June 20, 2024

30 Matching nails and lipstick makeups

The starry sky is not a motive that can be found only on the nails. The lips can also be lubricated in this way.

Make-up has become an art today. Make-up makers today create a masterpiece on people faces and manicures on their nails. Many ladies love the trend that has become popular at the moment, that is, mouth and nails arranged in the same way, with the same colors and with the same motif. Somehow, the ladies always wanted to adjust the color of the lipstick with the nail polish color. Today, it all went far further and it’s not only about combining of two colors.

Make-up artists today use a whole range of shades, rhinestones, shine, just as manicures do. You read well. Rhinestones are no longer reserved for nails. Motifs on the nails and mouth are different, from Africa, leopards and safari across the starry sky, to the stars and various inscriptions and letters.

Lipsticks and nail polishes are the best-selling cosmetic products in the world. Every woman wants to look nice, seductive and confident. Therefore it is very important how she feels. These products can make them feel better and more nurtured.

On every person impression will leave unusual colors on your lips, so wake the artist inside you and play. Designed prints or printed words and letters on the lips are no longer unusual. Maybe something is not suitable for a job or everyday life, but if you’re going to a crazy party, everything is allowed.

Cared nails leave an important impression on people. However, knowingly or not most of us make mistakes when it comes to their care. One of the common mistakes is not placing the primer before applying the paint. Because of this, the fingernails become weak, brittle and the color is quickly removed. Although you probably are in the race with time do not forget this important step.

Avoid fast drying products that dry fast nail polishes, select them when you need to. These tools, as well as UV lamps, are often used to cause the nails to become fragile. About the nibbling and how embarrassing it is it’s much to write. And it’s not hygienic. The situation is worse if you do it with nailed nails. Stop it now!

Cracked lips look messy. That’s why you need to do peeling regularly. Lightly with teeth brush, massage your mouth. This will stimulate circulation in lips. Then apply labelo. After that, make sure that the base is applied on mouth because in that way your lipstick will be more stable. Frame lips with a pencil and gently fill it with it, than apply lipstick over it. For the effect of fuller lips, always apply gloss. Your lips will look nurtured and you will look very feminine.

Never forget, dear ladies at least two hours a week to dedicate yourselves and care of your hair, skin, nails… You will feel more beautiful. Nursed women are self-confident and sexy. And they are more successful both on a business and in a love way. How to, in the most modern way fit the manicure with your lips, look at our gallery. You’ll be surprised, but you will like it. For sure!

A lot of gloss and shine always look glamorous and luxurious.

Compared to the previous two, this manicure is a lesser and probably more frequent choice of members of a more beautiful sex.

If you choose pink lipstick and pink nail polish, enrich the whole combination with tinsels.

Ladies simply adore all shades of nude colors, both – and warmer and cooler.

Eternal and to many ladies favorite blue pink combination. Blue has long been present among lipsticks.

Decorate the edges of the lips with tinsels as well as nail tops.

This is a very brave combination. Many ladies will ignore it, because it is not for every day and business, but certainly it is for the glamorous entertainment when you want to attract attention.

The shades used in this make up remind you of the sunset on a beach. I would there brought this make up for example.

Lovers of black and dark blue lipstick can make up to refresh with the motifs of the starry sky.

Gray lipstick is more and more popular among ladies, and this is proven by Instagram’s photos. It does not look bad at all.

Gold color, leopard print, earth tones… A very luxurious, elegant and sophisticated combination.

On the lips you can find the logo of a company or brand, for example. And it does not have to look bad if it is right opportunity and place for it.

For this make up you have to make a lot of effort, but you will definitely not stay unnoticed.

Lips inspired by marble dominate in the world. Marble is no longer popular only in manicure. Frame your lips colored in this way with gold color, for example, or combine with turquoise.

As a few of discrete details can completely change the look of the manicure, so it is with the lips. A few details and your lipstick will get a completely new dimension.

Ombre is very popular in manicure and among hairstyles, and now you can make up your lips in the same way.

Rhinestones that resemble gold particles can be decoration of both, nails and lips.

Cross the cool black color with a line in color of the skin.

Many ladies like to have their nails and mouths in similar colors. However, if you are not a fan of this trend, do not worry about it, you do not have to follow it blindly.

If your top lip thinner yo can to emphasize it, with more effective lipstick like this on the picture.

Lip pencils help in shaping lips and prevent spoilage of lipstick over the edges.

To make your lip grow stronger after you frame lips with a pen, pass with pencile over your entire lips.

The golden color combined with marble looks very luxurious.

Professionals from the world of make up say that the lipstick is best applied with a brush.

Rhinestones can also be found on the lips. This make up reminiscent of the sea sirens, is not it? It is very luxurious and sophisticated.

The black and white combination of colors is eternal and favored among the members of the tenderer sex. If you like it also, here’s how to use it in make up.

Makeup can look perfect only if it is placed on a well-prepared face. This implies everyday care. Facial care also includes lip care. Never forget about lips.

If your lips are dry and cracked, it does not look nice and attractive. So take care of your lips on time.

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