April 24, 2024

26 Best Waterproof Vibrators: Lovehoney

In the mood to get wet ’n’ wild? The best waterproof vibrators are here to deliver. While there are plenty of battery-operated toys that have made our list of the best vibrators which are great for under the covers, waterproof sex toys are specifically designed to be submerged in—you guessed it—water, so you can enjoy playtime wherever you like.

A lot of people find play in the bath or shower to be the ultimate in self-care. “Think spa and solo sex,” Tami Rose, tantric expert and owner of the adult store Romantic Adventures in Pearl, Mississippi, tells our sister team at GLAMOUR US.

She chalks that up to the shower being a classic place to achieve a whole other level of relaxation. “As the rhythmic pulse of the shower relaxes you, it seems only natural to follow that up with a good, toe-curling orgasm,» she says. Of course it doesn’t have to be enjoyed alone. They also make for great sex toys for couples.

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant Toys

Water-resistant and waterproof sex toys are not the same, so don’t confuse the two when looking for a vibe that is safe to take with you into the tub. Kristin Fretz, cofounder and chief marketing officer of vibrator designer Emojibator, breaks it down, telling the GLAMOUR US team that waterproof toys are completely sealed to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage (typically to the compartment where the motor is located). Conversely, water-resistant toys can tolerate moderate water but cannot be fully submerged. “They are often described as ‘safe for shower play,’ for example,” Fretz examples.

How can I tell if my toy is waterproof?

We wouldn’t blame you if you got excited and threw out the packaging. It happens, but fear not: There are a few steps you can still take to ensure your vibrator or sex toy can handle being fully submerged. Fretz says, “If you threw out the instructions and box, you can find out if your toy is waterproof by checking the product for where the battery charger port is located. If it is completely sealed with something like a secure screw top, then it is likely waterproof. ”

Or there’s always the internet search. “If you’ve lost the package, another way to tell if your toy is waterproof is to google the toy, and scan the manufacturer’s page to see if it is waterproof or just water-resistant,” says Taylor Sparks, erotic educator and founder of retailer Organic Loven.

Ready to dive in? (Sorry, not sorry. ) Below, we tapped a range of sex experts to hear more about the best waterproof vibrators for getting all kinds of wet.

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