31 super thoughtful anniversary gift ideas to make your partner feel loved and appreciated

Perhaps it’s because of this very intimate relationship, that finding a gift that they’ll really love, can feel so stressful – it has to be PERFECT. Then throw in the added pressure of it not just being their birthday or Christmas, but the day you celebrate your relationship and you’ll probably find yourself wondering (in a slight panic) – just what is the best anniversary gift?

Whether you’ve been with your partner for as long as you can remember, or are just coming up on your first anniversary, buying the perfect anniversary gift for your significant other can be *rather* challenging.

Which is really quite ironic – this is your person – the one who you know best in the world, from how they take their coffee to their biggest fear. Surely tracking down gorgeous anniversary gift ideas should be a breeze?

The past year has put a strain on all relationships – whether it’s meant living with your partner’s very loud Zoom voice as you work from home together, your sex life taking a knock as you’ve lived apart through lockdown, or having to postpone your wedding – if you and your other half have made it through these challenges (and more) to celebrate another year together, you’re both deserving of a spoil.

Of course, it’s not about the money – which for many of us is short supply right now – but the best anniversary gifts are the thoughtful ones – and ones that can ideally be appreciated for longer than it takes them to lose a pair of socks or their mates to mistakenly drink that special bottle of whiskey.

If you’re part of a couple that gets teary every time ‘your’ song comes on, sentimental anniversary gifts are the way to go. And it doesn’t get mushier (in the best way of course) than a personalised illustration of the skyline where you met, or your own framed Lego couple marking the day #twobecameone. And even if your partner isn’t romantic in the traditional sense, they’ll appreciate this cozy campfire date box or an experience voucher for just the two of you, with choices ranging from adventurous activities to a pampering day or an idyllic meal out.

For the home body, this super stylish Emma J Shipley cushion will elevate even the chicest decor, and winter evenings will be a whole load more cosy together under a faux fur throw like this. Is your plus one an avid traveller?

This leather holdall will be used for both staycations and those once-in-a-lifetime-trips to come (with you by their side of course), and this Paris Chic coffee table will keep them inspired until we can travel again.

For the amateur bartender, gift this stylish bar tool set or these Tom Dixon beer glasses which will instantly elevate every sip of lager – or you could get them a beer subscription box from Big Smoke Collective. And if that isn’t the way to their heart, we don’t know what is.

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