July 15, 2024

23 Skorts to Shop – Because Deciding Between Shorts and Skirts Is Hard

You know those days when you can’t decide between shorts and a skirt? Entire thy humble skort. Easier to pee in than a jumpsuit (no getting naked in a seedy bar bathroom), skorts are making a comeback – for those above the age where your clothes come in month-related sizes – in a variety of prints.

To quote Hannah Montana, you get the best of both worlds.

Our favorite picks for summer aren’t of the “trying to channel Serena on the tennis courts” variety, but more along on the lines of sleek black angles, bright colors, pinstripe ruffles, tartan, gingham and even a lemon-print option.

Now you can bend over without pulling the hemline of your skirt down, because all you’re trying to do is grab a seltzer from the office mini-fridge.

Shop 23 of ’em now, because “sitting like a lady” is for chumps.

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