23 best brushes for less than 2000 rubles

Itist made of artificial pile, which is suitable even for Allergy sufferers and will help make the perfect selection, the tool with which you can create the perfect tone and easy dispensing powder – star makeup artists and editors BeautyHack chose the best of the available segment (make-up will look like a professional – we checked).

Brush for eyebrows, 151, Mizuho Brush

Ершик для бровей, 151, Mizuho Brush

Many believe that brush eyebrow can be anything. For me there is only this: no other shade will not be as neatly and correctly shadow or pencil.

Brush universal, Linda Mason

Кисть универсальная, Linda Mason

Ideal for horizontal work – put cream shadow on the eyelids and lipstick on the lips. Made of pile column is a very convenient and quite dense.

Makeup brush 6SS, Inglot

Made of artificial pile, so suitable for Allergy sufferers. Thanks to tip tip when applying the corrector manages to gently treat the area around the lips and nose wings. Well distributes the concealer under the eyes, does not leave white spots.

Brush Small Angle Brush 263, M. A. C

In the previous article I talked about gel eyeliner Blacktrack from M. A. C. This brush is the best way to apply it. Due to the beveled edges and compact structure of the cream pigment can be made as ultra-thin, and a graphic arrow. Sufficiently resilient and flexible – even beginners will be able to draw a clear line. And, you can use for drawing eyebrows.

Brush # 219, M. A. C

A tiny brush with a round barrel to draw the lower eyelid and to smudge on the upper eyelid ciliary circuit.

Brush No. 15, JACKS beauty line

Lipstick I recommend to apply with a brush – this will allow you to distribute the pigment more evenly and make it more stable, especially if we are talking about matte textures. I have the JACKS beauty line brush – a long, hard and flat. Love when with one stroke half the lip painted. I recommend to choose a similar shape and length.

Powder brush Idealista, Pudra

A few years ago online store Pudra launched three brushes, and among them I love the big powder brush Idealista, which reminds me of a paw of a kitten – very gentle! Great deals and distributes a finishing powder, so I use it for almost every make-up since I had it.

Brush No. 17 and No. 03, Just Make Up

Brushes Just Make Up I love for their value, which combined with a decent quality and a nice NAP! For example, brush No. 17 to work through the crease easy forms of “hoof” from the pile of whites is worth less than 500 rubles,and a large powder brush No. 03 of pile blue squirrel – 790 RUB When I first got acquainted with the price, could not believe my eyes, but at the next exhibition is already stuck to their stand and did some shopping! Pleased with them so far, and it’s been a few years of regular use.

Brush No. 218 and No. 212, L’etoile Sélection

These brushes several years ago released a chain of L’etoile stores under its own brand. They decided not to be penny wise and ordered the making of their brushes handmade Japanese Mizuho Brush factory, which also produces fluffy assistants for several well-known brands (which we love and respect).

While maintaining the excellent quality they were able to make a affordable cost. My favorites – brush-pencil for applying and blending eye shadow No. 218 and classic nail brush No. 212.

Eyeshadow brush No. 21, Dior

All the brushes Dior created manually, and when you create each involved some thirty artists – so they can be safely regarded as one of the best. It is the result of cooperation of the French Homes and businesses Raphaël, which is often called the “king of brushes”.

Eyeshadow brush 21 is ideal for applying eye shadow on mobile eyelid – this contributes to the natural bristles and a comfortable rounded form. Not too fluffy and hard to measure, brush gaining the optimal amount of shadow tightly and causing the pigment to the eyelid. And like all tools with natural bristles, it is suitable for applying cream from liquid eye shadow to a matte lipstick.

I liked the highlighter to highlight the inner corners of the eye brush No. 21 allows you to do it in one easy motion for a few seconds.

Flat brush Concealer Brush 195, M. A. C

The brush is designed for applying and blending creamy texture, namely, concealer or corrector. The size and shape of the pile is such that you can easily work out even the most hard-to-reach areas or delicate areas under the eyes. But my advice: use the advanced tool for shading.

The brush made from synthetic bristles and has a flat shape, so you may have problems with the application of pigmented and dense textures. They require high-quality shading. Otherwise, the layer will be too noticeable. But this brush from M. A. C it is convenient to apply the eye shadow, color is intense and like volume.

Beveled brush for liquid Foundation No. 83 Pro Collection, Sephora

The brush is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Made of synthetic bristles, ideal for liquid textures. White middle need for a beautiful blend funds. Applying the concealer from the center, you seem to stretch it over the skin with a brush and get the most natural effect. After applying the remains of bands that need to blend.

An important advantage – the tool does not absorb a large amount of money. Face brush glides gently without scratching the skin. But the coating thus obtained is not very dense.

Brush with a beveled edge for applying face powder 07 Face Blending Powder Brush, Kiko Milano

I apply this with a brush of loose and pressed powder. Due to synthetic bristles means distributed over the skin evenly, and the face doesn’t look “pereputanyi” (even if you scored on the brush too much).

It is not suitable for baking when you want to put on the face a lot of powder and then remove it to get the effect of photoshop. But to fix the makeup with this brush works perfect for that!

I also tried to apply her powder with shimmering particles and a highlighter on the collarbone – very convenient: thanks to the beveled edge, you can paint over all protruding parts and recesses.

Set makeup lip Prep+Lip Set, Real Techniques

Набор для макияжа губ Prep+Lip Set, Real Techniques

Real Techniques – a world famous brand of makeup tools, its Creator – star makeup artists Samantha and Nicole Chapman. The lint brush is made of taklon, fiber tools are gathered and cut by hand, so they are soft and comfortable to use. I have tested a set of lip – who would have thought that one of the lips there are as many as four brushes! But the makeup is indeed flawless. Lip Smoothing Brush is a round brush, which is best to apply balm and massage in a circular motion. Lip Lining Brush – ultra-fine brush for precise contour. With it you can also make a trendy Ombre effect. Lip Brush – a thin flat brush, I apply the pigment to the center of the lips. Lip Fan Brush is a multifunctional brush finish and applying a highlighter to the area “tick” on the upper lip. Mirrored Brush Canstier cover, which is included with the set: it is convenient to carry brushes. A nice bonus – the pile dries quickly, so the tools are easy to clean.

Brush for contouring the face 02, Yves Rocher

Кисть для контурирования лица 02, Yves Rocher 

The brush is compact, so its convenient to take with you. The second advantage is that they are multifunctional. I applied three tools: tone-fluid, thick Foundation, restorefile liquid highlighter. With a brush handled with a Bang! A good option for those who are not accustomed (or not) to have a great set of brushes at home or carry them with you in your suitcase.

It is easy to wash after each use, worth, dries quickly, and the hairs shove.

Brush with double bristles 04, Yves Rocher

Кисть с двойным ворсoм 04, Yves Rocher

Brush with double bristles are designed to work with a dry and creamy texture is well behaved in the first and in the second case. At Yves Rocher 04 double sinteticheski pile, allowing to achieve a maximum of naturalness in makeup.

Comfortable wooden handle is non-slip and are well fixed in the hand. Foundation is best applied in a circular motion – falls evenly. The tool is best left for home use – it’s light, but it has an impressive size.

Brush for corrective means 01, Yves Rocher

Кисть для корректирующих средств 01, Yves Rocher

This budget option is not worse than premium tools. Thin, comfortable brush that the first time gaining a sufficient amount of concealer or corrector and well distributes across problem areas.

I also liked the eco-design of brush – wood handle looks very stylish!

The brush is very light and small, but she has no case, so I would advise to use it at home to be confident of the hygiene tool.

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