20 Totally Legit Mother’s Day Gifts You Should Buy RN on Amazon

The thing about Mother’s Day is that it’s – oh, my gosh, it’s really soon. It’s Sunday! Time to be extremely thoughtful in a short amount of time, overnight the gift to yourself, wrap it, then ship it to Mom. Ugh. Or you could just find her a really nice gift on Amazon and click to send? Sounds like a way better idea if you ask us, so we went digging for 20 items that will make Mom’s life simpler, lovelier, and better (not that last year’s scarf wasn’t a good gift – you just can’t do that every year!). It’s finally time to get her that cherry-red dutch oven she’s been wanting because, hello!, it’s on sale for 50 percent off! Or maybe you’d rather give her the gift of a green thumb, care of this little monitor that tells you when to water your plants? Yes and yes. Now set a reminder to call her Sunday morning, and you’re in the running for favorite child yet again.

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