21, Christmas manicure, and pedicure

Fillowy French glitter? Eggplant with geometric silver accents? Design with snowflakes and stars? Editors BeautyHack have made the most fashionable options of manicures and pedicures – get inspired, and choose your for the New Year!


Beauty salon Nail Spot

When you go to the salon, there is a sense that it is tiny and limited tables for manicures. But then you go further and see that there is equipped conference room and pedicure: you can do it simultaneously with nail Polish, four hands. Three massage chairs separated the screen – while doing a pedicure, you can get a massage and watch a movie (I decided that the most appropriate would be – “just for Christmas”). Turned on the film, made himself comfortable in the chair (I would even say, lay down – it is hinged for your convenience), and we started.

Салон красоты Nail Spot 

Master Ira Boltaeva suggested to try Kart-pedi. On the foot is applied a mixture of funds of brand ADN (fruit acid), and then wrapped them with foil and keep it for twenty minutes. Thanks to the active formula, pedicure with such a composition helps with fungal infections of nails and feet to full recovery of the nail plate. Provides effective help with ingrown nail, calluses, dry core. Softens, accelerates and normalizes the process of cell regeneration in the recovery of the diabetic foot. I didn’t have ingrown nails and corns but the skin was quite dry. Medical pedicure rescued can be very useful. I don’t like complicated designs in pedicure, but create a Christmas mood I chose a combination of purple and serebristyj shades: we used the gel varnishes Luxio (Intrigue) and Gel Glitz (White).

Салон красоты Nail Spot 

In parallel with the pedicure I manicure – master Leroy Vardanyan, the cuticle was removed with a nail file. I finally waited for the moment when my fingernails have become stronger and grown for French – we made lavender-silver with gels Luxio in the shade Celebrate, and Play Glitz Gel in a shade of Blue Tanzanite. At the end master asked me ten minutes to put on disposable termopechati, inside of which was a cream based on beeswax. Gloves heat up during use and start to sizzle as soda: this occurs from contact with the warmth of your hands. After their skin as soft as a baby.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya, 13

Price for manicure: 6 800 RUB

The price for the pedicure: 6 000 RUB

Beauty salon Kynsi

At Kynsi play big: as a pre procedure I was offered not only an unusual coating, but the treatments to relax and prepare for the coming long weekend. To save time here doing manicures and pedicures for four hands – the offices equipped with special seats with wide armrests so that the procedure is as comfortable as possible. For the legs I was offered care under the romantic name “Serenity” – it is carried out on the products, the brand Ligne St. Barth.

After the treatment of nails and heels the wizard directly with the client preparing a scrub made from fresh papaya and sand, brought from the Sunny island of St. Bart’s – it turns out very tender, almost creamy texture. Then the massage, which is polished shells: he is offered to choose oil (avocado or coconut) or lotion. At the same time, another specialist handles hands: my skin is dry, so I suggested breeding procedure on the basis of La Ric. Hands uselocale gold scrub (naturally, with the gold particles), inflicted nutritious oil and put on the heated gloves filled with rice – so funds are absorbed better. After care – coverage. Here work for Smith Cult, Christina Fitzgerald and Kure Bazaar that offer masters mix of your choice.

Салон красоты Kynsi

I chose sequins: gold Smith Cult Shattered Souls for a pedicure, which the master was applied over the black Christina Fitzgerald Lisa, and a combination of two lacquers of Kure Bazaar manicure – bright blue Queen and silver-blue glitter Luna, which we decorated two fingers on one hand and three on the other.

Address: spiridonievsky per., 5 p. 2

The price for the pedicure + care Ligne St. Barth + surface: 6 500 RUB.

The price for a manicure + care La Ric + surface: 4 000 RUB

Beauty salon Hair Spot

Recently BeautyHack we published a video, where you can find five interesting designs for the winter: this helped us master Hair salon Spot. Where I went for my Christmas manicure and pedicure (in the video I especially liked the coverage with the effects of “Ombre” and “virka”).

Will tell you four interesting facts about the salon.

-Hair in Spot, you will always find cool design that is possible far not everywhere. In small jars stored Glitz Gel special gel-varnishes (also Luxio) glitter for more glitter – nail thanks to him sparkle like Christmas garland. Feel free to ask and complex design, for example airbrush for the ombré effect.

-The salon has a large palette of colors, including rare – for example, there is a deep emerald. This, oddly enough, a rarity for salons!

-You can choose the coverage options – there are Beautix and Luxio. -Manicure and pedicure I had four hands – it’s great that the salon provides this service, it really saves time.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya, 13

Price for manicure: 4 300 RUB.

The price for the pedicure: 3 400 RUB.

Beauty bar Cvhildren

Цvети I love at least for the fact that their bright interior makes up for the lack of colors in life. And as a maximum – for professional artists and the atmosphere of the eternal beauty of the bachelorette party, because in order to do a manicure or pedicure, you don’t need to be alone in a closed room. You can come with friends and chat without any barriers, until someone makes styling easier, someone make-up, and someone- I paint my nails. And then all of you will take a picture of the background of the famous green wall, the scenery which changes from season to season. By the way, that manicure and pedicure I’ve tested in your favorite beauty bar. Master Цvети use prochnow technique Christina Fitzgerald nail and cuticle processed lightest touch disposable blade (which you then carefully wrapped to-go). Everything happens very carefully, is absolutely painless and safe – prochnow tried the technique once, then it is difficult to give it up. The beauty of their hands and feet I trusted master Sophia Kvaratskhelia and we started with the pedicure.

Бьюти-бар Цvети 

While I sipped hot tea and enjoyed the Christmas selection of songs, Sofia got rid of the cuticles and rough skin. A few strokes of a magic nail file and foot were soft and smooth as a child. When everything was ready, we began to think about new year’s design – I wanted something elegant and certainly with sequins. Sofia offered a variant with the dark gel Polish and geometric silver accents. As base color I chose a dark purple Abyss from Luxio because he always looks very advantageous in combination with the glitter, and the color of the coming year, he was recognized not by accident. To paint the silver inserts, master mixed loose glitter with the base – turned out dense gel, sparkling like a girl’s best friend. I was so fascinated by the Shine of your pedicure, I decided to use sequins and hands – we chose “moon” manicure, a gentle lacquer by sudovym Forever from Luxio. Holidays we are waiting for long – not to worry about what the gel Polish starts to grow, I always choose design with the negative space (in other words, leave the hole clear). Sofia jewelry outlined nails with a thin paintbrush and stressed design with the same silver sequins.

Бьюти-бар Цvети 

At the end of the procedure, the master did a hand massage – stress from new year’s deadline he was certainly not removed, but a sense of “readiness” for the New year and an encouraging exclusively!

Address: Prechistenskaya embankment, 15/2

Price for manicure: 3 200 RUB

The price for the pedicure: 4 500 RUB.

Studio Nails Express manicure

In the December vanity, while everyone buys gifts, frantically making lists of food and decorate the apartment, I decided that, first and foremost, prepare for the New Year itself, and the rest, as it will.

And so I signed up for a manicure with Express pedicure at Nails. Met me out there a delicious tea with jam and even wanted to feed, but I was too distracted by the upcoming procedure and was not hungry at all. I stood on a comfortable leather chair here waiting for their masters. Olesya explained my requirements in manicure, Jasmine – pedicure. I love to trust in the hands of professionals, so wishes, I only had the design, and the girls chose a combo type treatment to the hands, and feet (without soaking). While Olesya leveled me the shape of the nails, and Jasmine cut away excess skin from the heels, the receptionist put a fragrant, warm, the collar on my shoulders, which has a calming and relaxing effect and also the smell of Melissa.

Студия маникюров Express Nails

Wizard efficiently and quickly leveled the shape of the nails, removed cuticle and excess skin on the nails after the fall become thin and brittle, and we strengthen them with IBX system. Now my hands and feet were ready for painting. I chose the manicure with an Ombre of blue and Golden sequins, which look festive like tinsel on a holiday tree, but very delicately. Olesya evenly using a brush, coated with gel Polish Luxio Gel and dried under a lamp. For the feet I chose a gel nail color starry Christmas sky. By the way, Express Nails at the first visit gives free care, I chose the foot care. I got to my feet moisturizing, nourishing mask and put a large pre-heated socks. It was “dessert” visit to the salon.

Студия маникюров Express Nails

I was left in awe of every pleasant things, from the professionalism of the staff and good, comfortable atmosphere. As for the procedure, nothing to complain about – quickly, professionally and super efficiently, a week later my nails look perfect.I left satisfied, and not with empty hands: when you first visit the salon also gives gifts to their guests – I got a cool balm for hands. Now preparing for the New Year 90% done in the evening after the procedure, enchanted by the festive mood, I even put up a Christmas tree!

Address: Smolenskiy Boulevard, 22/14

Price for manicure: 5 200 RUB.

The nail Studio Bebebe

Throwing open the Studio door Bebebe, located on Bolshaya Bronnaya, I was enveloped in the Christmas atmosphere and comfort. Upon entering you will immediately notice the bright pink neon sign with the name of the salon, floral print on the wall and a spiral staircase leading to the second floor – isn’t that fabulous place? In the Studio, I signed up for two services: manicure and pedicure. Since before the new year remained a matter of days, I wanted to do something special. I found your favorite design, show master, we have modified and it within minutes picked the right shades.

Студия маникюра Bebebe

I wanted to cover Luxio manicure with polishes of this brand looks glossy and shining. It was here that I decided to experiment: changed my usual square nails to almond shaped. Lily very efficiently handled the nails and cuticles, gave a desired shape, and then covered with varnish.When the manicure was done, I sat in an easy chair, and I began to do a pedicure. I often get pedicures on a regular varnish because it rests perfectly on my nails. So we did with the master this time, I chose a deep blue color of nail Polish brand Essie. To give the pedicure a festive look, we decided to add silver glitter.

Студия маникюра Bebebe

Manicures and pedicures in total it took me two hours, but time flew by very quickly: I managed to watch a few favorite Christmas movies that aired in the Studio, drink a tasty hot tea, and read a few magazines. And of course, to photograph what happened.

Address: Bolshaya Bronnaya St., 27/4

Price for manicure: 1 650 RUB.

The price for a pedicure: 2 500 RUB.

The beauty salon “Aida”

The salon is located in the heart of Moscow. At the entrance, customers undress and put on Shoe covers, and then the master meets you and the spiral staircase escorted to the office – one person prepared a private room with nail table and pedicure apparatus.

Master Daria easily finds the contact with any customer, experience she has more than 10 years. For Christmas manicure we decided together to paint the nails bright balls on the varnish neutral tint. After that, Daria added lots of glitter to design became even more festive.

 Салон красоты «Аида»

Pedicure machine Stern Podia resembles a dentist chair, but fear not. The master of the treatment of nails and feet did the foot bath. According to Daria, in every treatment of a pedicure is to add a Spa element, because the clients need to relax. Before starting, the master commented on the state of my nails, length, we decided to completely remove because the nails were very brittle and sloilis. The first time I was in the pedicure when they use special nozzles to remove all the excess. During the procedure, I sat quietly on a comfortable chair, drinking tea and eating delicious a raspberry tart.

 Салон красоты «Аида»

All the necessary steps with my feet did either the master or the chair itself – when you click on certain buttons one leg could climb a certain way or Vice versa to stoop and bend. On the legs we decided to paint snowflakes on a white background, and then I asked to add more glitter, because I really liked them. The result of Daria’s work I’m happy with the design look neat and beautiful, and my problematic nails were just perfect.

Address: Malaya Nikitskaya str 10, p. 2

Price for manicure: 4 560 RUB

The price for the pedicure: 6 600 RUB.

Beauty salon Wax&Go

Coming to the salon, once you get into a little cosy and homely atmosphere. At the entrance is a big and beautiful tree, which immediately adjusts to the holidays. While I was waiting for the master Angelica Kochetov, drank winter sea-buckthorn tea with cookies (by the way, kettle happy brought). During the procedure, sat in a comfortable chair with massage modes, and to create Christmas mood, included “Real love”. In the salon to do edging waterless manicure and pedicure on the principles of the Christina Fitzgerald.

Салон красоты Wax&Go  

We started with the manicure, and I had a tonic to centre of the nail tip to strengthen the plate and to increase sapcote base – master explained to me that the manicure last longer. Really – I went with gel nail Polish for three weeks, which for me is record time. We chose color cover Luxio white (089) for nail Polish and black gel coat (053) for a pedicure. On the nails we decided to make a design with sequins “white gold”, at the base of the nails to a manicure fit for any outfit. At the end of all the procedures I did a winter Spa treatment for hands and feet. Hands struck a nonabrasive scrub and serum with seaweed, lanolin cream and cuticle oil. Even after the evening shower and my hands were left smooth and hydrated.

Салон красоты Wax&Go  

Feet after a pedicure master the steam out in warm water with powder bath and caused abrasive sugar scrub Luko Pedi with the addition of tea tree oil – at the same time she did a light massage. Five minutes on my feet she applied the cream mask and moisturize them with cream with marine collagen. I have very dry heels and feet, but after they have become soft as silk. The effect of Spa treatments survived for a long time, and the pedicure I did on a week later than usual.

Address: Malaya Bronnaya St, 14

The price for a manicure with a complex design: 5 000 RUB.

The price for a pedicure with a complex design: 6 000 RUB

Spa Mahash SPA

In Mahash Spa is always such a relaxing atmosphere that I want to spend the whole day there. This includes everything from the friendly staff at the reception and finishing with an incredibly comfortable massage chairs.

Master Irina did I pilony signature manicure Mahash, which is atraumatic eliminates the cuticle and burrs, while helping to prevent their occurrence in future. We chose the gel coating of the brand Fedua – before applying Irina made me a cream of the same brand that protects against UV radiation.

Спа-салон Mahash SPA 

For a festive version, we master decided to use sequins of different colors, causing them over black nail Polish – manicure turned out bright and at the same time not flashy. After coating Irina gave me a hand massage using a scrub of its own brand Mahash, and in the end caused the mask and moisturizer Fedua. Parallel master Camille made me a medical pedicure hardware, and very quickly and efficiently – the whole procedure took about 20 minutes. On my feet I decided to repeat the same trick as on the hands is the main color in the master made a black (at this time, the coating did gel Polish Luxio), and over struck silver sequins.

Address: Molodogvardeyskaya str., 4k1

Price for manicure: 4 700 RUB.

The price for the pedicure: 5 900 RUB.


The Kitchen

I’ve been wanting to find in Minsk, the salon where you do manicure pilony, that is, the cuticle is removed it with a nail file, no vehicles and tweezers. On this issue we agree with Anastasia, one of the hostesses of the new Studio The Kitchen, which opened two months ago in Minsk.

The Kitchen is a small, very cozy place ten minutes from the city centre. Its Creator, Nastya and Polina, themselves thought to the design (minimalistic, with a mandatory attribute – this Scandinavian-style kitchen in the centre) and the concept: design the most natural nail and non-aggressive treatment. Each behind your experience: Nastia – work in one of London’s salons and the European approach to the manicure, Polina – 10 years of experience of the wizard.

I did a manicure Pauline, I went to The Kitchen for polackova equipment (but if you ask them, do, and processing hardware). The master used only the special big nail file to remove cuticles. Then trim the nails and took cover. We chose deliberately casual design with sequins, caused long-term coverage Didier nudemom Lab in shade # 1, and then Pauline as if in a chaotic manner tassel Didier Lab glued a gold glitter flakes of the same brand. We finished manicure, light hand massage and application of oil. In the process, Pauline said that polackova technique is the most safe and this manicure is easy to keep the order simple methods: daily gently push the cuticle orange stick after a shower and apply oil.

The Kitchen 

A couple of months of treatment you almost do not need. For a pedicure in Studio also used cosmetics Didier Lab: long-term coatings to creams and scrubs. We chose a mixed technique. Anastasia removed the corns and irregularities by means of Golden Trade. Works like acid, but significantly more gentle (IVF) and is suitable for pregnant women. And the cuticle removed files and camera. As a coating used two colors: black shade No. 16 and the same Lab Didier sequins for manicure.

Time for a manicure and pedicure – 3 hours. Other nice moments: disposable labels for all files and the opportunity to make a head and shoulder massage.

Address: Tuchynska lane 2

Price for manicure: 35 Bel. RUB (processing – 15 RUB., finish – 20 RUB.)

The price for the pedicure: 50 Bel. RUB (processing – 15 RUB., finish – 30 RUB.)

The beauty Lounge

Beauty Lounge is a cozy “island” of beauty in shopping center “Gallery”. Upon entering the salon, it seems that he was on another planet: music, smells of coffee, and a smiling receptionist immediately seated in a comfortable chair. The wizard who made the most perfect manicure in my life, name is Sophia Voinov. She meticulously handled each nail, giving everyone a beautiful, natural form.

Салон красоты Beauty Lounge

Sofia makes a combined manicure: first processes the cuticle of the apparatus, and then the tweezers. Before use, each piece is treated with an antiseptic -sterile maniacs like me, this is important. When choosing the design my main query was: simple, but beautiful. As the Foundation chose the gel Polish in the colour “cherry jam”. A little glitter on the ring finger,a perfect manicure for new year’s eve ready.

Address: p-t Winners, 9 (TC “Gallery”)

Price for manicure: 40 Bel. RUB

Beauty Lounge Bar

Beauty Lounge Bar – stylish and trendy island of beauty in the heart of the shopping center Dana Mall. Opened recently, the ninth of December. Team of brilliant professionals will gather you to the event for a few minutes. In the price list at the bar – manicure, make-up, Express styling, correction, modeling and everything to do with eyebrows.

I came here for new year’s manicure. At the stage of choice of varnish stuck – the color palette is wide, more than a hundred pieces. My master Ales has helped to navigate and choose three colors.

You can choose any type of pedicure hardware, manual or combined. To use the tools in the bar, seriously – each of them is a three-phase purification step in a special apparatus.

The master was done very quickly and efficiently. For the first time in the history of trips to the manicure I was completely happy with the shape of the nail. Ales managed to surprise me and “shovels” to make a narrow and beautiful nail.

Beauty Lounge Bar

On New year’s sequin never too much – we added stars. The result is neat, cute manicure and readiness for the New year by 90%.

Discovered a new place close to home – now I’m yours!

Address: Mall Dana Mall, St. P. Mstislavets, 11, 2nd floor.

Price for manicure: 37 Bel. RUB

21 вариант, новогоднего маникюра, и педикюра

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