April 15, 2024

30 Underrated ’90s Movies That Everyone Needs to See

We know, we know – the 2000s produced a ton of great movies, classics like The Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls, Lost in Translation, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. They’re all fantastic films, really. But there are even more amazing movies that you may not have seen, because they’re beautifully, tragically underrated.

The good news is, you have lots of time to correct this.

We’re helping you out by rounding up some of the most underappreciated films from the ’90s – and if you want to continue feeling nostalgic, here are the iconic ’80s movies you can stream on Netflix and where to watch the best ’90s TV shows now.

The King’s Man: See How It All Began in the Epic New Trailer For the Kingsman Prequel

Although it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing Taron Egerton or Colin Firth in the new Kingsman prequel, the new film does have a pretty kick-ass cast. Ralph Fiennes stars as the “Duke of Oxford,” who appears to be leading the very first iteration of the secret, independent intelligence agency we now know and love, while Gemma Arterton, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Matthew Goode, Tom Hollander, and Djimon Hounsou round out the rest of the cast.

As far as plot is concerned, we’ll get to see what spurs the formation of the Kingsman: history’s most infamous tyrants and criminal masterminds decide to team up to plot a war that will kill millions of people.

It’s not Samuel L. Jackson creating evil cell phones or Julianne Moore putting dudes in a meat grinder, but we’ll take it. The new trailer is actually quite similar to the first teaser, which was released during the summer. It starts with a similar shot – a sweeping view of a war-torn battle ground – and then quickly descends into a mish mash of epic fighting scenes, soundtracked with equally epic music. You can be sure this film will be a wild, action-packed ride. Check out the full trailer above before the film arrives in February 2020.

A True Story Comes to Life in the Nerve-Racking Trailer For Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell

The first trailer for Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell has dropped, giving fans a first look at the film inspired by the true story of a security guard whose heroic accolades took a dark turn.

In 1996, Jewell saved countless lives after discovering a pipe bomb at Centennial Olympic Park during the Olympics in Atlanta, and helped to evacuate the surrounding area before they exploded. At first, the media lauded him as a hero and praised his actions. But when his name was leaked by the FBI as a suspect in the bombing, Jewell went from hero to public enemy number one.

The trailer focuses on a particularly nerve-racking scene in which Jewell (played by I, Tonya‘s Paul Walter Hauser) is interrogated by an FBI agent Jon Hamm) who forces him to repeat, “There’s a bomb in Centennial Park, you have 30 minutes,” as a voice example. But as the rest of the footage shows, the FBI isn’t too keen on exonerating the security guard.

Based on the 1997 Vanity Fair article by Marie Brenner detailing the situation titled, “American Nightmare – The Ballad of Richard Jewell,” the film’s star-studded cast includes Sam Rockwell as Jewell’s lawyer, Watson Bryant; Kathy Bates as his mother, Bobi; and Olivia Wilde as Kathy Scruggs, a police reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who wrote several negative stories about Jewell. Watch the trailer above and check out the film when it drops on Dec. 13.

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