May 29, 2024

24 Non-Greasy, Fast-Absorbing Body Lotions for Summer

Raise your hand if you routinely spend more than a few hours a week slathering, sloughing, rolling and generally indulging in a self-care ritual that centers mostly around your face.

While wed never, ever shame you for time spent on your visage – we do it, too – its easy to forget the other 90 percent of your body, especially once the weather warms up.

But because so many products are formulated for the absolute driest, coldest weather, using your winter moisturizer in the spring and summer months might be too much. In warmer weather, thick lotions can feel like theyre sitting on top of your skin, rather than truly hydrating it.

Even worse: They can feel so greasy in the humidity that youd rather skip them all together. Thats bad news bears for your legs – especially if you shave them.

Just because youre not instantly scaly the moment you step out of the shower anymore (rejoice! ), summer is no time to skimp on the moisturizer.

Ahead, 25 non-greasy body lotion alternatives for spring that won’t leave residue all over your new collection of spring dresses.

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