21 Orange and Yellow Swimsuits That Will Transform You Into a Poolside Ray of Sunshine

Thanks in large part for our collective need to document every waking moment of our beach vacations and summer pool days on Instagram, swimwear designers have really stepped it up when it comes to creating bikinis, one-pieces and eye-catching cut-out silhouettes for an impressive range of body types.

Whether you plan to spend a weekend lounging on a photogenic pool float, relaxing surfside in the sand or channeling your favorite Instagirl by flexing with your friends on a yacht (or, more realistically, just a regular boat), your bathing suit game should be strong

and finding an option that both makes a statement and fits like a glove has never been easier. (Please, we beg of you, don’t forget the sunscreen.)

The ultimate complement to your summer glow. GabiFresh x Swimsuits for All.

GabiFresh x Swimsuits for All. Photo: Swimsuits for All

One way to ensure you stand out in the sea of swimwear enthusiasts is to opt for a cheerful, bright color, and two of our top picks this season are orange and yellow. Perhaps these hues have grown in popularity because of their prominence on recent runways, or maybe it’s just because nothing screams summertime like a sunset shade, but we’re very much on board. Not only are they a fun alternative to basic black, white, navy or “Baywatch” red, they’re also the ultimate complement to your summer glow.

Below, we’ve shopped out 21 delightfully bold yellow and orange suits, most of which are offered in plus sizes and curve-friendly silhouettes. We can’t think of a better way to spend the summer than dressing like a literal ray of sunshine.

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