April 20, 2024

23 Best 2023 Planners & Diaries to Organise Your Life

Call me an organisation freak, but my hunt for 2023 planners/agenda/diary (tomato, tomahto) is one of my favourite shopping quests of any year.

I will not stand corrected: there’s no satisfaction quite as great as ticking off every item on your to-do-list, categorising your goals (think: travel, work, fitness) and feeling at peace with the plans (and equal down-time) you’ve scheduled into each week.

The best planners and journals have a distinct ability to spark an immediate incentive to try my best. Writing down my aims, resolutions, thoughts and plans is a sure-fire way to keep my energy and motivation flowing. So much more so than typing notes into my phone or keeping track of my plans on a Google calendar.

We have far too much screen time as it is – my mind thanks me for spending time with a good old-fashioned pen and paper.

So, with the dawn of a new year ahead of us, the search for something we can keep close all year is on. Of course, for the stationery fanatics among us, choosing the right 2023 planner is a high-pressure task. Not least because you need to use it for a whole 365 days.

Ahead, I’ve hand-picked 23 2023 (unintentional) planners and journals that I think you’re going to love for every one of those days. Some of them focus on mental health alongside planning, complete with space to jot your daily thoughts, rate your mood and note what you’re grateful for (a bit like a gratitude journal).

Others are for the creatives, with spaces to create a daily doodle or drawing that represents your mood, and some fall strictly on the calendar side of the spectrum – spanning across week-to-view, day-to-view and month-to-view diaries. There’s something for every kind of organisation junkie.

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