20 of the sexiest fragrances of all time

TSwoody, musky, fruity aphrodisiacs and “kolenkami” – for first dates and honey confessions of a lifetime!

Toilet water Sound Illusion Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent

In 2018 Ambassador of the iconic fragrance Black Opium was Zoe Kravitz. A resident of the metropolis, each output which causes bury emotions of others, – in the video of 29-year-old Zoe to rock the cool and incredibly attractive! It is in the style of the Yves Saint Laurent.

In 1978 he made “opium” party on the deck of a pirate ship in honor of its legendary aroma. By the way, then Opium was banned in Australia, Saudi Arabia and China.

Парфюмерная вода Black Opium Sound Illusion, Yves Saint Laurent

New limited edition Black Opium Sound Illusion is enclosed in a new bottle with glimmering EQ (dad lenny would have appreciated!), but retained the main foodie chords: warming coffee notes-aphrodisiac vanilla and Jasmine, and a true Eastern patchouli, cloves and ambergris.

Toilet water The Scent Accord Private For Him and The Scent Private Accord For Her, Hugo Boss

Туалетная вода The Scent Private Accord For Him и The Scent Private Accord For Her, Hugo Boss

Traditional update of the famous series of The Scent. Last year the brand presented intense aromas with the prefix “intense” (read more about them here), and this went further: Private Accord was even more sensual and sweet. Parfum note the updated men’s fragrance – mocha, women’s sound sweet tangerine, cocoa and sweet osmanthus flower.

Before you go for a new perfume.-discovery, view a video with new faces Private Accord Jamie Dornan and Birgit KOs, shot in the Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, sensual, fresh and clear without words!

Eau de Parfum spray Allure Homme Sport Chanel

Парфюмерная вода-спрей Allure Homme Sport, Chanel

This year the men’s fragrance was 14 years old. During all this time, Allure Homme Sport never had to lie down on the shelves – an army of fans still lining up for a serving of sweet orange and Italian red Mandarin. Further – more, the Moroccan cypress and persistent musky trail. Chanel prudently called Homme Sport water spray, alluding to the fact that they can “pour”, not tormented by pangs of conscience.

Eau de Parfum Love Poison, Boadicea The Victorious

Парфюмерная вода Love Poison, Boadicea The Victorious

Tested editor BeautyHack Karina Andreeva:

Boadicea The Victorious is a British perfume brand, which this year celebrates its anniversary: it will be 10 years. Named in honor of Queen of the Celts Boudica. Known for strong compositions, which are hidden in crystal bottles: they are decorated with round silver shields with Celtic ornaments. Love potion – the creation of a brilliant perfumer Christian Provenzano, and favorite flavor of editor-in-chief BeautyHack Karina Andreeva: “Love Poison is an intoxicating and sensual fragrance, a gourmand floral-fruity composition. First hear the notes of bergamot, cinnamon, cumin and red berries, then the sound of Egyptian Jasmine and Turkish rose. The perfume was diluted chords Bourbon vanilla, raspberry, sandalwood and amber. Note: the fragrance – will last you at least 4-5 hours, enveloping haze of sensual vanilla and ambergris”.

Eau de Parfum Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower

Парфюмерная вода Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower

Frederick target, however, has created a scent for two years, working side by side with other perfume – Dominic Rodionom. This legendary Union for 30 years, and one of the reasons for the joint pride – just Carnal Flower (this Sam Frederick said in an interview BeautyHack). And it is this aroma of a Chapter in the book Frederic Malle On “creation of fragrances”.

“Sensitive flower” is the modern interpretation of tuberose in perfumery. Intense, but natural, passionate, but not slutty – all thanks to the combination of pure tuberose scent with citrus and eucalyptus notes.

The Cologne 212 Vip Men, Carolina Herrera

Одеколон 212 Vip Men, Carolina Herrera

Exemplary men’s fragrance that perfumers Carolina Herrera is recommended to wear in the evening for greater reliability. And quite right, given the ambitious pyramid: top note – spicy mint, average – chilled vodka, hot ginger and a bit of Apple, and bottom – wood, fine beans and amber. Moreover, disclosed all this in an unpredictable sequence: someone feels the alcohol, some woody notes, and some nice chocolate sweetness. In any case, a win-win for the “star of the evening”!

Eau de Parfum for Her Aventus, Creed

Парфюмерная вода Aventus for Her, Creed

SMM-Manager BeautyHack Alexandra Grishina met this perfume in 2016. “Wandering between the rows of the Department of cosmetics and perfumery Printemps in search of a gift for my mom, I met a consultant who gave me the coveted blotter with gold letters. And it was love at first breath. In the description of this fragrance you will find a beautiful phrase that very clearly describes the condition of the girl, proudly bearing the scent: “Strong, unapproachable and proud, these women have only themselves. Rapidly reaching their goals, they leave behind only fruity loop, heady shivers…”. Inside the bottle you a bouquet of patchouli, green Apple, bergamot. pink pepper, musk and amber. Any flavor for me is the Association with the journey and a certain moment of life. And Creed added to the Bank of sweet memorable moments. Now it’s a forever favorite and desirable smell that one spray could take me to the summer of 2016 in a lovely warm Paris”.

Perfume Narciso Eau De Parfum, Rouge, Narciso Rodriguez

Парфюмерная вода Narciso Eau De Parfum Rouge, Narciso Rodriguez

Just like that: Narciso had created the scent to awaken passion. And editor BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa confirms this: “the Fragrance Eau De Parfum Rouge combines subtle notes of femininity with a slightly more pronounced chords of sexuality. Placed on the skin light weightless “handkerchief” without leaving a heavy trail and aftertaste. The “heart” of the fragrance is musk, which is felt immediately after application. And then begins the extravaganza! The gentle notes of iris and Bulgarian rose stand mentally in the flowering honey gardens. Ideal for oversize black leather jackets , cashmere coats and elegant dresses will complete any look”!

Eau de Parfum Passione Si, Giorgio Armani

Парфюмерная вода Si Passione, Giorgio Armani

Face Si Passione – cate Blanchett, Sara Sampaio and Audoa AAA. According to the editor BeautyHack Julia Casoli, a perfect trio to represent the “strong and independent” aroma: “Light and sensual perfume reveals notes of black currants, but then her in unison, a sound pear chords. Later begin to distinguish between the aromas of Jasmine and rose petals. The top note Si Passione pink pepper dilutes floral-fruity composition. Perfect for every day: not too sharp and cloying, but it is persistent!”

Eau de Parfum Dylan Blue Pour Femme, Versace

Парфюмерная вода Dylan Blue Pour Femme, Versace

Dylan Blue is very bright and fresh perfume with a composition based on black currant and Apple cultivar “Granny Smith”. But rich plume to give flavor woody notes – styrax, white wood, musk and patchouli. When first applied it seems quite easy, but after twenty minutes begins to open, surprising new music. Donatella herself described Dylan Blue as “strong and sensual” – created for girls who “realize their power.

Eau de Parfum Rouge Noir, Eisenberg

Парфюмерная вода Rouge Noir, Eisenberg

Eisenberg – durable and unsinkable iceberg on the market with quality care and decorative cosmetics. Lovers of good perfume definitely can not go past the Rouge Noir – a heady aroma of peach champagne leaves suffocating plume – only well perceptible citrus-floral cloud. Top notes of black currant, bergamot and ylang-ylang unfold immediately after applying, mentally transferring in the summer a shady garden. Lower notes are felt later: cedar, sandalwood, white musk and vanilla leave a pleasant aftertaste. Rouge Noire is perfect in everything: from crystal to bottle cardboard boxes with miniatures of the artist’s works of Juarez Machado.

Eau de Parfum Kirkè, Tiziana Terenzi

Парфюмерная вода Kirkè, Tiziana Terenzi

Few know that the history of the niche perfume House Tiziana Terenzi began with the production of Church candles. Guglielmo Terenzi was fascinated by the perfume and began to create more and men’s colognes independently growing raw materials for perfumery compositions. His grandchildren Paolo and Titian continued the work in 2012 presented the first fragrance Tiziana Terenzi.

Kirkè is one of the most famous creations of the brand. A sensual fragrance dedicated to the goddess CIRCE, so the corresponding notes: Oriental accord of sandalwood, vanilla and musk perfectly revealed in the plume that will definitely put you in the spotlight. By the way, sandalwood is more common in male fragrance, but women’s fragrances adds sexuality.

Perfume Hermessence Ambre Narguile Hermes

Парфюмерная вода Hermessence Ambre Narguile, Hermes 

This fragrance is a creation by the famous French perfumer, Jean-Claude Allen. He created it in 2004. Ten years later, he fell into the hands of the chief editor BeautyHack Karina Andreeva and never left toilet shelf:

“Really warming fragrance with Oriental notes, warm and passionate. First smell cinnamon, then her in unison, a sound sweet aromas of honey and caramel. Burning chord Roma and Ambre Narguile, becoming more intense and sensual. Among the notes are musk, vanilla, Tonka beans absolute, sesame, white Orchid. Will appeal to those who like sweet, very sweet perfumes!

Toilet water Love Daisy, Marc Jacobs

Туалетная вода Daisy Love, Marc Jacobs

In April we enjoyed the advertising campaign of the new fragrance in the line of Daisy: Kaia Gerber frolicked in the ocean and wondered at the Daisy – “likes, dislikes” and we were wondering when the toilet water will appear in Russia. One of the first fragrance in the new version tested senior editor BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya:

“The first fragrance Daisy came out in 2007, and now it is a real calling card for the millennial – fresh fruit and floral notes associated with summer, chiffon dresses and chamomile meadows. The large white flower on the lid of the new Daisy of Love flaunts a reason: Nota chamomile reigns in the heart of the fragrance, and in the pyramid there is a focus scalesia – a rare tree with the Galapagos Islands, which blooms yellow fragrant blossoms. Maestro Alberto Marias added to the composition and the cool and sonorous note christallizovanne cloudberry – it gives the aroma of freshness.”

Eau de Parfum Oud Silk Mood by Maison Francis Kukdjian

Парфюмерная вода Oud Silk Mood, Maison Francis Kukdjian

This perfume will make you look at Oriental woody flavors in new ways. Six years ago, Francis Kurkdjian, perfumer and Creator of the brand, drew her attention to the notes of the Oud – a typical chord members of the family of Oriental fragrances, and forced the world to look at those notes in new ways. He gave them “Western” motives, adding accents on alifakovac notes of rose, vanilla and patchouli.

Only when looking at the bottle, immersed in tales of the Orient – he looks like a precious vessel or a small Oriental Palace (and the fact that it is made of dark glass not only design decision is the fragrance needs to be protected from direct sunlight). Perfume does not “push” a typical heavy Oriental composition. When applying smell of roses, which reveals a slight trail of bergamot and floral notes. In the aroma there is a balance between the mysterious East and the progressive West perfume could wear and Arabian Princess and business woman from Wall Street. Best of all, the scent stays with you all day and gently wraps like silk.

Toilet water Alien, Thierry Mugler

Туалетная вода Alien, Thierry Mugler

The first of the legendary “alien” is a French Fashion house released in 2005, followed by a number of reissues. The last two appeared in this year – Man for men and flower Flora Futura. But familiarity with the scent need to start with the basics – the first Alien and Jasmine with woody notes. Jasmine is the first thing that you feel smelling. Later revealed amber and woody accord. Project Manager BeautyHack Anastasia Shushkina allocates more confidently and citrus, though the pyramid he stated. Jasmine, lilac, notes of iron, tobacco – when properly applied (it must be quite a bit) the trail is magical!

Toilet water, Replica Lipstick On, Maison Martin Margiela

Туалетная вода Replica Lipstick On, Maison Margiela

Opinion on the flavor of shared BeautyHack columnist and beauty blogger Elvira, Chabakauri:

“The whole series of Replica brand beautiful, in my opinion, but my favorite is the scent of the lipstick. Smells really like a vintage grandma’s lipstick – sweet iris powder.

Mood Lipstick On creates a special some thing when wearing makeup as weapons and for self-expression, not afraid of bright colors and do not aspire to naturalness. Although I’m sure many fragrance seems very gentle and calm, but it’s different for me”.

Toilet water Omnia Pink Sapphire Bvlgari

Туалетная вода Omnia Pink Sapphire, Bvlgari

In the spring the family of fragrances Omnia appeared a quaint novelty, instantly creates a Sunny mood toilet water Omnia Pink Sapphire. Perfumers inspired by the eponymous gemstone, symbolizing the youth – which is why it is focused primarily on the girls of generation Z. Editor BeautyHack Natalia Kapitsa describes the fragrance this way: “the Freshness of a spring garden after the rain.” She liked that Pink Sapphire does not leave a heavy trail, and wraps during the day, light cloud.

And perfume is to attract the attention of the opposite sex, thanks to notes of vanilla and musk in the base – they act on nerve receptors and cause relaxation. But don’t worry – sleep you are unlikely to want, in fact need the “spark” adds accord of pink pepper.

Toilet water Original Musk Blend No. 1 Kiehl’s

Туалетная вода Original Musk Blend №1, Kiehl's

Eternal Muse of the fragrance J’adore Dior Charlize Theron from time to time he put it aside for the sake of the Original Musk from Kiehl’s! The American brand well-known for its treatments for the face and hair, still managed to create a small but proud line of perfumes and even to cultivate a bestseller. Original Musk was invented in 2004, but fans realized it immediately because of the bright musky plume overlying orange-floral notes. Conclusion one: choose a scent only after the test is sensitive to weather and even your mood.

Eau de Parfum Lucky Lady Million, Paco Rabanne

Парфюмерная вода Lady Million Lucky, Paco Rabanne

Lucky Lady Million – confident choice senior editor BeautyHack Anastasia Speranskaya:

“She’s so lucky, she’s a star” – will think about girls, citing the eponymous song by Britney Spears after meeting with the new fragrance of Paco Rabanne. This is a Flanker of the famous perfume Lady Million, which was conceived as a fragrance for daring girls who feel in a million – no less. All perfume Paco Rabanne launches resemble the dress of a famous designer –bright, like nothing on, but are perfect for almost everyone, and even addictive.

LadyMillionLucky has become more fresh and sensual – a delicious cocktail of raspberry and honey is now enhanced with a velvety woody notes and hints of hazelnuts. And in the heart of the fragrance – the fragrance of rosebuds”.

Toilet water, Poison Girl, Unexpected, Dior

Туалетная вода Poison Girl Unexpected, Dior

For 33 years Dior have released more than 5 variations of the classic Poison – the fragrance of the legendary first appeared in 1985. Poison Girl Unexpected came up with a leading perfumer of Dior, Francois Demachy, playing on the contrast of fruity notes with “acidity” and the sensual chord. To put it simply: rose, Jasmine, Tanzanian ginger, blood orange and lemon is the personification of the spirit of rebellion and temptation!

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