25 great mascaras for eyelashes not expensive 600 rubles

Withrodstva for natural volume, curl and separation, with the effect of false eyelashes – in our new selection.

Mascara Great Lash, Maybelline New York

Тушь для ресниц Great Lash, Maybelline New York

Love this mascara, usually I buy it in America – there are many variations. It is “no” – a universal, I can do anything. If you are looking for a makeup artist and mascara on every day, probably, do not understand this tool.

And professional longer works with the eyelashes, it is important that the mascara is not dried instantly and left no lumps. Product at some point begins to freeze and then you can build the lashes – it’s like a styling tool with a rich hue. If it to adjust, “peeling” has to be hard!

Mascara Volume Million Lashes RS, L’Oreal Paris

Тушь для ресниц Volume Million Lashes Feline, L'Oreal Paris

From the funds, which are widely represented and are easy to find in any store, I would pick this mascara. She is just great – classic, comfortable, deep black shade.

Mascara Cabaret Premiere, Vivienne Sabo

Тушь Cabaret Premiere, Vivienne Sabo

This mascara I advertised the readers of my blog, and I once again am stating that I have a miraculous subscribers. Isn’t it magic when the ink separates, and lengthens, and gives volume, and most importantly – does it all all day without turning a blooming virgin in Piero?

The key here, I think, brush – whether plastic, or silicone is quite hard and not gaining excess. I do prefer these brushes fluffy – they are easier to layer the mascara, it did not stick, and they don’t stick together lashes.

In the palette than black, there are purple, blue, green and brown shades. For the money (300 rubles, or even less) – PBMC-R-asota!, as told to Ellochka-ogress.

The mascara Volume Lash Extension Stylist Mascara, Essence

Тушь для ресниц Volume Stylist Lash Extension Mascara, Essence

Volume Stylist there are two types – some mascara Curl Hold and lengthening Lash Extension. The composition provides fiber – microbology who stick to their own eyelashes and create the effect of a building; such carcasses at some time were very fashionable, but now all the interesting strong volume. In Lash Extensions fibre is good – they are not too many, they are invisible and do not fall, and eyelashes grow longer.

Mascara Holi Pop Detail Cara 02, Holika Holika

Тушь для ресниц Holi Pop Detail Cara 02, Holika Holika

Called Cara Detail the brand has two of mascara, which differ only by their numbers, so they are easy to confuse. One volume, second (02) – just lengthening. As the other our heroine, Cara 02 Detail contains fibres which increase their eyelashes. Brush a small, very thin and comfortable – this is a great mascara for the moments when in a hurry and have to literally paint in the Elevator.

Waterproof mascara Fabulous Lashes Waterproof, Misslyn

Водостойкая тушь для ресниц Fabulous Lashes Waterproof, Misslyn

Large tapering brush is very similar to Diorshow – mascara that came up thanks to the toothbrush, where Pat McGrath painted eyelashes models at the fashion show of John Galliano. The effect is impressive, too – the mascara gives the promised volume, and more suitable, according to mark, even for very sensitive eyes.

Waterproof mascara Waterproof Mascara Volume 360, Yves Rocher

Водостойкая тушь Mascara Volume 360 Waterproof, Yves Rocher

Brush a non-trivial shape is like a flattened down the middle – in fact, is useful if only to adjust her to crawl into the inner corners of the eyes. This can be a problem, but otherwise the ink is working as it should voluminous mascara – curl the lashes and paint over them along the length of the turns with ease.

Mascara volume Effet Push Up Volume Glamour Waterproof, Bourjois

Водостойкая тушь для объема Effet Push Up Volume Glamour Waterproof, Bourjois

French masters of the mass market was known for its voluminous carcasses in the early 2000s. Glamour Effet Push Up (there is a classic, water-resistant, as we do,) promises to make eyelashes fluffy fan, and in General, the promise holds: classic brush separates the lashes evenly, quickly and accurately, without any ten-minute dance in front of the mirror.

Waterproof False Lash Effect, Max Factor

False Lash Effect Waterproof, Max Factor

Mascara Max Factor was, it seems like every other girls finished school 15-20 years ago. False Lashes with her big silicone brush is good for those who love the drama and volume to the lashes – the brush picks up quite a lot of mascara and rests firmly (but no lumps). Eyelashes can be a little glue but not to get spider legs – rather elegant bundles.

Mascara and Glam Doll Sculpt Volume Mascara, Catrice

Тушь для ресниц Glam and Doll Sculpt Volume Mascara, Catrice

The word sculpt in the title, you can omit – a new mascara Catrice will not create doll lashes. But accentuate the natural look and will stay all day.

Silicone brush gets mascara carefully, the excess from the lashes and eyelids to remove is not necessary.

Mascara 2000 Calorie Curl Addict, Max Factor

Тушь для ресниц 2000 Calorie Curl Addict, Max Factor

Instead of tongs eyelash curler Max Factor invented mascara-Keller: it simultaneously curls and coats lashes.

Short brush (20 mm) and with dense bristles that the application was accurate. Thick texture – to maintain the effect of the curled lashes. In contact with water forms a film which is easily washed off.

Mascara for volume lashes twirled effect Femme Romantique, L’etoile selection

Тушь для объема ресниц с подкручивающим эффектом Femme Romantique, Л'Этуаль selection

Mascara-new from L’etoile suitable thin lashes. Well their curls, but no heaviness, no feeling of heaviness on the eyelids.

In the composition of the gel components, so the mascara easy to apply. Securely fixed to the lashes and is not printed even in the sun (put on oily skin with primer).

Mascara Falsies Angel, Maybelline New York

Тушь для ресниц Falsies Angel, Maybelline New York

New mascara Falsies Angel so named for a reason: her brush done in the shape of a delicate wing. Hold them at the roots of the lashes and lift them up for a few seconds – the look will become more open. Now paint mascara on the length to the end – the bristles are very careful, therefore, to apply mascara they are convenient. Separately paint mascara on the lashes in the corners.

The texture is fixed quickly and without lumps, can be applied in several layers.

Mascara Lash Sensational, Maybelline

Тушь для ресниц Lash Sensational, Maybelline 

This mascara is the owner of the most impressive “star” support group. It sent Krygina in one of his famous boxes, and that she won the love of Christy Turlington. Lash Sensational is really something: eyelashes become twice bigger. Maybelline makeup artist Yuri Stolyarov advises to apply a sensational product slowly, giving the pigment a little dry.

Mascara Telescopic, L’oreal Paris

Тушь для ресниц Telescopic, L'Oreal Paris

Telescopic, L’oreal Paris is one of the best mascaras in the segment of mass market. Its main advantage is the brush that makes lashes endless. Ink evenly, does not crumble and does not stick lashes, giving the natural way. Telescopic, L’oreal Paris is a favorite of supermodel Heidi Klum.

Mascara Vamp, Pupa

Тушь для ресниц Vamp, Pupa 

Mascara Vamp by Pupa cannot be mistaken with any other cosmetic product. It is packaged in a advanced bottle that fits easily in the hand and doesn’t scroll when applying. The slightly curved brush allows you to create a false lash effect, making the look as open as possible.

Mascara Non-stop VolumeGurmandiz

Тушь для ресниц Non-stop Volume, «Гурмандиз»

It would seem that we can expect from the carcass for 169 rubles? In fact, it copes with all the promises of the manufacturer: the baby in the soft tube not only fits easily in your purse, but perfectly separates, lengthens and curls. Fluffy brush gives lashes visible, but a natural volume. Vitality record: the ink does not leak and does not crumble throughout the day, even the rain to her daughter.

Mascara Hi Tech, Eva Mosaic

Тушь для ресниц Hi Tech, Eva Mosaic 

Mascara from domestic brand Eva Mosaic – what you need for your everyday makeup: she transforms lashes to recognition, but simply makes them better, more elaborate and longer. Two coats of mascara adds dramatic volume, not sticking together of lashes and no clumps.

The only drawback – a very generous cap, which gives more funds than required, so don’t forget to clean off the excess with a brush.

Mascara Chicago, Art-Visage

Тушь для ресниц Chicago, Art-Visage 

Another lengthening mascara in our collection – Chicago from local brands, Art-Visage. Many professional makeup artists remain faithful to her for many years. It’s perfect for everyday look: here and division, and volume, and elongation, but no frills, lashes don’t look overloaded. And we just won a fun package that simulates film.

Mascara I love Extreme Essence

Тушь для ресниц I love Extreme, Essence 

Mascara I Love Extreme Essence – a decent option for its price: it perfectly separates and curls the lashes, and some volume! The brush is quite bulky, so you’ll have to get used to: monitor the tip – he tries to stain the eyelid. But this minor inconvenience is more than kompensiruet quality budget finds and really extreme volume.

Waterproof mascara with false lash effect Glam Doll False Lashes Mascara Waterproof, Catrice

Водостойкая тушь с эффектом накладных ресниц Glam Doll False Lashes Mascara Waterproof, Catrice

This is the perfect mascara for every day. For a waterproof formula – this is a nice compliment because to scrub the mascara in the evening, along with my eyelashes do not want anyone. But Glam Doll with its function copes – does not spread throughout the day and is easily removed by using hydrophilic oil.

At first glance, brush think silicone and tough but really she’s just a very neat bristles the lashes are fluffy like dolls, but without the effect of “spider legs”. Blondes on every day, I recommend a brown mascara to tell everyone that it’s just your incomparable natural eyelashes without a hint of cosmetic intervention.

Mascara Instant Volume Boost Mascara, Essence

Тушь для ресниц Instant Volume Boost Mascara, Essence

New mascara from Essence will make your lashes look similar to invoices, but they’ll be visually tighter. Don’t wait fashion the effect of “spider legs”, as Dior show mascara separates and evenly stained each cilium, without adding to the look.

Girls with long eyelashes is to apply mascara careful – it can leave patches on the eyelid. But for those who are length and volume of their eyelashes is not very happy – we advice you to try!

Mascara The ONE No Compromise, Oriflame

Тушь для ресниц The ONE No Compromise, Oriflame

Once for thermomineral ink from the American brand, Trish McEvoy, the girls were ready to go to the other end of the world. So everyone wanted to purchase ink that wash off easy – the usual warm water. Now abroad, you can find something better to do, because you can buy mascara with “magical” properties can now be in effect. Mascara is THE ONE No Compromise is ideal for girls with thick and long lashes – it emphasizes their natural beauty. Fluffy brush handy layering tool – get your lashes, only better. The novelty is parts and increases the volume, and most importantly, easily washed off with warm water. And for those who have used to remove makeup with micellar water, I advise you to see our review and find out what suits you.

Mascara Extatic Paradise, L’oréal

Тушь для ресниц Paradise Extatic, L’Oréal

Description mascara is very promising – a Paradise for your eyelashes. Paradise Extatic gives the effect of lengthening and volume, and Curling, and another for eyelashes care. In its composition castor oil, thanks to which the eyelashes grow faster, and the mascara easier to apply.

Check out “Paradise” a decided novelty, special correspondent BeautyHack Daria Mironova: “I’m not used to the fluffy mascara brushes, as a rule, choose only the silicone. But now I will reconsider their attitude to natural fibers – brush Extatic Paradise was very convenient. I have short eyelashes that have always been hard to paint. With this mascara I only need a few minutes to eyelashes are long and voluminous. And when overlaying, you can get up to date now the effect of “spider legs”. The mascara is not waterproof, so do not expect the impossible from it on a snowy day – but it is very easy to wash with micellar water”.

Mascara with keratin Wonder’fully Real, Rimmel

Тушь для ресниц с кератином Wonder’fully Real, Rimmel

First, what distinguishes the ink from the hundreds of other “brothers” – comfortable silicone brush, which you can paint over the lower lashes, the existence of which until that moment you had no idea. Novelty gives the volume effect from the first layer, and when applied in several layers, you can repeat the makeup of the models Dior show spring-summer 2018. The good mascara lengthens lashes thanks to its formula enriched with keratin. Will use for “dramatic” makeup and bright smoky eyes.

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