20 great masks for sos hair recovery

Withrodstva, which will replace the salon care, and save after styling plates and irons!

Hair mask Therapiste Resistance Masque, Kerastase

A month and a half I abused hair: almost daily hot styling tools, active sun during a vacation in two weeks (a couple of times and completely forgot sunscreen spray – too beautiful they burn out after a swim in the salt water and natural drying in the sun), and even (I confess-I confess) postpone for six months a haircut split ends.

From the excellent salon care that you’ve talked about here, not a single trace of happiness for a hair over.

The strands faded considerably, and I decided to revive them in the home. Came to the aid of the mask proven brand Kerastase. Used 1-2 times a week for a month. Struck a couple of peas tools on wet hair along the entire length, departing 3 cm from the roots.

Kept her in for five minutes, wrap hair in a warm towel to allow ingredients to penetrate into the structure, and then was washed with warm water. After the second time the strands become very soft, it came back shiny.

Маска для волос Resistance Masque Therapiste, Kerastase  

Have Therapiste excellent Resistance Masque ingredients: 6 amino acids (able to fill damaged areas of the hair) hydrolyzed wheat protein (for recovery matter the hair), vegetable juice myrothamnus. I highly recommend for those who have thick strands and thick. For mine, it proved to be a real sos rescue at home!

Mask “Intense recovery and hydration” Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque, Alterna

Маска «Интенсивное восстановление и увлажнение» Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque, Alterna

In winter, the mask become a must-have item beauty routine: my brittle and thin hair needs protection and recovery (scilingo in the cold strands suffer, and the styling I do every two days).

In a couple of spray volume with caviar (which I told here) bought a mask that promised to moisturize dry strands and restore them after the first application.

Waited for the right moment, when the hair was dry like straw (after installation with a large number of styling, he wore two days) and made the mask a severe test drive. Washed my hair with shampoo, put on hair dense consistency that resembles butter for the body and left for 20 minutes under a hot towel to enhance the effect.

Extracts of caviar, seaweed and Shea butter are included in the “lethal cocktail”. Hair smoothed, like after a keratin but volume is not gone. The strands were soft, shiny, and baby hair not “stood out” in different directions.

Mask is declared as anti-age (which at first seems pretty ridiculous). As the hair may slow down their aging? But after the wow-effect began to study the question: it turned out that this property has caviar extract. Based on it, the brand has developed a set of Age-Control, which restores the amino acid bonds in the cuticle. Therefore, the smoothness will always be present as a nice “side” effect.

Use it twice a week: on Saturday, holding the mask under a hot towel for 30 minutes, and weekday resort to the Express option- I put on for 5-10 minutes instead of balm. About hair problems forgotten. The tools are quite economical – this winter we’re gonna get through with no losses!

Multifunctional mask Miracle Creator, Matrix

Многофункциональная маска Miracle Creator, Matrix

Power tools disposable packaging is everything while traveling. Mask Miracle Creator does not take up much space in your suitcase: it can be folded even in half, and not be afraid that it’ll leak out. Besides the obvious advantages of money there is still 20 (!) of useful properties. Nourishes, moisturizes the hair, restores their structure and saves in almost any situation (even if I have to deal with unruly porous strands).

The consistency of the mask is thick but not dense, easy to distribute on all length. Put it on wet hair after shampoo, retreating from the roots and washed in a minute (as stated on the package), then blow-dried with a styling product (for every taste can be found here). The hair is silky, manageable and easy – mask just doesn’t weigh down!

Mask for hair Treatment Penetraitt, Sebastian

Интенсивная восстанавливающая маска для волос Penetraitt Treatment, Sebastian

Each editor their beauty weakness. I have a hair mask. To taste, to smell, to interfere and look for the special ingredients, transforming thin, unruly hair in a satin cloth that I love. Brand Sebastian, founded in the early 70s, the talented stylists from Los Angeles, we have a special relationship. It allows you to keep the length of my bleached strands, I love him dearly and manic test all new products. Vosstanavlivaya mask copes with damaged ends, smoothing out the cuticle. For this deep reverence jojoba, rice bran and silk proteins. Speaking of the latter. The protein is embedded under the scales, increasing the density of the hair. They look more healthy. The mask is a thick consistency and a pleasant fragrance – no harsh fragrances (hypersensitive noses will appreciate). Usually three minutes is enough to make locks shiny and shimmering. When I have time, keep a mask for 40-50 minutes, insulate and heat the hair. Effect like after salon care.

Revitalizing mask with argan oil Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask Pack, Skinfood

Восстанавливающая маска с аргановым маслом Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask Pack, Skinfood

In the daily “diet” of my hair proteins and oils. Last, for me, is a necessary component in masks for hair. Oil moisturize, smooth and give extra Shine. Argan is a champion in content of nutrients: Tocopherols contribute to the regeneration of the skin (can be applied to the roots), fatty acids creates a film that protects against aggressive environmental influences, antioxidants help to fight free radicals. In addition, the oil has substances similar to antibiotics, struggling with dandruff.

Mask from Skinfood is not just another tool on the shelf of a beauty editor. This is a delicious “PP-dessert” for the hair, which will be appreciated by all, especially the winner of the much povrezhdenii hair. The tools are delicate, creamy consistency (melts like a Popsicle in the summer Park) and smell the delicious aroma of herbal tea. I have very dry ends that after the mask got his second chance – scissors is hidden in the “back burner”.

Mask for deep recovery hair Intensive Treatment Deep Repair Hair Masque Nioxin

Маска для глубокого восстановления волос Intensive Treatment Deep Repair Hair Masque, Nioxin 

Frequent colouring and nobody was going to benefit. But temperament, prone to change, not to stop. Therefore, masks and professional treatments – my everything! In the salons to sit every week is not desirable (and not uspevaete), so help is heavy artillery for home care. We have a whole staff in unison singing the praises of the brand Nioxin. In the summer this mask I was advised to master the basics Soghomonyan (and he spoke flatteringly about the peels of this brand).

Testing was a long, carefully and record the results. My Kare is committed back to the usual length of the blades just because of the active hair restoration from the inside: the mask permeates, saturates and envelops their useful components. Use it once a week, leaving on for 10 minutes. After applying to create styling – a pleasure! Hair is really shiny and play shimmering in the light that it is impossible to look away…from myself.

I shared this mask with my mom: she has very dry hair, and bleached. Boldly declare: for dry colored hair works fantastic! Salon care is shifted to the side of one jar Deep Repair Hair Masque.

Restructuring mask with oats extract Hafer Aufbau-Kur, Weleda

Восстанавливающая маска с экстрактом овса Hafer Aufbau-Kur, Weleda

Oatmeal in the complex (there’s still shampoo) for dry and damaged hair, Weleda pharmacy, I was attracted by the composition. The manufacturer claims: means free from mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, dyes, silicones, preservatives. Someone is pushing, but not me. The case when for Shine and smoothness do not need silicones. Here are hydrolysates of wheat proteins, jojoba oil, Shea butter, coconut and sea buckthorn.

Balm-mask – with a creamy texture, almost not felt on the strands. I put it on for five minutes and thoroughly washed. After drying, the hair was soft and shiny. Use the remedy once a week.

Mud complex with macadamia oil for colored and damaged hair (shampoo and mask), Deora

Грязевой комплекс с маслом макадамии для окрашенных и поврежденных волос (шампунь и маска), Deora

Brand Deora I like honesty: promises about the incredible effect of the mineral complex of the Dead sea in this case is true. The means thick sticky texture, and the mask looks like a real mud from the Dead sea (the same black). The shampoo I spend very quickly: it cleans the hair and easy to use thanks to the pump.

And here’s the mask I honestly Bank and use once a week, if you want to get a quick visual effect. Keep on hair for 15 minutes, wash and get a visible Shine and smoothness. Hair manageable and easy to fit on a round brush. I think it’s an oily composition. The major components of funds of macadamia nut oil, argan and Shea.

Revitalizing mask for hair “Deep nutrition”, Toni&Guy

Восстанавливающая маска для волос «Глубокое питание», Toni&Guy 

The Toni&Guy brand created by two brothers Tony and guy Mascolo 55 years ago. Now the company is run by Tony’s daughter Sasha Mascolo-Tarbuck. More than 10 years stylists and colorists working on the brand London fashion weeks and set trends in the Barber industry. Treatments is additional the direction of Toni&Guy. They advise you to pay special attention.

Adherents of organics does not appreciate the mask (it does have silicones, sulfates and other components unfashionable now), but, in fairness, I note that it is more than work. The consistency of the tool looks like a thick cream and is used on clean and towel-dried hair. I followed the instructions and applied the mask on for 7-10 minutes. After the first use of steel strands easier to comb. Curls easy to style and shiny without the aid of scilingo. The masks are economical due to the high density of even the most damaged hair will result in feelings after a couple months of use.

Mask for very dry hair Superfood Banana Garnier

Маска для очень сухих волос Fructis Superfood «Банан», Garnier 

While vegans and raw foodists advocate vengeance favor Superfoods, Garnier adds these useful components in the mask for hair of any degree of damage.

The main characters of the medium – Goji berry, papaya, banana and macadamia nut. In the collection of four masks, and each falls under the category of “3-in-1”: can be applied in a traditional way on wet hair and rinse after three minutes, use on dry ends or replace the mask of the conditioner. My hair is in serious recovery is not needed, but the tips still suffer from daily styling (do not leave the straighteners), so the possibility to apply the gel “dry” I relished.

Use this technique and when you do wave if they get too fuzzy and sloppy, RUB a little money in hands and apply with light priglazhivanii movements. And don’t forget to enjoy the aroma of fluffy vanilla-banana cream (be careful here – there is a risk not to cope with the desire to taste it). Often use a mask instead of a conditioner especially when my hair with shampoo for deep cleansing. Hair will not lose volume and begin to Shine!

Hair mask Fushion Mask, Wella

Маска для волос Fushion Mask, Wella 

Twice a week I use the mask immediately after shampoo. Don’t be greedy and generously apply it over the entire length. Fusion mask is presented in three volumes, I decided to start with 150 ml and spoiler alert: ready to purchase a large bottle. The consistency of the mask is quite thick, the scent as salon care. The hair is distributed well, the hair during application to become smooth, manageable and unravel. Mask is washed off as easily as applied without leaving a greasy film.

After drying (in the dryer or in a natural way), the hair is shiny, not lose volume, not confused. The composition of the tools are very simple, there are silicones and silk proteins – at the expense of them and clearly visible glitter effect. As sos-means the mask is very good, but if you want it prolonged wetting, alternate Fushion Mask with more complex care.

Hair mask Nourishing care Balm-mask, L’occitane

Маска для волос Nourishing care Balm-mask, L'occitane  

As three minutes to restore hair, and is it possible?! Possible! Taken care of the creators of natural French cosmetics. Olivier Baussan, Creator of the famous brand L’occitane comes from Provence. He was beginning to build your brand, based only on local knowledge about plants and their beneficial properties. These components are still responsible for the effectiveness of L’occitane best sellers.

For example, in the mask Nourishing care Balm-mask you will find a complex of five essential oils: eucalyptus, chamomile, cedar, lavender and lemon. They penetrate deep into the hair structure, restoring it. The tool is a line of “Aromacology”, aimed at restoring and improving the external condition of the curls. The mask has a melting texture, is easily distributed over the length and leaves a pleasant “drugstore” fragrance. It’s a real Express option for most of the employed – vehicle can not leave on hair for half an hour – does it in 3 minutes. Balm, of course, not needed after this Spa. And detangling spray too. The hair is perfectly smooth!

Hair mask “Aqua-care” Sakhalin Detox Organics, Natura Siberica

Маска для волос «Аква-увлажнение» Detox Organics Sakhalin, Natura Siberica

I love the brand Natura Siberica for the affordable price, beautiful design and quality products. Range of Detox Organics Sakhalin, the company introduced this fall, inspired by the nature of Sakhalin. The turquoise mask with a gel texture aimed at moisturizing: it is composed of thermal water and extract of seaweed of the Sakhalin wild.

Tool consumed quite economical, easily distributed on the hair. I got her 15 minutes, during this time, the strands sometimes useful components. After drying, there is a feeling that I recently updated the tips at the hairdresser.

Mask to restore damaged hair Absolut Repair Lipidium Instant Reconstructing Masque, L’oreal Professionnel

Маска для восстановления поврежденных волос Absolut Repair Lipidium Instant Reconstructing Masque, L'Oreal Professionnel  

French brand L’oreal Professionnel has released a new line of products to care for weakened and damaged hair Absolut Repair Lipidium. All funds were directed not only to restore hair, but also on the nutrition of the scalp. Love the mask I started with flavor – sweet, not sharp and very pleasant.

Consistency means thick, resembles rich cream, which, once in the hands, and instantly melts. The hair falls thick layer enveloping each hair. After a few minutes of use you can evaluate the result and seem to sing an ode of praise to the mask. The hair begins a new life with Shine, strength and elasticity. Even after blow drying and Curling the hair is not electrified and chaotically scatter in different directions (which is important in winter). For Shine and health to over charge lipid complex in the composition, which works with the damage of any power. In the cold season I bring Absolut Repair Lipidium Instant Reconstructing Masque in the list of most needed beauty products.

Nourishing mask for hair with olive oil Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak, Kiehl’s

Питательная маска для волос с маслом оливы Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak, Kiehl's

Mask for moisturizing and nourishing with olive oil – a godsend for fans of organic matter that do not like strong fragrances and silicones in the composition. Medium with a creamy texture goes a long way – for medium length hair a single “pea”. During application it seems that distributing your hair oily cream, but after a week of heaviness and greasiness is not a trace remains.

The mask is recommended to nourish dry and dehydrated hair – after the second “washes” it was the salvation of the “rebellious” of the cuticle. The manufacturer recommends to keep the mask on hair for 5-10 minutes. For the wow-effect, increase this time to 40 minutes (and sometimes up to 90). Additionally, you can warm up the hair with Soldermask hot hair dryer.

Revitalizing mask for hair Velvet Oil, Londa Professional

Восстанавливающая маска для волос Velvet Oil, Londa Professional  

Sincerely loyal to the brand Londa Professional. Am I using styling or treatments – the effect is always great! So, try restoring mask Velvet Oil, in a positive result no doubt. Main active components: argan oil (it is always “Yes!”) and vitamin E.

I often use a straightening iron and a Hairdryer. Effects – dry hair, devoid of even a hint of a healthy glow. Therefore, I advise to pay attention to restoring funds with the natural oils in the composition. Velvet Oil paint twice a week for 5 minutes after shampooing. It is moderately thick, easily distributed along the length, and smell sweet. stays on the hair even after rinsing!

Hair more manageable and soft, and if you use long, you can not be afraid of the cold winter – strands will look well-groomed and natural Shine will not leave them. And since the winter in our area is delayed for a long time – a bottle of mask 750 ml will be very useful.

Intensive repair mask Repair mask deep hair strengthener, System Professional

Интенсивно восстанавливающая маска Repair mask deep hair strengthener, System Professional  

Experts System Professional painstakingly develop tools based on natural lipids, histidine, caffeine, and vitamin B3. Together, these ingredients take care of hair restoration from the inside and protect from further damage.

This jar will help out those who prefer home care to salon, but expects from him no less a decent result. The tool is easily spread on the hair (very small amount), but I do not recommend to apply it on the scalp. Five minutes, the mask started to act. Already after the first applications, the hair becomes less brittle and hard. The effect of restoration not long to wait if you don’t forget to put the miracle drug at least once a week!

Mask for hair restoration Smooth double repair, Ecolovista

Маска для волос двойное восстановление Smooth repair, Ecolovista

I already had the shampoo and conditioner Japanese brand Ecolovista (review them here), so eagerness to test and mask. Because of the dryness and split ends I was never able to grow hair length below the shoulder blades. For this reason, began to use a revitalizing mask.

Repair has a Smooth creamy consistency and sweet flavor that’s hanging the whole day. In the ingredients, vegetable extract complex (lavender, damask rose, yarrow, peppermint, sage), oil bodies, Shea, coconut, almond, bergamot and Moringa seed. I apply the mask for 15 minutes once a week, while taking a bath. After drying, the hair is soft, shiny, easy to comb and to style. The tips for the month have become denser.

Serum-Keratin Complex Reconstructor Euphoria, Bouticle

Восстанавливающая маска-реконструктор Euphoria Keratin Complex, Bouticle

Brand Bouticle specializiruetsya on creating professional tools for colorists: creams-dyes, brightening powders – who, if not them, it is better to know how to recover hair after all this stuff. The brand 5 series to blondes, girls with painted, devoid of volume and moisturizing hair.

Due to the frequent use of spend a hair mask quickly, so always in search of new resources. Euphoria rejuvenating Keratin Complex from Bouticle worth it in my bathroom for over a month. The consistency of the mask is a creamy sweet scent. Need to keep the hair for 15 minutes. When you wash it, can already see the difference – strands are very soft (the main operating components – keratin complex and provitamin B5). After several applications hair is more dense and moist (and this is not a temporary effect until the first wash).

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