May 19, 2024

22 Best Wavy Hairstyles and Haircuts To Try In 2023

If your hair isn’t dead straight, but isn’t curly either, then chances are you’re in search of some head-turning wavy hairstyles. This pretty hair type is a stunning blend of both textures – lucky you – but styling can be tricky, especially since waves tend to lack uniformity.

With a natural hair rebellion in full swing, we’re seeing more and more women embrace their natural hair texture, and a blend of bends, swirls and kinks only adds to the versatility of a style, giving your waves a unique texture that no-one else has. How cool is that?

“In the last 10 years, we’ve made real progress with embracing the natural texture of our hair, and with this, waves have become fashionable,” creative director at the Neil Moodie Studio, Valentina Ingrosso (a wavy girl herself), tells GLAMOUR. “I don’t think waves will ever be out of style now. ”

If you’re in the tousled hair gang, your wave type will have a number attached to it: 2a is a loose s-shaped wave that can be straightened with minimal effort. 2b is your more defined s-shape that’s often heavier at the ends, and 2c tends to be a coarser mix of defined s-shaped waves and spirals (curly, coily and Afro hair sits in the 3 and 4 category). What you have dictates which haircut and style you should lean towards, naturally, but the overriding rule of wavy hair is that there are no rules, so have fun with it!

Another thing to be aware of when trying to pin down your wave type is its porosity. All hair has a protective cuticle layer made up of overlapping cells that manage the strand’s moisture levels. Heat and chemical damage can cause this layer to lift over time, and the twists and turns of wavy hair also leave it naturally more raised (with or without damage). This is why curly and wavy hair tends to feel more course, and lack the high shine of poker-straight hair. So, how do you check the porosity of your hair?

Take a strand from your brush and drop it into a glass of water. If it sinks quickly, it’s highly absorbent (AKA porous), so the cuticle layer is raised. If it stays afloat or takes a long time to sink, the cuticle layer is flat and functioning well.

What are the best wavy hairstyles?

The most flattering hairstyle for thicker hair with a wave is a single-length cut, possibly with some long layers,” explains Ingrosso. “I would cut all the hair using the point-cutting technique, softening the edges for a lighter result. But, I would make some small changes in the way I cut depending on the density of the hair. » She goes on to recommend a blunter haircut for fine hair. “Try to not soften the ends too much as this will help achieve a fuller, thicker finish. ” (You’ll find more haircut inspo in our gallery further down).

Does a fringe work in wavy hair?

Getting a fringe cut in is nerve-wracking enough for people with well-behaved straight hair, let alone those who have waves that look different day-to-day. A thorough consultation is key, according to Ingrosso, especially if it’s the first time you’re having a fringe cut. “You need to understand that it will never look perfect like media images sometimes portray. ” She goes on to explain that a good stylist will leave the fringe slightly longer, then check again once it’s dry as some hair shortens considerably in length when it transitions from wet to dry. “Once dry, they can then decide if more needs to be cut off. ”

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