April 20, 2024

2019 Jeep Easter Safari Concepts Are Ultimate Gladiators

Jeep just unveiled the customized versions of the company’s badass off-roaders that will storm the desert at the annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab this month, and they’re all based on the much-hyped Gladiator pickup.

A stand-out is the tactical-spec «Five-Quarter. » As Car and Driver notes, it’s based on the 1968 Kaiser Jeep M-715, which was one of the first military vehicles ever derived from a production car.

Don’t let its retro looks fool you: a 6. 2-liter supercharged Hellcrate Hemi V8 endows the Five-Quarter with a modern output above 700 horsepower.

Though they’re all «concepts,» each one of these beastly 4x4s is very real and serves as a showcase for numerous Mopar performance parts you can buy online.

The Jeep Five-Quarter concept. Â

The Jeep Five-Quarter concept.

With descriptions from Road and Track, check out Jeep’s Easter Safari roster below:

Jeep J6

2019 Jeep Moab Easter Safari (4)

This rig lost its rear doors but gained 12 inches over the standard five-foot Gladiator bed for better proportions. The color, badging and interior all take cues from the 1978 Jeep Honcho, and the truck’s wheelbase is identical to that of a four-door Wrangler.

Jeep Five-Quarter

2019 Jeep Moab Easter Safari (7)

This truck started life as a 1968 Jeep M-715, blessed with that carbon-fiber front bodywork, a free-flow aluminum bed, a chopped roof, and a link-and-coil suspension.

Jeep Wayout

2019 Jeep Moab Easter Safari (6)

The Gator Green paint will be production-available soon, while the two-person bed-top tent, side awning, and gear racks help you carry along all the essentials. Dual auxiliary fuel tanks are flush-fit into the bed sides.

Jeep Flatbill

2019 Jeep Moab Easter Safari (2)

Integrated slide-out ramps make loading and unloading the bikes easy, while the high-clearance flares, deeply vented hood and 40-inch tires provide the appropriate Monster Energy aesthetic.

Jeep JT Scrambler

2019 Jeep Moab Easter Safari (5)

For awhile, there were rumors that Jeep would call its new Wrangler-based pickup «Scrambler,» after the early 1980s CJ8 pickup variant. This concept pays direct homage to that machine, with Scrambler-style graphics in a killer color combo.

Jeep Gladiator Gravity

2019 Jeep Moab Easter Safari (3)

Bed rails and drawers hold your gear, tube doors and a bikini roof maximize the open-air experience, and rock rails and a two-inch lift kit with 37-inch tires help you get further into the wilderness.

Out of all this year’s Gladiator concepts, this is the one you could most easily recreate with a Mopar catalog and a credit card.

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