The 30 best runs lip in 2018

Matomie and moisturizing lipstick, gloss with glitter, pencils to contour, radiant balms and other high-profile beauty launches lip products – in a special selection BeautyHack.

Matte stick for lip Artist Lip Blush, Make Up For Ever

Матовый стик для губ Artist Lip Blush, Make Up For Ever

The trend in “zatselovali” lips not losing positions, and the collection of funds from leading brands only prove it. Make Up For Ever fall issued a unique matte lipstick, which, if the feather is magically transformed into a powder and creates a velvety finish on the lips. You want to create a clear outline or shade of the border – it depends on you, so feel free to arm a brush and try different options (apply, by the way, and fingertips).

Despite the matte component, the lipstick does not dry lips: the ingredients list includes three types of oils and hyaluronic acid, through which the stick smoothes the surface of lips and does not accentuate imperfections. To pick the perfect color can: in the palette there are casual Nude and classic red colors (there are ten).

Lipstick “Fatal attraction,” Oribe Beauty

 Помада для губ «Роковое влечение», Oribe Beauty

This fall, you’ve surely experienced a fatal attraction to a new line of products Oribe Beauty. In America, they appeared little more than a year ago, and are now represented in Russia – sure you’re dying to try Golden mask, fragrant lip balm, hilitary – works of art or lipstick in a luxurious case. Last tested senior editor BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya:

“As a notorious collector of lipsticks, I declare boldly – new from Oribe Beauty will be the crown of my collection. “Onyx” case, stick with engraving, gold tube is a lipstick and I want to get out of cosmetics. But in this particular need during the day will not: despite the satin finish, the tool is firmly withstand the bite, though, and leaves the Cup of coffee an elegant trail. Lipstick lies a thin layer and is not felt on the lips – as part of the caring complex of softening oils and extracts of myrrh, and white lilies.”

Matte lipstick Fall in Love Rouge Velvet, Bourjois Paris

 Матовая помада Fall in Love Rouge Velvet, Bourjois Paris

To prove that Paris in the fall is no less beautiful than in the spring, decided the Bourjois brand – the launch collection of lipsticks Fall in Love extended the allure of warm Golden autumn. Rich chocolate brown hue Maca’already tried assistant edition BeautyHack Arina Saruda:

“Lipstick from Bourjois is a good weapon even without coloring the lips: it lies perfectly and the color gains richness with one application. I have matte lipsticks strained relationship, so trying a new tool with the same finish, as they say, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. This story is not about The Rouge Velvet Lipstick – here all became clear with the first touch of the stick to her lips.

The texture is incredibly gentle, so that the discomfort and dryness on the lips, do not wait. A separate item is the color! In the line of collected mostly warm and rich shades, among which everyone will find their cherished”.

Liquid matte lipstick LesChocolatsUltraMatteLiquidLipstick, L’orealParis

 Жидкая матовая помада Les Chocolats Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, L'Oreal Paris

Dedicated to all sweet tooth! Summer new from the elders of the beauty of the world (the brand celebrated its 109 years!) dedicated to chocolate and running by sudovym shades. American YouTube bloggers are like for the aroma and durability.

The applicator of the lipstick handy – it helps to draw the contour of the lips and gaining a sufficient amount of funds. Immediately after application you will notice a slight glossy finish, but hardens, becoming opaque. “Wax” base ensures that lipstick will not be erased from any touch, so they won’t fail all night.

Lip gloss “Holographic” DarkWonder, L’etoile Selection

 Блеск для губ «Голографик» Dark Wonder, Л’Этуаль Selection

The packaging tool looks like a translucent sheen, but I dare brightness, holographic and saturation this tool does not hold! Shade perfect for parties with diskozalom – you will be able to overshadow any and to bewitch his fantastic lips. On the eve of Halloween such beauty products have been very useful. Here we can safely roam, for example to repeat or to diversify the makeup of Mystic from the famous movie “X-Men”.

In all other seasons safely apply a thin layer on top of your favourite lipstick is guaranteed to refresh the image and to add ease in daily makeup.

Matte lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme, Chanel

 Матовая помада Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme, Chanel

Every year the texture of matte lipsticks are becoming better and more comfortable (about the evolution of means read here). If you have been looking for the perfect matte lipstick, then look no more.

The tool is distributed smoothly on the lips, skin and does not dry. Lipstick will not flow away, stand the coffee break and afternoon shade will remain in the form of a light Tinta.

Lipstick Diorific, Dior

Губная помада Diorific, Dior

All shades are limited edition collection, universal, and lipstick with a proud name with a Lovely creamy texture and is pushing to create. This lip makeup can be supplemented with “cat” arrow, shadows, glitter, matte blush and “Ombre” in the eyes – it all depends on your mood.

Lipstick will not fail, if you’re creating evening look: for three hours can not worry about the lip makeup. And if you put makeup on in the morning, put the lipstick in a makeup – tool will help to refresh the image and to feel better in any situation.

Liquid matte lipstick Tattouage Couture, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

 Жидкая матовая помада Tattouage Couture, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

Durability justifies the name – the lipstick is removed only product. If the glitter you are not friends, add a DAB of this shade on the center of lips on top of the usual fondant – the result will not disappoint, but rather inspire you to experiment.

Even the most daring suggest to postpone means on “sweet”: a party, corporate event or photo shoot. The glitter doesn’t look vulgar, and adds to your image of chic style of the 90s (in the best sense of the word).

Lipstick Color Sensational Shine Compulsion, Maybelline New York

 Помада Color Sensational Shine Compulsion, Maybelline New York

C lipsticks, the American brand will want to Shine even the most devoted fan of a matte finish. The texture is unusual – it is a cross between an oil sheen and a touch of cream.

The lipstick 60% of the given light-reflecting oils that give a subtle sheen and radiant finish. The brand has remembered that we in Russia are suffering from dryness and cold, and added a lipstick jojoba oil will rescue even the most severe wind.

Another reason to try a new product this fall: the face of the lipstick was lovely Gigi Hadid (inspired by the beautiful images by clicking on the link). Applied very easily – a couple of moves and your lips will Shine as Gigi. Don’t expect phenomenal durability the tool still creamy and does not promise to be with you until the evening. But caring properties and Shine in the style of gym skin worth a small flaw.

Lipstick Rouge A Levres Merci, Vivienne Sabo

 Помада Rouge A Levres Merci, Vivienne Sabo

New anniversary collection the birthday of the brand has reclaimed space in the purses of the editors BeautyHack. And most importantly, lipstick is appropriate for every day and suitable for cold weather: not dry and not “float”, leaving a light glossy finish.

Lips look more voluminous due to the moisture, and the pigment is not peeling stresses. And clearly apply, even without a pencil!

Supreme Matte Lipstick, Shu Uemura

Помада Matte Supreme, Shu Uemura

In a series of Supreme Matte lipstick from Shu Uemura pigments polimerizatsiya right on the lips. Visually, it looks like this: apply the applicator liquid lipstick, water and volatile substances in the formula evaporates, it is applied on the lips, color film becomes thinner and the lips are filled with color.

Expert brand Catherine Nikishkina explains that this technology allows to obtain a plastic finish and completely eliminate the tightness of the lips. At the same time, the applicator can immediately draw a clear outline without a pencil.

Makeup palette lips-Dior Backstage and Dior

 Палетка для макияжа губ Dior Backstage, Dior

The entire line is one of the biggest launches this year. The brand has chosen a very difficult task: made professional products for makeup artists, which can handle a newbie. All the products of this line are very easy to apply, and the result – after professional make-up artist (on the basis of the tone and the palette for face correction can be read here).

Palette of lipsticks all good, except one – it is inconvenient to carry (though on this point we in the editorial disputes arose – most of the places the agent in make-up bag and easily corrects makeup during the day).

One tool collected from 9 of the universal, but the actual shades with the palette will create almost any makeup, from natural to bright evening. All shades of the creamy texture and semi-matte finish, so the lipstick need to be updated every 3-4 hours.

And the artists of the brand suggest to use the palette to create the Ombre effect: apply lightest shade as a base, middle, make your lip more rich and then take the darker color and apply it to the center, upper and lower contour.

The two-tone gradation is lipstick Joli Rouge, Clarins

 Двухцветная помада Joli Rouge Gradation, Clarins

All of the lipsticks from the collection of a rich, creamy texture. The tool will make the lips seem bigger, but will not melt after a few hours. The applicator is very convenient – you can exactly apply the product without pencil and brush. Texture melts on the lips, additionally moisturizing the delicate skin.

Two-tone lipstick: shades can be worn solo, mixed them on the lips, but you can flick to create the Ombre effect.

Plushies liquid lipstick, Lime Crime

 Жидкая помада Plushies, Lime Crime

Lipstick entered the market in early summer and has already managed to win the hearts butyricum – design collections are inspired by a Teddy bear and smells the sweet candy.

The tools are more liquid texture than regular lipsticks, and the finish is soft and translucent. It hardens quickly, but to achieve intense colors, will have to sweat – layering lipstick can be, but need to wait until the previous coat dries, otherwise you risk to get on the lips cracks and lumps.

What is really pleasing in the composition. All Matt lipsticks dry lips, but this one is an exception. Feelings of tightness and dryness will not be – will take care of rosemary extract and sunflower.

Pencil lip Velvetines Lip Liner, Lime Crime

 Карандаш для губ Velvetines Lip Liner, Lime Crime

Some of the best matte lipsticks in the world got younger brothers – pencils with the same long-lasting matte finish (genes after all). Autumn Lime Crime once again produced a real beauty-the revolution in lip makeup (so as not to miss one beauty launch, subscribe to our secret mailing list).

All 22 of the pencil from the collection with firmness to transfer all burdens of life – the pouring autumn rain, the snow, snack on the run and even unexpected kissing. Shade will pick up any: color cotton candy from my childhood, and the typical Barbie doll pink, and autumn pumpkin. Not without Noda: for example, light apricot Angel perfect for creating the effect of “my lips but better”. The pencil falls as butter and hardens quickly is to outline the perfect contour accurately in time.

Matte lipstick Color Sensational Matte Powder, Maybelline New York

 Матовая помада Color Sensational Powder Matte, Maybelline New York

In a family of legendary lipsticks Color Sensational happened in the autumn a new addition – under the slogan “Matt is always in trend” Maybelline New York produces seven new unusual shades. The word “powder” in the title is no accident – it turns out velvety finish, but the lipstick does not dry the lips. In the composition of the added honey nectar to even a few hours your hand is not stretched frantically for the greasy lip balm.

Shades like this butyricum: Green Savage lips will be emerald, Nocturnal Rose will remind wilted autumn rose with grey-purple Concrete Jungle will want to wear a black leather jacket, but Carnal, Brown, cold brown, sure would appreciate Kylie Jenner.

Shining lipstick lip Shine Color Riche, L’oréal Paris

 Сияющая помада для губ Color Riche Shine, L’Oréal Paris

Val garland, the makeup Director for L’oréal Paris, during an interview for BeautyHack proudly talked about the new brand shining lipstick Color Riche Shine. “This lipstick is really unique – when the glitter goes away, there is a strong pigment on the lips, but still it does not spread,” said vel (the entire interview can be read at the link). In summer, the collection became a few shades more – for example, there is a perfect Nude for every day.

The lipstick is very nice to apply – there is a feeling that this is not representative of the category of the decorative means, and the real cream.

Matte lipstick Matte Constance, Vivienne Sabo

 Матовая помада Matte Constance, Vivienne Sabo

All fans of matte lipsticks are in the eternal search for “the same” – which is not drying and felt on my lips, and I can handle kissing and coffee with cream, and still be easy to slip away micellar water. Thanks to the collection of lipstick Vivienne Sabo, the search can be stopped – Matte Constance meet all these requirements.

First, all of them were dressed in matte tube color, which you can judge the shade of the lipstick. Secondly, the formula was so perfect that the tool does not cause discomfort – the lips are not dry, even if you add a couple of new layers throughout the day. Another major plus is the durability: the lipstick will last on lips for at least eight hours and wash off only with a special tool. Will only have to choose a shade to your liking – beige-pink Nude for every day, classic cold red or juicy berry colors?

Matte lipstick Royal Mat Lipstick, Pierre Renē

 Матовая помада для губ Royal Mat Lipstick, Pierre Renē

Even in summer matte lipstick not lost its popularity and was lying in the beautician of these butyricum in case an evening out in the light. At least, special correspondent BeautyHack Daria Mironova makes it so – year-old new from Pierre Renē came to it to taste:

“Acquainted with the lipstick, I wanted to learn more about the brand Pierre René. It turned out that this is a professional Polish brand that has existed for over 20 years. Developers makeup pay special attention to the composition, so the funds Pierre René very much caring components, as well as the minimum number of allergens.

The lipstick Royal Mat a neat box, metal – open and close it very easily, and inside the package there are magnets (before I met a similar principle, lipsticks Giorgio Armani). In this series of 24 shades, from beige to dark Burgundy. I have shade 21 (plum elegance) – the color of ripe plums. On lips lipstick is applied easily with one coating shade turns out quite bright, so no need to apply several layers at a time. The finish of the lipstick is satin, the formula does not dry lips, but at the same time lasts a long time”.

Lipstick-balm Shine Ecstasy Tokyo Gardens, Giorgio Armani

 Помада-бальзам Ecstasy Shine Tokyo Gardens, Giorgio Armani 

In limited edition Tokyo Gardens two lipstick shades which shout “Summer!”. They are also great proof that between “coral” and “orange” there is a difference.

Try a coral shade under room 302, SMM-Manager BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina was surprised to stick the pigment looks scary bright, but on the lips the lipstick leaves a subtle juicy trail. “I liked the non-greasy texture – saturation can be easily adjusted by layering”.

Senior editor BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya appreciated Sunny orange shade No. 303:

“Many are unable to “make friends” with these shades, considering that they yellow everything. Could not agree more – properly selected and moderately warm shade of orange will make cheeks like peaches, and even visually gives the skin a Golden hue. Novelty a balm-I love to combine with blue jeans and white cotton t-shirt – use your lipstick as a cream blush and glow like a rose in the morning”.

Liquid lipstick Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour, Rimmel London

 Жидкая губная помада Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour, Rimmel London

Rimmel summer delighted us with new shades of the legendary matte lipsticks Stay Matte. Subdued wine, deep blue or dark brown – it only remained to choose the perfect shade for summer parties open-air.

Velvety soft finish will appeal to those who do not tolerate dryness on your lips, whipped texture allows you to evenly and thinly distribute the agent. Carefully selected polymers provide the ideal “grip” with the lips – a special correspondent BeautyHack Karina Ilyasova spent the lipstick a serious challenge and went with her to lunch: the test was successful. Thanks to the waterproof formula means suitable for not only eating, but kissing a velvet matte finish will remain flawless!

Lipstick Lip Cover, NARS

 Помада Lip Cover, NARS

In the spring NARS collection, new shades and formulations for lips, eyes and cheeks, and the rate was certainly made to Shine. This applies to the shades of glitter the best-selling Lip Cover, the favorite to its creamy texture and dense coating.

Imagine a moisturizing lipstick in a juicy shade of Lip Cover reminds her of the molten version, done in classic NARS packaging soft-touch. The lipstick does not spread and lays down a thin pigmented layer – on the run apply bright shade you are unlikely to succeed, but with miniature applicator can gently outline the lips, not turning into the Joker. The glossy finish will last long – Lip Cover lasts at least six hours, and in tandem with a pencil will survive the working day, and party until morning.

Lipstories lipstick, Sephora

 Губная помада Lipstories, Sephora

The range of lipsticks from Sephora was provided in 30 shades with three different effects: matte, frosted and metallic. The choice of a special correspondent BeautyHack Karina Ilyasova just fell on the latter option:

“If you want to feel like one of the “peppercorns” Spice Girls (but more fashionable), feel free to take a new lipstick from Sephora in shade No Cell Service. From lipstick gold color not waiting for moisture or concrete resistance, but she surprised: when applied to lay flat and not roll up in the folds of the lips during the day. In addition, the lips remain hydrated, felt like I struck a nourishing balm. And let the hue do not be afraid – in fact it looks flashy and does not turn you into Nefertiti, and allows you to make an interesting accent on the lips”.

Lip balm with Volupté tint pigment Liquid Color Balm, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

Бальзам для губ с оттеночным пигментом Volupté Liquid Color Balm, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

It’s a mix of balm and lipstick with a light texture and pleasant aroma. With the main task – hydration tool to cope with “excellent”! Not sticky, does not create a film effect, but simply absorbed in about a minute leaving a light pigment. Especially for BeautyHack tool tested makeup artist Nachi Lambent:

“Outwardly, it seems that the lip tint (I use a bright shade of fuchsia No. 9 Strip me fuchsia), but there is no dry – they look moist and sensually.

Due to the delicate hue do not worry that after a meal and long conversations will remain careless contour, as the balm evenly off the lips. Those who are not used during the day to use such bright colors, there will be plenty to choose from: balsam presented in 11 shades, among which there are delicate peach and Nude”.

Lipstick Rouge Mon Cher, L’etoile

Помада Mon Cher Rouge, Л'Этуаль

Lipstick in a compact package, stylus. Therefore, it is convenient to store even in the smallest purse and apply almost running! On the lips is about 3 hours, during dinner, it must be corrected, but the coffee break it will bear! In the center is a translucent radiant glow, so the tool leaves a light shining finish. Makeup artist Nachi Lambent chose makeup shade 208 Olivia:

“The most intense shade of all, shown in the line! I liked that the lipstick is not very sticky texture, but after the application is solely the feeling of moisturized lips, since in the found the vitamin E and oil of Gardenia”.

Matte lipstick-the lip pencil LeRougeCrayondeCouleurMat, shade Impact, Chanel

Матовая помада-карандаш для губ LeRougeCrayondeCouleurMat, оттенок Impact, Сhanel

“A person can be made more colorful and expressive: bold, bright, completely opaque line of the lips will look very natural,” says Lucia Pica, presenting autumn-winter collection of Le Mat De Chanel.

Her star – lipstick pencil in 6 juicy shades. Senior editor BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya chose a bright beet color Impact: “This is the perfect lipstick for those who are not used to spend on makeup more than fifteen minutes, so as to create a contour, thanks to a convenient form, it is easier than to put the signature on the document. The pencil glides on lips, hanging in there, but it does not form a dry iron-concrete finish”.

Lipstick Rouge Dior, Dior

Помада для губ Rouge Dior, Dior

In August, Dior has presented a collection of Dior en Diable, inspired by archival photography brand of the same name, and in connection with this legendary line of tools has been enriched with new shades: intense, rich and deep!

Stick Rouge Dior was first released in 1953. In the autumn he appeared in six new colours: 344 Devilish Nude, 636 On Fire, 666 Matte Kiss, Diable Rouge en 795, 982 Matte Furious , 995 Dark Devil from gentle to extreme Nude eggplant.

Liquid lipstick, Liquid Rouge Dior, Dior

Жидкие помады Rouge Dior Liquid, Dior

Rouge Dior Liquid popular liquid lipstick brand that allow you to create absolutely any effect on the lips: make them matte, sensual with a satin coating or Friday bright with a metallic finish!

The already great collection (all 33 colors) this fall added two more shades: copper orange and Copper metallic Lava red Lava Red. In all cases the color is intense and persistent, especially if you apply lipstick over the pencil.

Lipstick Kiss Kiss Lipstick, Guerlain

Губная помада Kiss Kiss Lipstick, Guerlain

To celebrate autumn in all its glory we offer Guerlain: a collection of makeup Colours of Kisses proves – coral and pale-pink lips, expressive eyebrows, and the young blush will brighten up even the darkest days. On this occasion, lipstick-bestsellers KissKiss dressed in colourful new packaging matching the shade means. In the collection there are five of them – elegant red Rouge Kiss, a coral Sexy, Coral, the colour of a ripe peach, Sugar Kiss, pale pink Darling Baby and a bold fuchsia Rose Excessive.

Balm Balm Ecstasy Lipstick, Giorgio Armani

Бальзам Ecstasy Balm Lipstick, Giorgio Armani

Ecstasy balm Balm Lipstick is available in three natural shades: light pink, rich pink and plum. The composition contains nourishing oils that moisturize and nourish your lips without letting it dry during the day. The representatives of the brand claim – balm will enhance your natural lip color, giving them extra volume and will last an incredibly long time.

30 лучших запусков для макияжа губ в 2018 году

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