21 Top-Rated Sunscreens to Use This Summer, According to Environmentalists

Here’s to protecting your skin and Mother Nature at the same time.

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When you’re packing for a summer vacation and deciding which sunscreen to slip into your bag, you’re probably most concerned with avoiding sunburn and preventing skin cancer. They’re both crucial concerns, but if that’s all that’s on your mind, you might be missing something – like the fact that the chemicals in sunscreen can have a significant environmental impact and even negatively effect your skin in one way while protecting it in another.

The EWG also asserts that the FDA’s testing standards are too weak, and claims that about half of sunscreens sold in the U.S. could not be sold in Europe, where standards are higher. The organization also warns that extremely high SPF ratings on sunscreens are “misleading” and cause consumers to misuse products that they think are more protective than they actually are.

So how can you avoid these common sunscreen pitfalls? Read the full EWG report here, and then shop 21 of the organization’s sunscreen picks below, each of which have been selected because they offer effective sun protection without the potential for health and environmental hazards.

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