May 29, 2024

23 Colored Denim Jackets to Brighten Up Your Summer

From vibrant yellows to poppy pinks. Crisp and seasonless, the humble denim jacket is a closet staple. It’s the outerwear option we turn to year-round for that added touch of cool, and the one that never seems to go out of style.

Many of us have worn the trusty topper since we were tots, beginning with a light indigo version from Gap Kids and growing into a medium-wash Levi’s Trucker jacket.

Through it all, we relished in the garment’s practicality, comfort and ability to go with literally anything. But as with most items that have had a dominant presence in our wardrobes, it’s nice to spice things up and occasionally go for a riff on the old classic, which, in the case of denim, can mean many things: For some, it’s wearing slightly baggier shapes and choosing lighter washes, while for others it’s adding floral embroidery or finding a cropped silhouette.

Then are those sartorial risk-takers who decide to deviate from the traditional indigo color altogether, instead wearing statement-making jackets in highlighter yellows and safety hazard oranges.

While this may be a bold move, it’s strikingly refreshing to see something that’s typically tinted a recognizable shade of blue in, say, a pale lavender, dusty salmon or punchy red. And there’s no time like the sunshine-filled present to give it this denim sub-trend a try.

You can wear a colorful topper with a white tee, striped crop top or even throw it on over a swimsuit when the sun goes down at the beach. For maximum effect, pair it with a matching denim skirt or cutoffs. You may look like a slice of watermelon or a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade, but who doesn’t crave either of those things in the summer time?

Ahead, shop 23 colored denim jackets available in all shades of the rainbow and at all price points.

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