May 20, 2024

22 Ombre Nails From Fade-Out Frenchies To Colour Clash

Ombre nails may not be new, but they’re back on the map and majorly trending thanks, in part, to the popularity of the almond and ballerina-shaped ombre Frenchies that we can’t stop spotting all over our socials.

The boom in ’90s references throughout current beauty trends has made its way into nail designs and the classic French tip revitalised with new renditions, such as micro tips, chrome tips and, for a softer take, the ombre.

Ombre nails style see a smooth transition from one shade to another (e. g. from light to dark), to give a fading effect. In the case of classic French tips, this means a seamless movement from creamy white tips, into a barely-there pink, without the traditional stark contrast between the two.

Celebrity fans of the style include Hailey Bieber, Rita Ora and Lizzo and TikTok is very much on board, too. But aside from the French tip ombre, the technique works alongside pastels, brights or same-colour gradients, all of which have also be gaining popularity.

What colours are best for ombre nails?

This totally depends on your preference. For a classic French ombre, whites, creams and pinks work beautifully. For a gradient ombre, you could transition through one colour, with various shades (e. g. navy blue, mid blue and light blue). Shade families like pastels, or jewel tones work well, or for something bold you could try a colour clash ombre with opposing colours.

How long do ombre nails last?

This depends on the polish you choose. If you’re using regular polish this should last around a week or two, depending on how sturdy your nail are. Gel polish will last longer (around two to three weeks) and acrylic or dip nails will last even longer (around three to four weeks).

Can ombre nails be done with gel?

Yes, the process is similar to regular polish, but gel polish is used and then set with a UV lamp to give a longer-lasting finish. If you’re not confident, it’s best to head to the salon and get your nails done by the pros. If you know what you’re doing, you could always try and at-home gel nail kit.

How do you do ombre dip nails?

Yes. For those unfamiliar with dip powder nails fall somewhere between a regular mani and a set of acrylics. It’s similar to a gel in the sense that it’s fusing a colour substance to your nail. But, instead of using UV rays to seal in your polish after it’s been delicately painted on, the colour comes from a pigmented powder. And this technique works really well with ombre since you can layer up different coloured powders to blend into each other beautifully.

What does ombre mean for nails?

The word “ombré” comes from the French for “shadow”. Essentially the technique sees colours fade into one another seamlessly, from light to dark. For nails, this means a two-toned or multi-toned mani with an imperceptible blend between the colours, rather than any stark lines.

How to do ombre nails yourself?

Despite looking tricky, ombré is surprisingly easy to do (once you’ve worked out the secret). The best part is, ombré nails are a universal crowd-pleaser, whether you like bold pops of colour, keeping it minimal or sticking to one palette, it can cater to all. But, failing that, you can always try press-on nails which take care of the design for you and save you the hassle.

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