May 25, 2024

20 tools that actually work

ToREM for the eyes with extract of vanilla pods, which will help to combat dark circles, Japanese serum, which find that you sleep for 10 hours, medium with vitamins – charge of health for the skin and affordable patches: experts BeautyHack chose excellent tools to help overcome genetics.

Moisturizing gel for skin around the eyes, Valmont

I never was lucky enough to stay happy with gel or cream for the skin around the eyes often look to these patches, to remove the fatigue and swelling. But with Valmont is a whole other story. It was not love at first sight: very much do not like the smell is reminiscent of herbal medicine. But then…

I apply the gel twice a day before makeup and before bedtime. It perfectly cools and refreshes the skin, removes signs of fatigue and actively fights puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Увлажняющий С-гель для кожи вокруг глаз, Valmont

The composition includes active components such as silanol – powerful anti-aging ingredient, fighting premature aging and Menthyl lactate, providing a refreshing and decongestant effect on the skin around the eyes.

Gel for the skin around the eyes, Illuminating Eye Gel La Mer

Гель для кожи вокруг глазIlluminating Eye Gel, La Mer

Saltwater pearls are combined with algae extract refreshes and combats dark under eye circles. The gel gives immediate effect erases the signs of fatigue in the evening and invigorating in the morning.

Gel Eye Contour Gel-XT Cellcosmet

Гель Eye Contour Gel-XT, Cellcosmet

This gel works smart Swiss brand, it is recommended to use from 20 years, but promises to not only lighten dark circles and reduce puffiness, but also to smooth out small wrinkles. There are no silicones (mostly plant extracts), so that the smoothness does not come instantly – but when it does, will remain.

And yet, when they use it, feel wildly luxurious woman from this and wrinkles and swelling run away themselves. ”

Eye cream Eye Cream, 3Lab

Крем для глаз Eye Cream, 3Lab

To try means 3Lab at least once in their life dreams of almost every girl (and even to know whether the high price of quality! ). Cream for the skin around the eyes WW Eye Cream is perfect for all ages. We all live in a mad rhythm of the city, rarely get enough sleep, often complain of dark circles under the eyes. As part of the means –3LAB patented ingredient Nano-Claire GY™, which at the cellular level can reduce and prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles and chronological, as well as strengthen cellular matrix of the skin.

In also includes Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): it controls the production of melanin and neutralize the negative impact of the environment and fights against dark circles and edema.
I tried the first time, this cream, when all week, sleeping only 3-4 hours a day.

It gives a wow-effect: after half an hour you notice that the swelling was sleeping, the skin is smoothed and bags are not gone (in the formula, is the extract of Purslane, a highly effective anti-inflammatory agent). Absorbs quickly, any special has no odor, leaves no oily film. It’s very nice to apply 10 minutes before makeup and concealer.

Eye cream treatment is the quintessence of Chanel

Крем для глаз Sublimage, Chanel

This is the third generation of a line of treatment is the quintessence. New to this year’s La Créme Yeux research center Chanel created with admirable zeal. Were invented special technology of Chrono-extraction that extract the main active component of the cream ephemera planifolia (molecules available in the vanilla pod before ripening). They normalize microcirculation, reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. A 2-in-1: a cream mask.

If you want sos-restoration and radiance of the skin, apply La Créme Yeux thick layer, leave on for 10 minutes and remove with a cotton pad, moving from the inner corner to the outer corner. The special applicator for applying the cream and massage. Take note: light Pat on the upper and lower eyelid activates microcirculation, smoothes the area between and under the eyebrows firm the skin, and moving the applicator on the lower eyelid remove signs of fatigue. The cream is a light texture, I use it morning and evening, driving into the skin with fingertips”.

Eye cream A. G. E Eye Complex, SkinCeuticals

Крем для глаз A. G. E Eye Complex, SkinCeuticals

I have often complained that the dark circles under my eyes – my eternal problem, regardless of the degree of fatigue. Creams for eye patches, a concealer is a trio working together and not once rescued me before important events. Creams for eyes tried and finally it came to SkinCeuticals.

Brand, by the way. It was invented by American scientist Dr. Sheldon Pinnell in 1994. He also owns the patent of Duke University for an antioxidant. In 1999, SkinCeuticals launches Serum 10 and Serum 15 is the first stable funds with the local antioxidant on the basis of L-ascorbic acid. The motto of the brand – “to prevent, protect, correct”, so your tool can find every.

Eye cream with antiglycation action was tested during the week every day: distributed in the area around the eyes mornings and evenings. Yes, anti-ageing in my 22 trying a bit early, but with my active facial expressions and dark circles under the eyes need to fight. Cream SkinCeuticals worked perfectly: after a week of using hand stopped nervously reach for the patches and concealer. Puffiness sleep dark circles disappeared.

How did he do it? In a cream – a complex of active ingredients (procsilas – 5%, bilberry extract mortality 4% vitamin C): it restores the collagen fibers and elastin and is able to reduce the content of the final products of glycation (aging process). It occurs when sugar molecules join with fibers of collagen and elastin and “candied” them, do hard. As a result, formed the “A. G. E. ” – the end products of glycation. In this regard, the fibers lose the ability to regenerate, and the skin ages. Will continue to use this cream to the eye area remained moisturized, fresh and without dark circles.

Eye cream A Perfecting Eye Cream, Ultraceuticals

Крем для глаз A Perfecting Eye Cream, Ultraceuticals

A small tube, but is consumed very sparingly. One press gives the right amount of cream at once. More like a gel when applied to feel a light cooling effect. The composition of encapsulated retinol, Shea butter, bisabolol. The remedy soothes delicate skin.

Applied once a day during the week, and the look is freshened considerably, gone swelling. Convenient to use before concealer – it enhances the action of dark under-eye circles become less pronounced.

Cream for the skin around the eyes Essential Energy Eye Definer, Shiseido

Крем для кожи вокруг глаз Essential Energy Eye Definer, Shiseido

While you are reading this, listen to your feelings – not tired is your eyes from a day working at the computer or in the evening in an embrace with the phone? Pain and burning sensation, blurred images and the sensation of a veil before eyes – these are just a few symptoms of eye fatigue that often occur because of active radiation monitors and screens.

Fortunately, the experts at Shiseido have taken to solve the problem – at least in the eye area. Dryness and discomfort during the working day can now be removed as if by a magic wand – cream Eye Definer Essential Energy and its zinc applicator to help you. With the voltage manage energy “creepy” extract of Burnet (let him fear circles under the eyes), and a powerful dose of hyaluronic acid get rid of dryness in this delicate area. The active ingredients of the cream not only save you from dark circles and bags, but also protect the eyes from blue light of the monitor. A pair of correct movements (upwards) – and a nice massage with a cool applicator instantly refreshes and stimulates circulation. Take the cream with you to work – it can be applied over makeup and, therefore, the evening eyes are tired much less.

Cream for eye contour Creme Specifique Bioregene Contour des Yeux, Methode Cholley

Крем для контура глаз Bioregene Creme Specifique Contour des Yeux, Methode Cholley

Oily skin has its charms – the first wrinkles appear much later than the owners of the dry type. So “crow’s feet” – is not my story, despite the intervening 30+. Cream Methode Cholley solves the problem of not only lifting copes with lumps and dark circles after a night of reading a beloved novel. The main active ingredients: rose extract, mallow, tocopherol, ascorbic and hyaluronic acid – what the “doctor” ordered for the heating season. Apply morning and evening – light, without pronounced odor well I have “friends” with decorative cosmetics – nothing “floats”.

Serum for eye area Eye Refining Serum, Kanebo

Сыворотка для области вокруг глаз Refining Eye Serum, Kanebo

Want to get rid of circles under the eyes, but don’t know which tool to choose – trust the Japanese. They have learned to win time, releasing funds for different skin types with different needs.

The product is recommended as the final stage of skin care – before applying makeup. Along with the signs of fatigue are erased and the small wrinkles thanks to its formula with extracts of licorice, watercress and Japanese medlar. Skin instantly becomes moist – but do not overdo it, a single tap on the white dispenser is enough.

Balm for the skin around the eyes, “Immortel”, L’occitane
Бальзам для кожи вокруг глаз «Иммортель», L'Occitane

Delicate skin around the eyes is most susceptible to age-related changes and needs delicate care. The best help in this task can serve as a natural ingredients based on essential oils and cell extracts of Immortelle, as in the case of gel from L’occitane. The combination of floral waters of Immortelle, and extracts of Ruscus and ivy to improve the microcirculation and are struggling with dark circles and other signs of fatigue. I use it paired with a light day cream. During the makeup the cream is absorbed and transforms the skin around the eyes, removing puffiness and circles. It cools the skin and brings no discomfort. To achieve a perfect result we suggest to use the gel twice a day.

Regenerating care for the skin around the eyes, “Ginseng”, Erborian
Восстанавливающий уход за кожей вокруг глаз «Женьшень», Erborian

And here is the second cream – this little guy I picked to try for night care, because I like a denser texture. I liked the fact that solves several problems: fights puffiness and dark circles, as well as providing a lifting effect. For lifting meets six-year-old (! ) the root of Korean ginseng. He activates microcirculation, smoothes and tightens the delicate skin around the eyes. As a tonic, anti-inflammatory and draining action.

The cream is quite thick consistency, but melts on the skin is one of the most comfortable textures for the eye creams that I’ve tried. Economical consumption and perfect absorption fully justifies the price and the volume of the jar.

Shining cream mask for skin around eyes “the White Queen”, L’occitane

Сияющая крем-маска для кожи вокруг глаз «Белая Королева», L’Occitane

The white Queen” – the line of products L’occitane based on the extract of meadowsweet (herb with white flowers). The funds promise to lighten pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes and generally make the complexion uniform. Cream mask for skin around the eyes is a thick gel, which is extruded via a cooling metal applicator. If you take the time and massage it to skin (especially in the morning), you will see that the swelling will significantly decrease.

I applied the cream in a thick layer as a mask before bed and in the morning a thin layer under makeup. From what can be seen immediately after application – the skin under the eyes as if is highlighted (due to this look really well) and smooth fine wrinkles. And after a week of use really lightens dark circles. By the way, this cream for long enough – squeezed as much as you need.

Vitamin serum for the area district eye V7 Spot Eraser, Dr. Jart+

Витаминная сыворотка для области округ глаз V7 Spot Eraser, Dr. Jart+

Real vitamin boost for the skin around the eyes! Serum effectively fights dark circles and fine lines. After a week of use I see a noticeable improvement. There is a cumulative effect. After a couple of weeks, Dr. Jart+ promise that circles virtually disappear.

Apply the serum a built-in applicator and massage. Be careful: when you squeezed quite a lot of funds. Don’t worry, the tool is economical and it is enough for a full course – included a removable unit. Absorbed serum long enough, but leaves no sticky feeling.

Contour cream eyes LiftActive, Vichy

Крем для контура глаз LiftActive, Vichy

When I don’t sleep well, I always suffer from severe edema in the morning. In such cases, I do some quick face mask, but the skin around the eyes need special care. LiftActive cream is directed on solution of three problems: wrinkles, swelling and bags under the eyes. In the composition of plant sugar rhamnose, and caffeine.

The tools are an elongated tube with twist-off lid (love this format). A week and a half after the beginning of use I noticed that the skin around the eyes has become safer to endure lack of sleep: the swelling is almost gone, dark circles have become less noticeable overall skin condition has improved. Obvious wrinkles I have, but I never neglect the additional moisture. This cream is a light consistency, it absorbs quickly giving the skin after a sleepless night.

Anti-aging serum Age-Delay Eye Serum Caviar de Russie, Natura Siberica

Антивозрастная сыворотка Age-Delay Eye Serum Caviar de Russie, Natura Siberica

The tools are cool packing: Matt, its nice to touch, and the serum easy applicator. The tool is very delicate in texture, easy to bear, moisturizes the skin and absorbs quickly. Smells like cream from the Spa.

I apply it morning and evening. No feeling of the film. Is composed of vitamins A and E, extracts of Siberian herbs and algae from the Faroe Islands. The main innovation funds – a complex of Regu-Age: it removes puffiness and dark circles, helping the skin to receive more oxygen.

Patches Black&Goldy, BeautyDrugs

Патчи Black&Goldy, BeautyDrugs

In the morning after a run I’m washing my hair, wrap hair in a towel and take a package of your favorite patches. This is a godsend to combat dark circles under the eyes and puffiness. You can also use them on the plane and before an important event. And in the summer to go outside without a single hint of bruising under the eyes and at the same time without makeing funds (! ). Gel patches for 15-20 minutes of use lightens dark circles and removes puffiness.

The only thing BUT – in the apartment with them, in the process of collecting anywhere, won’t jump: stick not too tight, a little escape, so it is better to use them in the prone position (or even sitting). Formula based on colloidal gold and powder of black pearls provide deep hydration. Composed with aloe Vera (to prevent first signs of aging).

Love the ease of use and the wow effect: the skin under the eyes becomes smoother, and if you decide to make up after, then rest assured – the concealer will fall into an even layer. Interview with Creator of the brand BeautyDrugs Tatyana Kirillov can be read at the link.

A two-component complex masks Jet Super Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Mask Kit, Double Dare OMG!

Двухкомпонентный комплекс масок Jet Super Hydrating Anti-Oxidant Mask Kit, Double Dare OMG!

It is a cure for circles under the eyes, gray complexion, and swelling is applied in two stages. The first cleansing using wipes with aloe, green tea and AHA-acids. It not only refreshes the skin and removes impurities but also exfoliate – wipe face and immediately proceed to the second step: moisturizing with cloth masks.

The tool is impregnated with a complex of squalane, lecithin, ceramide and powerful antioxidants – extracts of rose hips and cactus. After 15-30 minutes the skin becomes radiant and hydrated, the complexion is evened – effect “I have slept this week” disappears instantly. This super-set, it became my favorite patches – take note, because the time of holidays and frequent travel is not far off.

Patches C-Vit Sesderma

Патчи С-Vit, Sesderma

Patches under the eyes in my beauty artillery appeared recently, I stubbornly ignored them. In vain! They are able to instantly remove the traces of long flights, sleepless nights and rampant summer dances.

The main active ingredient in the composition is vitamin C. in Summer, cosmetologists are advised to avoid it because component enhances the photosensitivity of the skin. But autumn is the time for him. Among the ingredients I found, and caffeine – well-stimulates local blood circulation and improves tissue trophism.

The patches help eliminate dry skin, the effects from exposure to UV rays, crow’s feet, dark circles. The transformation from Cinderella into a Princess need about 15 minutes. But you can hold longer if we have time.

Hydrogel gold eye patches, “Snail”, Dizao

Гидрогелевые золотые патчи для глаз «Улитка», Dizao

Golden patches and even a snail in our time is no surprise, but do work effectively, such tools are not always. Often the use of patches turns into a routine habit, it seems that the skin becomes more smooth, but that’s it. Dizao Marche, which produces extremely natural cosmetics managed to create a tool working on all fronts.

Patches “Snail” not only smoothes fine facial wrinkles and hydrate the under eye area, but also help to get rid of dark circles (which, let’s face it, few declares real war). In the addition of the filtrate the snail secretion, collagen and hyaluronic acid is the extract ice mushroom that possesses anti-aging properties, and vitamin C – it is responsible for the bleaching effect. Indeed, after 20-30 minutes the area under the eyes becomes brighter, if you have already applied concealer. And for those who used to use the patches on the run, like individual package–Sasha, – the means convenient to take with you!

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