July 23, 2024

33 Best Netflix Date Night Movies That You’ll Both Enjoy

A cost of living crisis and unpredictable weather means that quality time with our partner is usually a cosy night in with a bunch of classic date night movies.

Whether you want to make it a romantic affair (who says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day all year round? ) or just sit in silence on the sofa, finding a good film is the perfect scene setter. But we get it: Finding a movie to watch with your date or partner can be a struggle.

You’ll be lucky if your movie tastes align perfectly, and in the early days, you don’t want to force them to watch The Notebook and send them to sleep (or creep them out).

We’ve already provided you with the perfect guides to the best sad movies (if you’re looking to open up your date to their emotional side), the best movies on Netflix ever (if you want to seriously impress) and the best romantic comedies (if you want to make some pretty serious hints about the fact you’ll be together forever).

But what about when you just want to settle in for the perfect date film – an objectively good film that will keep you hooked from start to finish and spark a lively convo – delivered by your fave streaming service?

So, we scoured Netflix for some of the best, most gripping flicks you’ll be talking about long after the credits roll.

To help you find a movie you will both enjoy, we’ve put together the 33 best universally entertaining Netflix date movie options here — from the Hollywood hit The Wolf of Wall Street to classic rom-coms like Murder Mystery and Two Weeks Notice to the tear-jerking true stories, Lion and The Swimmers – these are the perfect date night movies for Netflix and chill.

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