June 21, 2024

33 Best Apple TV+ Shows To Watch On Your Next Sofa Session

Apple TV+ has been upping its game with an impressive line-up of binge-worthy TV shows, so move on over, Netlifx! The video subscription service may have only launched in November 2019, but it has already brought out so many big guns (and names), with shows fronted by Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston (The Morning Show), Tom Hiddleston and Clare Danes (The Essex Serpent); and one of the most star-studded casts we’ve seen in a long time in the environmental crisis drama, Extrapolations.

best films on netflix

There’s also a fresh set of new shows that have recently got our hearts pumping, such as the Idris Elba nail-biter Hijack.

Format-wise, they’ve been experimenting too – Little America is a heartwarming anthology series based on immigrants coming to the States to start fresh, while Roar offers a new storyline (and, at the same time, room for fresh talent). If you’re searching for a good drama to unwind to, how about Dear Edward?

The emotional tale, which stars OITNB star Taylor Schilling, follows a young boy who tries to rebuild his life after being the sole survivor of a plane crash. Definitely, tissues at the ready for that one!

Apple TV+ is also home to content that is inspired by much-loved books, such as The Last Thing He Told Me, The Essex Serpent and Elisabeth Moss’ Shining Girls. You also can’t go wrong with William Landay’s best-selling legal thriller Defending Jacob.

Chris Evans stars as Andy Barber, a Massachusetts assistant district attorney who finds his life in turmoil when his 14-year-old son, Jacob, is accused of murdering his classmate Ben Rifkin. Michelle Dockery (who has bid farewell to her Downton voice and does a convincing American accent) stars as the mother. This one is tense but SO good.

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