33 best tools without Hilter

ToREM for the face, with shining particles, a gel that catches the light and creates the effect photoshop, elixirs for the skin’s radiance with pomegranate extract and citrus, which “erase” the fatigue from the face, put the highlighter experts BeautyHack chose the best tools that will actually make the skin healthy.

Creams for face

Cream GlowCrème, Erborian

This tool pearl color I put all over the face before makeup, and on top. Works as a base – after her concealer is distributed much better and more evenly, and in combination they give the effect of the skin from inside.

Replace the highlighter – apply as the final stage of the makeup on the protruding part of the face (cheekbones, under the eyebrow, a tick above the upper lip, bridge of the nose). Very easy to apply and barely noticeable on the face, but the radiance is the same if it is your healthy skin (and not tired after a long winter). By the way, when the skin appears tan, I often don’t use any Foundation funds and just apply this cream looks very nice.

Крем для лица GlowCrème, Erborian

The extracts Porii koksovalnoj (an antioxidant, which is responsible for smoothing) and licorice (evens skin tone and gives radiance). For us to go to the store Erborian you can watch here.

Gel radiance “Sea source” Source Marine, Thalgo

Гель-бальзам для сияния кожи «Морской источник» Source Marine, Thalgo

I am always in search of the perfect cream – even the most steadfast tin soldier sooner or later fail. The last few months my skin just went crazy: stress, temperature extremes, poor nutrition. All this is instantly reflected on my face. When tested the cream for the first time, not pinned much hope: good? Yes. Moisturizes? Yes. Does not cause rashes? Yes. At this stage I was already very happy, as these indicators was more than enough.

The texture balm is ideal for the warm season – the skin is moisturized, but not greasy. Absorbed instantly, so suitable for care and at night, and before makeup. But most importantly – he improved complexion and skin quality. Now it is more uniform, soft and fresh. This cream is for me a godsend. If you were to keep only one tool, this would be it.

Light cream intensive moisturizing Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Soft Crème, Aveda

Легкий крем для интенсивного увлажнения Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Soft Crème, Aveda

Cream refers to the basic series of the American organic brand. In its portfolio – Ecocert certified, which confirms that 90% essential oils and 89% raw ingredients in the composition of all funds Aveda are of vegetable origin. And the base series is a cleansing and moisturizing creams and lotions for the skin (any type) every day.

Botanical Kinetics cream light, similar to the emulsion (in the series there is slightly more dense for dry skin). Instantly absorbs into skin (apply it in the morning and evening), removes signs of fatigue and moisturizes for 24 hours – visually it is expressed in smooth skin in the morning (without Shine in problem areas) and healthy glow to the evening (when fatigue swept away all traces of makeup from the face).

And for me, Aveda is a beauty therapy business in delicate textures that seem to soothe the skin, light and herbal aromas (slightly similar to each other, but each time is special). Over the last the company employs aromatherapists and perfumers of the brand!

Moisturizing day cream “Yuzu Sorbet”, Erborian

Увлажняющий дневной крем «Юзу Сорбет», Erborian

My absolute favorite this fall with the magic texture. Imagine a soft white sorbet with citrus aroma with a little yellow granules, which dissolve on the skin when applied, looks like someone decided to extend the summer!

The main ingredient is a Japanese lemon Yuzu, it is rich in vitamin C in the cosmetic composition combats skin fatigue. Moisturising sorbet is ideal for daily use even on my oily skin: does not clog pores, moisturizes and gives Shine!

Gel Elixir De Lumiere, Eisenberg

Гель Elixir De Lumiere, Eisenberg

In the heat I don’t want to overload the person means, and needs only one (and best!) cream that will moisturize the skin, prepare it for makeup and makes the face radiant. This was among the means of the French brand, which is known worldwide for its line of perfumes (read more about the family brand with an interesting philosophy you can read here).

Skincare failed Marche no worse scents – the mask that for a few minutes to relieve fatigue and to transform the face of firmly settled on the shelves of real butyricum (and mine too). And the gel does not disappoint. In the summer it is something that is necessary (on three points).

1) he has a very light texture, and the use does not overload the face, will not leave sticky residue and does not injure the skin, if you will get burned. In the composition the extract of the flowers Bellis Perennis, which helps to cope with all phases of the melanin synthesis (in the sun it is inevitable).

2) the Tool is versatile – it can be used on the delicate area under the eyes, and thus in selling cosmetic “go” on one means less. Gel will replace not only the main stage of skincare, but also makeup base. Bonus tool gives the skin a slight glow (highlighter and illuminator is also possible to take – if only for evening makeup).

3) the Gel eliminates the need for makeup at all. In the composition there is not only a valuable extract, but photoreflector – small light-reflecting particles that capture daylight and sunlight. They illuminate the skin and like photoshop to hide minor imperfections (what else do you need from makeup in the summer?).

There is only one “but” – the tool will not give your skin a powerful boost of moisture. So if in the summer she desperately yells “water!”, stock up on cloth masks in combination with gel is quite great combos.

Cream My Payot Jour Gelee, Payot
Крем для лица My Payot Jour Gelee, Payot

My love for Payot began with a harmonious combination of beautiful jars and magical means inside them. Here and cream My Payot Jour Gelee I couldn’t ignore.
Visually, it looks like fruit puree and flavor of apricots makes the product even more appetizing. Use it in the morning “for Breakfast.” As stated on the packaging, the cream brightens the skin and moisturizes it perfectly.

The jelly texture is well distributed and well absorbed after application, the skin looks fresh and glowing and feels soft. What is important – the texture of the cream is very light, it is not felt on the skin and do not effect the film.

The result: the skin is moisturized, fresh, glowing, tropical scent, reminiscent of summer, for another couple of hours with me – I’m happy!

Cream Bamboo Glow Dewy Effect Cream, Erborian

Крем для лица Bamboo Glow Dewy Effect Cream, Erborian

Erborian is the first Korean-French brand, and combined the best achievements of Korean medicine and modern technology. According to the founder Katalin Berenyi, the decision to create a brand born of itself, because all women have beauty. This summer Katalin cared more about the young girls – the creation of new products Bamboo Bamboo Matte Glow and inspired her daughter Zoe.

For a year the founder studied the needs of young skin and came to the conclusion all of us do not have enough moisture. But the cream Glow Bamboo is capable of more: the tool gives the skin a slight glow and it perfectly refreshing. Signs of fatigue are erased, like a face walked magic eraser – that’s why the creams can be used as a base under makeup, and thanks to the convenient package, the new product will fit in any makeup case.

Moisturiser, primer and Radiance Cream Smart illuminizer, 03 Glowing Rose, Kiko Milano

Увлажняющий крем, праймер и иллюминайзер Smart Radiance Cream, 03 Glowing Rose, Kiko Milano

Base with light is a mandatory part of the makeup. With the onset of cold weather, the skin becomes dull, gray as the sky outside the window: save in this case only serum with vitamin C (especially these) and primers with shining particles, which give the face a healthy look.

This tool offers a versatile way to use the tool and as a base under makeup and as a moisturizer and as illuminizer. Nice texture spreads easily over skin and absorbs quickly. The element of moisture is felt immediately – in the composition is hyaluronic acid. But for dry skin this is not enough – don’t forget to apply the cream.

Applicator in the form of brushes are convenient, but can share with too many funds distribute any excess on the collarbone, giving them a slight glow. In universal means no shimmer – a rather small shining particles, which creates a uniform and very natural glow (if your skin actually looks like). In the line there are 5 shades for different skin potona, but I suggest the third, with pearly radiance is the most versatile.

The main “trick” means – it highlights the radiance of the skin, and does not create spillovers or the effect of “holographic” from space. What you need as base for every day! By the way, the tool does not comedogene – don’t wait for black points and clogged pores.

Universal nourishing cream, Skin Food, Weleda

Универсальный питательный крем Skin Food, Weleda

Weleda was founded in 1921 and is one of the first creams for the face brand was established in 1926. Now cream Skin Food – this is an updated version of the tool, invented in the early 20th century. Its main task – to soften and protect the skin in the autumn-winter period.

Cream, so thick and oily (on the second and fourth place in the list of ingredients – sunflower oil and almonds). The tool does not falls, not once (but quickly) absorbs and works well with problem areas: local dull, rough skin on elbows, knees and heels (for this reason, you can keep on hand in summer).

The fragrance of the cream is herbal with pronounced notes of marigold and rosemary are the main ingredients of remedies that soothe the skin and fight dullness. And Skin Food is good because it can be used not only for facial care. First, it will replace the primer, giving the skin a healthy glow. And secondly, save chapped lips, dry hair and will help out if you run out of cuticle oil!

Foundation care Le Privilege Base Traitante, Rivoli Geneve

Тональный уход Base Traitante Le Privilege, Rivoli Geneve

The Swiss brand Rivoli Geneve texture of a soufflé and an incredible moisturizing effect and Shine. I even stopped using concealer and corrector without the need because the skin has an even tone, no redness, and Base Traitante making it fresh and glowing.

Now the brand Rivoli Geneve belongs to Induchem group. And it’s already a success, because Induchem 65 years developing the formula, components and tools for many leading brands, and Rivoli Geneve – this is the quintessence of all the accumulated knowledge. The main component tone care is the precursor to hyaluronic acid. The precursors is a General notion of Rivoli Geneve, molecules, which penetrate under the skin, giving it what is necessary. In this case, hyaluronic acid. Also in Base Traitante is UVaxine, a molecule that protects the skin from UV rays.

The primer is a beige-pinkish shade instantly melts into the skin and adapts to its color. If on top, I still put shadow and blush, they seem to look brighter.

Cream for face, neck and skin around the eyes Multi-Active 3 in 1, Lundenilona

Крем для лица, шеи и кожи вокруг глаз Multi-Active 3 в 1, Lundenilona

The Russian brand Lundenilona seven years, and it is named after the founder – Ilona Lunden. Mark began with one tool – elixir for hair and skin. Now the range has expanded to products for hair, skin and teeth, and Lundenilona representative offices in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

I got the cream for the face, neck and skin around the eyes, which must perform three functions: to moisturize, nourish and restore. For this purpose the manufacturer has created a “shock” composition: extracts of red algae, Arnica flowers, roses, licorice root, leaves of chicory, swartzii, bark ash, hyaluronic acid – all of tone, freshness, radiance and protection from external influences. Vitamins E and B7 restore the integrity and increase the density of the skin.

The texture of the cream is very soft and delicate, placed on the skin smoothly, without leaving a greasy Shine. I use a morning as base under makeup and in the evening just for the moisture. During use, the skin became smoother, and the dryness and flaking in the T-zone is gone. Bonus – SPF 10!

Moisturizing cream-gel for the face C-Vit Revitalizing Gel Cream, Sesderma

Увлажняющий крем-гель для лица C-Vit Revitalizing Gel Cream, Sesderma

Spanish brand in the field of dermatology every medium that encourages us to listen to your skin – consider her needs in the situation “here and now”. Brand develops a wide range of assets – every girl can find exactly what will help to solve individual problems of the skin (dermatological and aesthetic). But among the “army” is a universal tool.

If you are the owner of dull skin and are in need of vitamin power, this gel is for you. It is lightweight, comfortable for summer texture and interesting ingredients – oils of orange and grapefruit and vitamin C improves the complexion, giving the skin a healthy glow. The effect is noticeable after the first use, the skin regains tone and looks hydrated.

Active ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that helps restore the lipid barrier, improves microcirculation and stimulates cell renewal.

The tool works perfectly as a base under makeup – is composed of vitamin A and reflective particles.

Apply the product on cleansed face and massage gently every morning (the brand recommends you apply the product and evening). After a few weeks of use I noticed that the skin became smoother, and the complexion is even.

Cream with tonal effect Invisible Illumination Instant Glow and Fresh Skin Tint brush Foundation No. 02, Lumene

Крем для лица с тональным эффектом Invisible Illumination Instant Glow Fresh Skin Tint и кисть для тонального крема №02, Lumene

We know you were looking for is a cream that brightens, moisturizes and conceals imperfections, not turning your face into a disco ball. Lumene has launched a new product that literally fits like a second skin thanks to the gel texture, the finish comes out light and breathable, but it perfectly evens the complexion.

In a round jar carefully collected the ingredients come from Finland: Arctic spring water (a true companion of all funds Lumene), and wild Arctic cloudberry and Northern organic birch SAP, and red algae. The stereotype that toners dry the skin, shatters!

It’s simple – if you apply with your fingers, the cream will melt almost to a translucent state, and with a brush the finish is slightly denser. Dense pile and comfortable recess diameter is to feather the border – down strip around the ears and hairline. However, you are unlikely to appear despite the fact that the cream is available in two shades (universal average and universal light), even darkie-moldovanki and snow can cause a new flawless. The cream does not hide serious imperfections, but his duty is not included. But even complexion and a healthy natural glow is provided to you for the whole day.

The daily care cream from wrinkles for leveling the surface of the skin, Yves Rocher

Дневной крем-уход от морщин для выравнивания поверхности кожи, Yves Rocher

The main “trick” Yves Rocher – benefit of herbal extracts. On a series for a natural glow company fought 8 years. The experts have created three care programs: natural light from wrinkles and to flatten the surface of the skin, restoration of elasticity to resume synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid lifting effect for the simulation of the circuits.

In the heart of the “Natural radiance” is a plant mesembryanthemum crystal (in other words, plant life), its extract activates the production of the protein mTOR and stimulates the fight against deep wrinkles. The structure also includes a Botanical extract of rice, which restores the process of oxygen exchange and strengthens the skin’s natural glow. To use the cream the better since 30 years, but I decided to test it for yourself. The fragrance of the cream is gorgeous – sweet-floral. Absorbed immediately after application and luxuriously moisturizes the skin. Use it in the morning as a base under make-up: all day skin velvety smooth and fresh. A great budget vehicle for daily use.

Serum for the face

Serum radiance Clarifying Infusion, Valmont

Сыворотка для сияния кожи Clarifying Infusion, Valmont

In 1905, the year on lake Geneva, léman opened its doors, the clinic of health and beauty Valmont – it will take several years, and her regular guests will be Coco Chanel, Georges Simenon and Ingrid Bergman. There was developed and the cell procedure that helps to restore skin damage and to return to her former youth and beauty. Now this is not just a hospital, but one of the biggest brands with a wide range of vehicles for all occasions, but “cell” principles Valmont have remained loyal have done a triple DNA molecule is the main ingredient.

Serum for Shine it was accompanied by the zinc unites them together with a plus sign, because together they rejuvenate and soothe the skin. My combination zinc generally acts very positively: significantly reduces the production of sebum and tightens pores in the T-zone, so for me this is the best primer.

The serum promises to give radiance, but don’t expect shimmering particles or oil sheen – components work from inside. “Illumination” to the skin provides hexylresorcinol – it limits the production of melanin, evening out the skin tone and preventing the appearance of age spots. And apply the product – a pleasure. Gently-pearl-cream flavor of my mom’s cosmetics (such heat-herbal), the serum is quickly absorbed and leaves no sticky feeling, but skin is without a highlighter!

Serum “Perfect radiance” Le Blanc Chanel, Chanel

Сыворотка «Совершенное сияние» Le Blanc Chanel, Chanel

Extract Japanese Akoya – it lightens the skin, lining her tone. Collection of works in the complex – neutralizes dark spots and helps in the fight against aging, thanks to the beneficial properties of collagen pearl extract pink berries and commelina, natural antioxidant.

Night serum Perfect C Treatment Serum, 3LAB

Ночная сыворотка Perfect C Treatment Serum, 3LAB

To try means American brand 3LAB at least once in their life dreams of almost every girl (and even to know whether the high price of quality!). During the long working days and cold weather one lack of sleep makes my face is tired and worn out that all I ask, “do you ever sleep?”. Radiance and healthy color, of course, running “the ship” at first. One cream is not enough. Decided to give a chance to transform me serum (spoiler alert: she nailed it!).

The tools are the gel texture and light yellow color. If you look closely, you can see small shining particles. Separately want to note a pleasant flavor of sour. Consumed sparingly: 1-2 drops is enough for entire face. Serum night, but sometimes apply it in the morning. In the composition of the two active forms of vitamin C (to prevent first wrinkles and anti-aging effect), peptides (to stimulate the production of collagen) and acai (as an antioxidant). A couple of days of use, which was not the most sturdy and long lasting sleep, the serum still managed to help the person and “hid” the sleepless nights and fatigue. Moisturizing, antiage effect and glowing skin – what more need for happiness?

A set of vials “Grand Cru Ultimate Anti-Aging”, BABOR

Набор ампул «Grand Cru Ultimate Anti-Aging», BABOR

In the miracle ampoules BABOR experts have combined the maximum concentration of active ingredients of natural origin, sterile packaging and portion for one application to most clean and efficient forms of care. Grand Cru in French translates as “a product of the highest quality.” By giving such a name to your new brand immediately declares its exclusivity and preclude the right to be wrong – the tools are just no chance to disappoint you.

In the set you’ll find 7 vials for a week-long course of anti-age: 2 vials Royal rose, 3 vials of white roses and 3 black roses. Each of the three concentrates to fulfil its role. Royal rose is designed to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin layers. White rose is responsible for radiant and glowing skin. And the icing on the cake – the black rose baccarat, protecting from premature aging, the same protection from free radicals. Bright aroma of roses will not leave anyone indifferent, and a convenient lid for opening and sterile ampoule will simplify the process of your rejuvenation. “Dose” is designed for one application – it is enough for the face, neck and decollete.

Elixir radiance Glow Formula Skin Hydrator, Kiehl’s

Эликсир для сияния кожи Glow Formula Skin Hydrator, Kiehl's

I love power tools (why – read here). Elixir I replaced the serum and makeup base – excellent moisturize the skin and prepare it for makeup application. The tool will appeal to adherents of organic cosmetics: 95% of ingredients are of natural. Forward among them is pomegranate extract, which is responsible for a natural glow and healthy complexion.

Creamy texture spreads easily on the skin and absorbs quickly. In the composition there is a delicate shimmer – shimmering particles create the effect of skin radiance from inside. And lovers of a very sensitive luminescence can apply locally as a highlighter.

Antioxidant concentrate of youth LiftActiv Vichy

Антиоксидантный концентрат молодости LiftActiv, Vichy

Winter (or Neustupa spring) is the perfect time to use this serum. Experts warn Vichy: LiftActiv better not to apply, if you are going to be in the sun. If the serum is still there is in the skin, use over cream with an SPF of at least 15. Another thing – night. At this time, means it is better absorbed by the skin, and in the morning you quietly wash away its remnants.

The main promise from the manufacturer of the concentrate gives the skin a healthy glow. And it’s true! For the month of (exactly within that time, the jar ended), the skin gradually acquired a healthy and well-rested. Externally, the serum is like water and it must be applied very quickly to absorbed into the skin.

Then, the tool is not scored, but can pinch if the skin has sores. Of course, after a month fine lines have not disappeared, but the freshness of the face at 100% makes up for all the promises.

Serum-radiance anti-dark spots Vinoperfect, Caudalie

Сыворотка-сияние против пигментных пятен Vinoperfect, Caudalie

After a holiday at my face unexpected raided pigmentation. At first I freaked out, and then began to study the issue. Because the stain is not very pronounced, I realized that I need to deal with the problem by using cosmetics – to treat “inside” and hide outside.

Serum helps on both counts. When selecting funds, there was no doubt: the main ingredient of this serum is viniferine. It’s not a terrible term from alchemy, only natural extracts from grapevines. Remember the lessons of history and the portraits of the girls at the winery – despite the bright sun, their skin was porcelain-sleek, all thanks to the juice of the vine.

Squalane olive will additionally moisturize your skin (in the fall this is very important) and lightweight formula fats let the tool soak in quickly and not to bring trouble to the girls with the combined type.

Serum “the White Queen” Reine Blanche, L’occitane

Сыворотка «Белая королева» Reine Blanche, L’Occitane

“The white Queen” is not a reference to the character of Lewis Carroll. So L’occitane has called a series of funds with the extract of meadowsweet is a perennial herb with white flowers. In all means you will find a sizeable portion of antioxidant flavonoids, fatty acids and vitamins A and C. This mix “flavored” salicylic acid and received funds, the main task – to fill the skin with radiance! Serum copes with its task by 5 points.

It’s not anti-age category, so don’t expect it will work miracles, but as a daily care in any season it is very good.

First, comfortable to use: no feeling of the film, a sticky layer. The serum is very light texture, immediately absorbed tool – you can proceed to other stages of care.

Secondly, the result from the media will see immediately, if the skin no obvious problems. If you do not forget it in the morning and evening, the skin will become soft, and the person will notice a delicate glow, like you applied makeup base with shimmering particles.

The tools are handy dispenser. I love the serum with a pipette – they are photogenic (will cool Boomerang) and focus on the impressive work on his skin. But the spout has its advantages (especially when late for work).

Night repairing serum Skin Treatment Ex, Cefine

Ночная восстанавливающая сыворотка Skin Treatment Ex, Cefine

To 25 years I and skin care was unthinkable: cleansing is the only stage which is never ignored. Stepping thirties and joining the society “not young, but still perfect” on the shelf appeared serum for the face – do not want to see wrinkles earlier than forty years. The right of “first night” got the night remedy for Cefine.

All of the line Japanese brand are made on the basis of medicinal plants. His main philosophy: to combine the experience of the past with the opportunities of the present. The trademark owner, cosmetologist Mineko Nishida sure plants have a strong energy and is therefore able to work miracles. Judging by the effect after a week of use Skin Treatment Ex, MS Mineko 100% right. A tool with a rich vitamin composition (A, P, E), Hasimom Q10, creatine in nanocapsule does the impossible: makes the skin glow, making it more elastic. For the skeptics: serum improves blood circulation – it can not work. Of course, she can’t handle deep age wrinkles, but the fine “crow’s feet” – one left.

The tools are light texture and almost no smell. A special “thank you” for the normalization of the sebaceous glands – after two weeks of daily use face shines less.

Among the ingredients found aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, squalane, hydrolyzed silk extract, Chlorella and much more interesting – I think only by reading the composition start to look younger (just kidding). In the “team” they work on 5+.

Essence Clearly Corrective Brightening Soothing Treatment Water, Kiehl’s

Эссенция Clearly Corrective Brightening Soothing Treatment Water, Kiehl’s

The Clearly Corrective line from Kiehl’s is a new addition – now in the collection appeared in essence and smooth tone and smooth skin texture, even in the gray days of winter will help you look summer fresh. Essence captivates from the first seconds, in the bottle you will see the pearly iridescence. Not surprisingly, it is designed to give the face a natural glow. These particles are visibly evens tone and protect from tarnish.

Included vitamin C and extracts of white birch and licorice root, due to which the essence soothes and moisturizes the skin and prepares it for application of serums and creams. Apply twice a day, after shaking the vial using a cotton pad or in Korean Pat hands.

Whitening ampoule serum water-based “Yuzu”, Skinfood

Осветляющая ампульная сыворотка на водной основе «Юдзу», Skinfood  

Cosmetic brand Skinfood, we love the unusual approach to the creation of funds: the basis of compositions useful foods that provide skin beneficial effects.

After trying the serum with the extract of Yuzu, I realized that citrus is not only useful on the plate. This tool perfectly moisturizes the skin, creating the effect of a natural glow (as if you have a good sleep and live in nature).

The secret funds is that a large amount of vitamin C, which is in the heart of Yuzu (well, more than lemon!).

Besides, Yuzu is a powerful natural antioxidant, and thus can align the tone and calm redness. Vitamins fall needs not only the body, but the skin – do not deny her the pleasure.

The serum looks like lemon water and it smells the same. Cleanse the skin, going through with toner and apply a few drops of serum of the signs of fatigue and sorrow on the skin like they never existed.

Face serum Citrus Brightening Serum, Frudia

Сыворотка для лица Citrus Brightening Serum, Frudia

With autumn comes to me-grey complexion – the skin is very sensitive to the offseason, “rewarding” me with tarnish and peeling. Therefore, serum for Shine with vitamin b complex – not “dainty”, as a mandatory part of your morning and evening routine.

This season in makeup got bright bottle of the Korean brand, which entered the market about 4 months ago. We are all editors loved the lip balm (how is it different from the others – read here) and scrubbing shower gel (spoken about here). My hands were drawn to the medium for a long time, and it turned out for good reason – it can solve nearly all skin problems.

If you have enlarged pores, this serum will help them to pull together, not peresushit the skin is composed of mango butter, tomato seeds, grapes and apricot pits. They will help make the complexion smoother and keep the skin elasticity. For those who have fat also advised to pay attention to the serum – extract of bamboo leaves will make the skin slightly matte, without oily Shine during the day, and the eucalyptus extract normalizes the sebaceous glands, helping to treat acne and restoring areas that are damaged acne.

But if you overdid it in the summer with a tan, the tool will help more with pigmentation to visually hide it, make it lighter and will help to remove the dead cells. But it will help the serum only in case if the spots are not very active – working as extra care.

But the best, in my opinion, toning, and eliminating dullness. The Mandarin orange extract gently lightens the skin will breathe life into it, forcing the blood to circulate more quickly in cells. In the end, you will receive a healthy complexion without makeup – a real gift for autumn!

Face masks

Nourishing mask with pomegranate Pomegranate, Frudia

Питательная маска с гранатом Pomegranate, Frudia

Drew attention to the remedy because of the composition mask is 46% consists of pomegranate extract. This fruit has long been known for its nourishing properties, but this one for my dry and dull skin is just not enough. Applied the product to clean skin for ten minutes. The impression left only pleasant – for two reasons.

First – ease of application. The cloth backing is very tight to the skin and not slide off the face.

The second is the effect of the use. The skin became moist, and pomegranate oil smoothed small wrinkles and visually tightens the skin. The effect turned out a pleasant glow from inside, as if I just returned from the sea, instead of sitting eight hours in a stuffy office.

Mineral peeling mask a “Double Shine”, Vichy

Минеральная маска-пилинг «Двойное сияние», Vichy 

The main ingredient of this mask – fruit acids that gently cleanse the skin from dead cells. The gel consistency means the peach color and apply on the skin for five minutes, then rinse with warm water.

If it is used twice a week for a month, the skin will become much smoother, pores reduced, inflammation will be faster. The mask restores the mineral balance of the skin, not dehydrate it. My refers to the bold type, but owners of a dry skin mask will fit (you may need to use a little less).

Mask for perfect skin Express Lifting, Enhel Beauty

Маска для идеальной кожи Express Lifting, Enhel Beauty

In a set of 3 fabric Express Lifting mask is generously soaked in hydrogen essence on the basis of coral powder from the depths of the Pacific ocean. Due to its high concentration in the skin in just 20 minutes active components penetrate the masks are designed to moisturize and restore processes in every cell. Do you know why the mask can not be kept for longer than 20 minutes? This was told by the beautician at the meeting, Sephora in “the Atrium”: when you apply a mask, there is a process called osmosis. But there is another side – the reverse osmosis that begins with “peredergivali” masks. In this case, the entire beneficial effect disappears. So do not forget that everything is good in moderation. And for accuracy it is always possible to put a timer on the phone, who cheerfully let me remind you about the necessity of removing the mask.

If you often after washing there is a feeling of tightness, there is a healthy glow and rested appearance, then this set is your rescuer! The mask should be applied on cleansed skin and remove with warm moist towel. And the remaining copies should be kept in the refrigerator (the packaging is tightly closed, and the essence disappears).

Base makeup

Base makeup Blurring&Illuminating Fluid Gel Primer Yves Saint Laurent

База под макияж Blurring&Illuminating Fluid Gel Primer Yves Saint Laurent

The primer smoothes the skin contains mother of pearl particles that give the skin a visible glow. It is applied after day care and before your Foundation – medium gives the cosmetics clog the pores. Has a slight blur effect, which especially looks cool on the photo.

Makeup base Fluid master primer base lissante perfection, Giorgio Armani

Основа под макияж Fluid master primer base lissante perfection, Giorgio Armani

With primers I work for about five years. All the customers are happy, because thanks to these tools, they can make makeup in Moscow and to go with him to the event, even in another country.

Foundation Giorgio Armani I apply before using makeup, the skin looked velvety and smooth. The coating is weightless and creates a natural glow of the skin.

Illuminating primer Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer, L’oréal

Подсвечивающий праймер Lumi Magique Primer Pure Light, L’Oréal

Primer, texture like a liquid meringue is a favorite of makeup artists. If you want the effect illuminated from within the skin, it is for you. The glow looks natural, with no oily residue. Can be applied on the whole face and separate areas as a highlighter.

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