hide the peeling – Perfectionist sticky flaky particle to the surface of the skin. The finish is velvety, like the pictures of Hollywood stars before the Oscars.

CC Cream Embryolisse Soin Correcteur De Teint

CC-Крем Embryolisse Soin Correcteur De Teint

“Beloved CC Cream from Embryolisse is a super tool! It cares and covers minor imperfections, creating the effect of a well-aligned skin. But you will not notice a single trace of Foundation – the coating looks perfectly natural. This tool is for those girls who prefer a natural makeup, want to achieve the perfect colour, but not like the dense texture. The composition includes a protective formula SPF 20”.

Concealer Liquid Lift Foundation-Make Up For Ever

Тональный крем Liquid Lift Foundation, Make Up For Ever

“Love for a perfect finish – medium coverage of this tone allows you to hide imperfections and to give a satin glow. I apply Lift Foundation with a fluffy blush brush (Make Up For Ever 156): I hold all over the face with gentle circular motions. A thin veil. The layers – all because of the creamy texture. In the morning Lift Foundation works like Breakfast for the skin – it helps her to cheer up and prepare for a long day. Don’t forget: the Foundation only works in combination with the correct care for your skin type: dry areas should be well moistened, fat – zamarinovat”.

Brightening concealer Under Eye Brightening Corrector, BECCA

Осветляющий корректор Under Eye Brightening Corrector, BECCA

“With this tool I was introduced to the Russian artist Olga Fox concealer you can always find her case on the set. Pink reflective pigment helps to neutralise dark circles under the eyes and even out tone. The product does not dry the skin and does not clog the folds.”

Concealer Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, Urban Decay

Корректор Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer, Urban Decay

“If you never fit the colors of the concealers and no mark is not satisfied with its a range, the Urban Decay waiting for you! Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is available already in 14 shades – from the lightest to the darkest. But even this is not its main advantage – concealer featuring a combination of thick coating and excellent resistance: don’t roll up and is not heavy oily layer”.

Concealer face High Precision Retouch, Giorgio Armani

Консилер для лица High Precision Retouch, Giorgio Armani

“Once in my makeup bag, the concealer made it a real beauty revolution, replacing the SS and BB creams.

It is not necessary to apply all over the face – we can point to problem areas. Tool – perfect for the beach and hot summer: in a single stroke thin and very convenient applicator to disguise dark circles and not stressed facial wrinkles (who are slightly “over 30,” I will understand).

Concealer are non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores. Apply a small amount to the periorbital region, a little discoloration from acne scars, a bit on the nose area and I’m ready to conquer new heights.

The tools are a nice texture and almost no smell, and the color adjusts to skin tone – can’t go wrong with color”.

Palette Naked Flushed, Urban Decay

Палетка Naked Flushed, Urban Decay 

“One of my favorite tools for travel – palette for the face Urban Decay Naked Flushed. For some reason it has not so much to say like she deserves! But this is a compact light palette which has a bronzer, blush and highlighter. If you find “your” shades proposed, this palette can dramatically freshen up the face! Another brand advises to mix all the colors together. Well, that is all in one, it is very convenient. It is enough to take one brush and all – no need to look in the road where you have to face.”

Palette Instant Look in A Palette, Charlotte Tilbury

Палетка Instant Look in A Palette, Charlotte Tilbury

“The palette Instant Look in A Palette from Charlotte Tilbury is bronzer, blush, eye shadow and highlighter.Bronzer is very correct shade makeup with it look natural. On top of it to apply highlighter – they are perfectly combined with each other.

In the palette there are two shades of blush – warm (for brunettes) and cold (for blondes). They can also be mixed together.

For blush, highlighter and bronzer use a big fluffy brush feathering will be as if it did a professional makeup artist”.

Bronzer cream Bronzer, the shade of Bronzer, Physicians Formula

Бронзер Butter Bronzer, оттенок Bronzer, Physicians Formula

“Great and, most importantly, the budget American brand Physicians Formula was founded by a doctor-allergist, so all funds are ideal for sensitive skin. “Happy” owners of redness and peeling mentally give five.

What bronzer made the brand famous all over the world – and here’s why. First, it is the perfect shade – not too cold (there are no “bruises” on her cheeks), not too orange. This is it – the color is tan light-skinned girls our latitude. In addition, the tool magically smells of coconut, cocktail Pina colada, and in General, vacation. Composition and even sounds like a holiday – texture enriched with a blend of Brazilian oils., cupuacu and tucuma, so the touch bronzer seems almost creamy.

Take a big fluffy brush and sweeping motion apply under the cheekbones, upper forehead, the tip of the nose (this greatly reduces it) and add a little bit in the crease. Inhale the aroma and “endorphins go” – just like in the song”.

Blush Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush, the shade Rebel Rose, Estée Lauder

Румяна Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush, оттенок Rebel Rose, Estée Lauder

“It’s not even the darkest blush in the brand’s assortment – but Rebel Rose, slightly shining wine-pink color, perfectly formed in our selection. One of the most versatile shades of the list – they can use every day-to-day makeup if better shade, and layering in anticipation of a dramatic exit.”

Blush Like a Doll Luminys Blush, 200, Pupa

Румяна Like a Doll Luminys Blush, 200, Pupa

“Baked blush Pupa would inevitably cause nostalgia at all, whose teenage years occurred in the early 2000s. They were my favorites then and continue to delight until now. Delicate peach shade number 200 will fit and tanned girls, and quite the Whitey. Small shining particles do not disintegrate into individual sequins, and give the cheeks shimmer as if your skin were illuminated from within.

The texture of the skin such radiance will not emphasize, but a few years will definitely slow down the blush gives a very natural, just like in childhood, when a long walk in the cold. From additional pluses – vitamin E and jojoba oil in the composition, as well as a handy mirror – a rarity for such a compact package.”


Eyebrow pencil EyebrowPencilCrayon Sourcils, 512, Inglot

Карандаш для бровей Eyebrow Pencil Crayon Sourcils, 512, Inglot

“A tool like girls with thick eyebrows – helps to emphasize the shape and to finish the missing hairs. Fit and those who are just starting to learn makeup eyebrow – pencil a translucent pigment which can be layering, achieving the desired color intensity.

Durability is beyond praise – in hot weather it is not “leaked” to the crease. The tool will make friends with dry skin – soft pencil will not scratch or irritate the area of the eyebrows. Included is a handy brush, which is a good combing the hair, putting them in desired shape and gently blending the pencil.”

Eyebrow pencil MediumBrown, Ardell

Карандаш для бровей Medium Brown, Ardell 

“The tools are beveled lead – it is convenient to draw the hairs at the base of the eyebrows so they look natural. I liked the shade of funds, which does not go into “how” and shaded in brown tones – a godsend for brunettes and brown hair.

The pencil is water resistant which is perfect for summer: in hot weather you can not do makeup, but without the eyebrows – anywhere. The texture tools are very soft, but not clay: easy to apply and softly blend”.

Gel for fixing the brows Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel, Urban Decay

Гель для фиксации бровей Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel, Urban Decay 

“At first brow gel Urban Decay Brow Tamer Brow Gel Flexible Hold won me over with its design – compact, stylish, in the signature purple color of the brand. But literally after the first use imbued with its properties – long brush with a small diameter good with hairs of the eyebrow, giving them the desired shape and fixing them. The range includes five shades, including transparent and a very good cold Taupe”.

Professional pencil Propencil, High Definition

Профессиональный карандаш Propencil, High Definition

“It needs to be sharpened with a special ribbon – for maximum sharpness of the stylus. Useful when drawing: if you have eyebrows with gaps this pencil you can fill them, while maintaining a natural look – no one will notice that the hair is fake.”

Eyebrow pencil Shaping Eyebrow Pencil, Dolce&Gabbana

Карандаш для бровей Shaping Eyebrow Pencil, Dolce&Gabbana

“Triangular – provides precise and easy application. Pencil no need to sharpen, put forward mechanically. Water-resistant formula lasts up to 12 hours”.


Palette Copper Crystal, Gucci

Палетка теней Crystal Copper, Gucci

“My new discovery – a box with the Quartet of essential shades. Saw her for the first time in Articoli GUM. These shades help me create any look – light and delicate, or bright evening. Pigmentation means high, the shade easy shade – it seems that they “touchout themselves.”

A couple strokes of the brush, the color gradually comes to naught. No clear boundaries are visible only smooth transitions.

Every shade in this palette lasts all day – the shadows don’t really need to improve and to carry in a handbag”.

Palette Goddess Eyeshadow Palette No. 2 Selene, KISS New York Professional

Палетка теней Goddess Eyeshadow Palette, №2 Selene, KISS New York Professional

“Goddess palette is reminiscent of tool in the Arsenal of professional make – up- glossy black packaging, large “portion” of shadows and perfectly matched shades. The second room is hidden from the rich colorful gamma neutral shades and variants for bright makeup – dark blue, similar to denim, Burgundy and bright purple (the color of the year, by the way).

The shade is perfect for applying dry and wet – himernye shades in combination with a wet brush to create a metallic effect. Shade just, despite the pigmentation, and most importantly, do not fall off during the day!”

Eyeshadow Les 4 Ombres, et Candeur Experience, 268, Chanel

Тени для век Les 4 Ombres, Candeur et Experience, 268, Chanel

“Part of my stock shadow is a Quartet of Chanel that come in almost every collection. Dainty little black box always hides 4 shades that “under any scenario” – calm and bright. Palette Candeur et Experience went in my purse in the fall of 2016. I saw a “fiery” eye makeup Kristen Stewart in an advertising campaign of the brand, and immediately thought would fit me this way? When the palette was in my hands immediately began experiments and came to the conclusion: Yes, it would fit because the shade of red (the brightest color in the palette) is here with a brownish undertone.

Except red it is a dark brown and light brown, and beige (like the color of creme brulee). The last solo I often use for quick makeup and often combine with a thin arrow, and all four are mixed together for a vivid image: red – on all mobile eyelid, in the crease and outer corner of the eye shade dark brown, creme brulee in the inner corner of the eye and the ciliary the bottom contour highlight light brown. This time limited to two, and plotted on the entire mobile eyelid red, and dark brown stressed the lower ciliary region.”

Cream shadow Color Tattoo, Maybelline New York

Кремовые тени Color Tattoo, Maybelline New York

“Hold the opinion that cream shadow stick better than dry. These are water-resistant, that they can even swim! There is in the purse of every top makeup artist in the world (tested from both American and Korean, and many European make-up artists). Easy to apply with fingers and give the rich pigment of the first layer – for this love”.

The Shade Of Colour For Eyes, Tom Ford

Тени Colour For Eyes, Tom Ford

“Shadows have excellent resistance is caused on the eyelids and forgot until the evening. Gives slightly moist shimmer.

I like all shades of cream eyeshadow Tom Ford, but Platinum (01) especially! Universal – suitable for blondes and brunettes for both day and evening make-up (in the second case, apply a thick layer). If you do not have at hand the brush for the shadows, boldly apply the pigment with your fingers – it will smoothly and accurately. I also recommend to use them as a substrate for the dry shadow will not allow them to crumble. Remove two-phase cleanser”.

Set Dark Star 006, Pat MacGrath

Набор Dark Star 006, Pat MacGrath

“This set of cosmetics is the dream of every makeup artist. Pat MacGrath Dark Star 006 – a real “bomb in the makeup.” It can only be purchased in-store Sephora in the US. Ultrashiny pencil use as a base under eye make-up: smudged it all over the eyelid. Eyeshadow brush makes a soft feather borders. In a set of three types of shadows, each has a very strong pigmentation. Deep blue is the “star” of the set. He has texture, like a mousse, so it can be applied with fingertips over the finished eye makeup (Pat McGrath advises to do so)”.

Eyeliner Liquidlast Liner, M. A. C

Подводка Liquidlast Liner, M.A.C

“In recent years, often doing hands! The thing is that I found the perfect eyeliner. My find was a very thin eyeliner with a soft fluffy “tail” Liquidlast Liner, M. A. C. Maneuver to century easily, the brush is lowered gently, the eyelid does not need to pull for smooth application. Resistant: no smears and does not spread, even if you accidentally touch it. I fell in love!”

Compact cream gel Aqua Black, Make Up For Ever

Компактный кремовый гель Aqua Black, Make Up For Ever

“Never start to draw the shape of a liquid eyeliner – even when I want maximum graphics and intense color. Compact cream gel Aqua Black is selected for water resistance and convenience: you can take any brush to create the arrow to the desired shape and to control the width of a cotton swab or concealer. Set the shape – when you are confident in them, fix the form of liquid with lacquer or matte effect.”

Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils, Yves Saint Laurent

Тушь Volume Effet Faux Cils, Yves Saint Laurent

“It gives lashes a beautiful and versatile volume. In addition, wonderful curls, and their parts, creating the effect of false eyelashes, in honor of which got its name. And in the range of about six shades, from standard black and brown-blue to an interesting Burgundy and plum”.

Excessive Lash Mascara, Make Up For Ever

Тушь Excessive Lash, Make Up For Ever

Very handy brush-a round brush, which allows you to work on lashes of any length. And it lengthens and separates, and gives volume, but the lashes look very natural if they are by nature you are. A lovely mascara for every day or you can “give the drama,” if layering a few times.”


Pencil lipstick Romanovamakeup, hue Ketione

Карандаш-помада Romanovamakeup, оттенок Ketione

“This shade is called Ketione, as the eponymous brand is my favorite singer Keti Topuria. Especially for her I made an ultra-trendy caramel-coffee color on each looks very individual. On someone he seems more cold to someone and not caramel… But with this shade you have to be very careful to women with dark circles under the eyes – they also often have brown pigment, and lipstick can strengthen. What to do in this situation? Just use a quality concealer! The second point which you should pay attention to the color of the enamel. If she has serious problems, and it is yellowish, it is better to choose another lipstick.

The rest of the color will fit – it is very fashionable and brings us back to the ‘ 70s and will look stylish in any situation.”

Two-tone lipstick Joli Rouge gradation is, 803, Clarins

Двухцветная помада Joli Rouge Gradation, 803, Clarins

“The lipstick a rich, creamy texture. The tool will make the lips seem bigger, but will not melt after several hours of wear. The applicator is very convenient – you can exactly apply the product without pencil and brush. Texture melts on the lips, additionally moisturizing the delicate skin.

Two-tone lipstick – in the shade of ripe cherries have a touch of red stripes. Shades can be worn solo, mixed them on the lips, but you can flick to create the Ombre effect. Other means of line I was able to repeat the image of Dita Von Teese (look here)”.

Nodoby pencil Brownie Pink, Bobbi Brown

Нюдовый карандаш Brownie Pink, Bobbi Brown 

“This versatile liner is always with me – I do not draw a clear outline and shade it in gently on the lips, without pressure. If you want to give your lips a little brighter, helps tint – the last time I use Becca Raspberry. The lipsticks are extremely rare, and if I reach them, don’t paint with a stick or brush, and stuffed with fingers – then they work like a tint”.

Lipstick Always On Liquid Lipstick, Driver’s Seat, Smashbox

Помада Always On Liquid Lipstick, Driver's Seat, Smashbox 

“If you are still looking for the perfect lipstick for a selfie, that’s it. Perfect contour (no pencil!), dense coating and original color – what else you need to likes? If you remember the story of the brand, so photogenic – not a surprise. Twenty years ago, the brand launched by Dean and Davis Factor, great grandsons of max Factor, “the father of modern cosmetics” (and, incidentally, a native of Russia, his real name – “staged by”). The brothers had a Studio in services which included makeup. Photographers wanted, he was persistent, and the models comfortable. This formula – durability plus comfort – boys and took as a basis when you create a Smashbox”.

Matte Revolution Lipstick, Pillow Talk, Charlotte Tilbury

Помада Matte Revolution, Pillow Talk, Charlotte Tilbury

“Once Charlotte Tilbury has released a lip pencil Pillow Talk, and it sold out in record time – it’s perfect for those who have long been in search of a shade of “your lips, only better.” Charlotte did not keep fans waiting and produced a lipstick in the same shade of beige-pink, a classic brand vintage gold tube. Lipstick matte but very comfortable – no dry lips, even if you go with her all day. Perhaps its only drawback is that it is not sold in Russia. Well, now I have the perfect reason to fly to London.”

Joli Rouge Lipstick, Royal Plum, Clarins

Помада Joli Rouge, Royal Plum, Clarins

“At night fall, I often use lipsticks of dark shades. Legendary Joli Rouge love for deep hydration, reliable durability and a large palette of colors. Royal Plum – wine on his lips, in his best form. The case when dark lipstick can be applied gently and without even a pencil in a hurry, on the run. Does not dry and goes without jagged contour, leaving a light effect Tinta”.

Matte lipstick Soft Matte Lip Cream, NYX

Матовые помады Soft Matte Lip Cream, NYX

“It’s a classic brand that came even before the global fashion similar to lipstick. Surprisingly, the formula still seems very modern and successful. These lipsticks liquid, allow time to apply and distribute the pigment to dry. Dry and become opaque, but do not cause discomfort. Colors in this range a huge amount, including among them should look for unusual shades, if you want to try.”

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