20 excellent creams to combat dry skin

Nnaturalnie oil, fitoestrogeny, nourishing extracts and ceramides – this is a short part of the army in the fight against dry skin and dehydrated skin. Edition BeautyHack declared war of dryness and tightness and tested by the best nourishing creams that you must try.

Moisturizer Perfect Moisturizer, 3Lab

Funds American brand loved by such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, and Hilary swank. Mark one of the first to introduce the unique technology of using stem cells and growth factor derived bioengineered way. I have already talked about the cream to the area around the eyes and about the BB cream, it’s time and moisturizer for the face!

Usually, when trying tools that order of magnitude above the average price, expect a miracle. And for me with this cream it happen! Tried it this summer – tested a week and closely monitor results. Perhaps the biggest difference between other funds, which moisturize and absorb quickly, is that it gives prolonged effect.

Applied every morning and massage gently on face and neck the gel is white, and after a minute of the funds have not disappeared (skin greedily eats it), and after five I had already begun to make-up (again an alternative to the primer because the Foundation was laid flat and not roll).

Увлажнитель для лица Perfect Moisturizer, 3Lab

Cream really moisturizes, this is not a “single action”: a week face cleared up, flaking on the nose, which tortured me even in the winter, lost and seem to go back do not plan to. The cream has no smell (opponents fragrances, take note), and also has a very handy dispenser (two taps is enough to squeeze the right amount on the entire face) and economical consumption. In the composition – olive oil and hyaluronic acid. In the cold it means it’ll save my skin from dehydration, dryness and flaking.

Cream “Royal honey” Royal Honey Queen’s Essential Cream, Skinfood

Крем для лица «Королевский мед» Royal Honey Essential Queen’s Cream, Skinfood

When the phrase “Royal honey”, the soul and asks to dunk in a fragrant sticky sweetness anything harmful is forbidden. In General, all who are on a diet, you are welcome to see the range of the Korean brand Skinfood, because only one description of the tools will encourage a sweet tooth.

In “honeypot” is surprisingly classic thick gel milky color, which smells of meadow daisies rather than sweets. Too bad – given that we see these daisies only seven months. But honey cream is still there, and it deeply nourishes all the skin cells of the face, neck and décolleté, ruthlessly cracking down on the peeling. While Royal jelly acts as an antiseptic and speeds up the process of recovery. The cream is somehow recommended for night care, but I noted that it works beautifully as a primer and gives the skin a proper “wet” finish. Peeling smoothed instantly even in the most demanding areas – the wings of the nose and chin.

Universal nourishing cream, Skin Food, Weleda

Универсальный питательный крем Skin Food, Weleda

Weleda was founded in 1921 and is one of the first creams for the face brand was established in 1926. Now cream Skin Food – this is an updated version of the tool, invented in the early 20th century. Its main task – to soften and protect the skin in the autumn-winter period.

Cream, so thick and oily (on the second and fourth place in the list of ingredients – sunflower oil and almonds). The tool does not falls, not once (but quickly) absorbs and works well with problem areas: local dull, rough skin on elbows, knees and heels (for this reason, you can keep on hand in summer).

The fragrance of the cream is herbal with pronounced notes of marigold and rosemary are the main ingredients of remedies that soothe the skin and fight dullness. And Skin Food is good because it can be used not only for facial care. First, it will replace the primer, giving the skin a healthy glow. And secondly, save chapped lips, dry hair and will help out if you run out of cuticle oil!

Nourishing cream with avocado Avocado Rich Cream, Skinfood

Питательный крем с авокадо Avocado Rich Cream, Skinfood

I have always had oily skin, but after 30 my surprise knew no bounds when he discovered that in the winter it flakes. My beautician explained that this is the absolute norm. For 40 years, almost all the activity of the sebaceous glands slows down, skin type tends to normal. After this beauty open on the bathroom counter settled nourishing creams.

The first landing made Skinfood – I love this Korean brand that creates cosmetics, edible components. Cream with avocado perfect for winter – moisturizes, protects against aggressive environmental influences: wind, frost, temperature changes. The tools are dense, thick consistency and a pleasant scent – not like strong fragrances. Absorbed once or twice, leaving a velvety trail of softness and silkiness. The main active ingredients – avocado oil and ceramides. Use the cream every day. Two times a week enough to save her from flaking and redness. Apply in the evening to use in the morning can cause a Shine in the T-zone.

Moisturizing cream for dry and very dry skin of the face and body, CeraVe

Увлажняющий крем для сухой и очень сухой кожи лица и тела, CeraVe  

I first saw an impressive jar of CeraVe on the shelf at our editor Natalia – she said that the cream is just super, but now he was confused at first. Too easy, the formula may not moisturize the skin so well – but having tested the tool a week, I realized that was wrong.

The packaging is more like a body cream, but the manufacturer says openly “apply the cream to any area.” I did – for the purity of the experiment on 5 days of the postponed oil-mask-balms-lotions and only used this tool. As a result, the skin dryness is gone. But the wow-effect will appear only after a few days because the cream works on removing the causes rather than surface problems.

Yes, if you have peeling, at a time he is not smooth, but after a while you will notice that they are completely gone. Is composed of hyaluronic acid it will not only make the skin hydrated but will also maintain the natural water balance – dry can forget.

At first glance, the cream looks like a baby – the usual light texture without perfume (for most, it is a huge plus). The tool does not clog pores and absorbs quickly. As a base under makeup doesn’t work, but with its direct task will cope fine. For dessert – the skin on my feet peels off more than on the face. Five days later the problem went away, and I don’t want to apply body oil (my usual sos-a rescuing remedy for skin in winter). Girls with dry skin – strong recommendation for testing. Normal – as a preventive measure (frost and wind does not spare anyone).

Moisturizer WaterBurst, Glamglow

Увлажняющий крем WaterBurst, Glamglow

I’m a big fan of Glamglow means – dearly love their masks, moisturizers and the magic lip balm. The cold autumn turning into winter already here, the skin began to peel off, and I needed urgent resuscitation. WaterBurst cream in a blue package promises to give “hydration – 72 hours.”

The texture is more gel (with insanely delicious aroma of fruit bubble gum – and I want to eat), which is rapidly absorbed and immediately sets to work. In the composition of the water found off the island of Jeju-do (located in the Korean Strait) – for intense hydration. By the way, the cream did a solid five: my peeling was gone within a couple days of use. WaterBurst really helps the skin to retain moisture. Included in your daily care: apply in the morning (after 5-7 minutes you can begin to makeup, it will not float away) and in the evening before bed (don’t worry, the product does not leave a greasy residue on the pillow).

In those days, when you can do without make-up, apply this cream, a lightweight balm with a tint to the lips and a bit of concealer under my eyes: I never cease to get compliments on how fresh I look (WaterBurst leaves the skin a beautiful sheen).

Rejuvenating cream for dry skin The Rich Premier Cru Cream, Caudalie

Омолаживающий крем для сухой кожи Premier Cru The Rich Cream, Caudalie

What you need to me, a lover of light texture, impressed with the nourishing cream? First, dense texture should melt on the skin, and does not “sit” on top of it, stifling shroud. Secondly, the terrain needs to be smoothed – you know that feeling skin, filled with moisture, like you’re 16 again? Now I’m waiting. And third, no peeling in the problem area and can be no question.

The cream of anti-aging line of Premier Cru handled on all fronts. First, he won me over the included spatula to apply – no need to “dive” into the jar with your fingers. The consistency of the cream is so dense that it seems you bring out the butter. On the skin it melts, but is absorbed quickly – you need to give him that fifteen minutes. Because of this I use the tool as a night care: in the morning the skin hydrated and so smooth that it seems polished.

Thank you for this rich composition: it amicably coexist resveratrol (the molecule of youth), polyphenols of grape seed (where the same without them in the tool Caudalie?), vegetable oil, ceramides with peptides and hyaluronic acid (read more about this component you can read here).

Cream deep restore skin Nutritic Intense by La Roche-Posay

Питательный крем для глубокого восстановления кожи лица Nutritic Intense, La Roche-Posay

Even oily skin are peeling, especially in winter and during the heating. And when your moisturizer stops to cope – it’s time to reconsider leaving. I came across a cream that is designed more for dry skin, but it didn’t stop me. Deciding to try it on separate sites that are most susceptible to flaking and dryness, I know we’ll definitely work together!

Have Nutritic Intense is a great property to seal the pesky peeling visually and “treat” them. If you ever faced an unpleasant feeling of tightness after washing, you know how quickly you want to get rid of it. La Roche-Posay have created a tool that will moisturize the skin and make it smooth and soft. Also, I tried to apply the cream as a base under make – up- everything is in place, the tone will not leak and not slipping, and treacherous peeling in the center of the forehead and quite a bit on the nose and disappear altogether!

The cream is a classic ingredient of French brand – the thermal water of La Roche-Posay, which is responsible for hydration, and Shea butter (softens the skin and relieves irritation). There are vitamin E (all about vitamins needed by the body in the winter, read the link) is almost the most important antioxidant in care. He in the winter will help to protect the skin by actively nourishing it from the inside.

The tool has a light fragrance that disappears after 10 minutes, the consistency of the gel cream with economical consumption. Take note to use it not only for winter care, but in sos situations when urgently needed to relieve burning sensation and redness. If this cream is like the owner of oily skin type, I’m afraid to imagine what wonders he can do for dry and sensitive!

Lightweight comfort Cream for face “Shea,” L’occitane

Легкий Крем-комфорт для лица «Карите», L'Occitane

Not long ago I became a mother, and a bonus to the many changes my body has changed and the condition of the skin. Of dry and sensitive she turned into a fatty, but with dry skin and lack of moisture.

Light cream from L’occitane is not for nothing called easy: it really is almost weightless, placed on the skin without leaving a greasy film, moisturizes and nourishes it (it is two big differences), removing the peeling. I use it in the morning and evening. After application, the skin immediately becomes soft and smooth, I even thought that it is visually aligned. And the aroma! Light, tropical, but it is not irritating and does not interfere during the day. The cream reminds me of a delicacy for the skin, and a neat beautiful jar with stylish metal lid and encourages them to put under the tree and give someone from the family.

Cream for face and neck “Day care” Balance, health Quartet

Крем для лица и шеи «Дневной уход» Balance, Квартет здоровья

If you haven’t seen “a Quartet of health” says: mark is originally from Russia specializiruetsya on the means of anti-age and part adds four of the main enemy of skin aging changes. This provitamin D3, polyunsaturated fatty kislota omega-3, phytoestrogens and alpha-lipoic acid, but not without the usual peptides, antioxidants and other moisturizing ingredients.

My personal acquaintance with the brand began with a day cream to face and neck, but after the first application I wanted to try the whole line. In a modest white jar with pump (I thank you) – in the style of consistence white cream. He smells like dad’s after shave balm – but gently, if only to sniff. But the magic it manifests in the application: the tool is quickly absorbed and visibly tightens the loop, saturating with moisture. In winter, all types of skin becomes a little sensitive – blame the cold wind and dry indoor air. After this I forgot that the window cold, the face began to glow and visibly smoothed, like after a holiday.

Soothing balm-antistress Maca-Cica Intensive Balm, Secret Nature

Успокаивающий бальзам-антистресс Maca-Cica Intensive Balm, Secret Nature   

For night care for skin in the cold season I choose funds with a dense texture – they will restore and moisturize the skin while I sleep. Since my prone to peeling and irritation, you have to kill two birds with one tool. This month I discovered the soothing balm cream Maca-Cica Intensive Balm from Nature’s Secret – he satisfied all the needs of my demanding skin.

Remedy with a pleasant texture, reminiscent of a creamy pastry cream, soothes and hydrates sensitive skin with the water of damask rose. The list of ingredients included in the cream – a real feast for the adepts of “vegan” cosmetics (even the smell deliberately herbal). Here, aloe extract, broccoli extract, green tea, Mandarin, extracts of Centella asiatica – a storehouse of vitamins for the skin! Together, these components restore the weakened skin and give the effect of “anti-stress”, which is important when a person is affected by external factors. Balm Maca-Cica will be able to resist dryness, peeling, redness – that is, all the actual problems in the period of cooling.

Regenerating cream for dry and sensitive skin Cold Cream Marine, Thalgo

Восстанавливающий крем для сухой и чувствительной кожи Cold Cream Marine, Thalgo  

Prepare sledge in the summer – or at least in the fall! Autumn “in all its glory” is over, and not far off the first serious frosts. And do not effects on our skin: dryness, redness, flaking… This is not a complete list of troubles that catch us in the autumn-winter period.

If you are the owner of a dry skin type, without a good nourishing cream all. Therefore note Cold Cream Marine. For sensitive skin there’s a bonus in the no allergens. But it is the complex Marine Cold Cream that contains wax and oil of seaweed, delicately revitalizing and soothing the skin. Enriched with organic extract of white lupine and wheat germ oil, the formula is able to adjust its metabolism (!) lipids and protect from dehydration.

And performance – if you are holding a piece of ice. At first it seems that inside you will find the gel of blue colour, but actually under the cover hides a thick white cream with a pleasant smell of roses and musk.

The water-solubility-cream with ceramides Vitamin F, LibreDerm

Липидо-восстанавливающий крем с церамидами Vitamin F, LibreDerm

Russian pharmacy brand appeared in my mind for a long time and always worked to cheer. Now and found the perfect cream for autumn and winter from frequent temperature drops, the skin dries out, and there are small rash.

In the composition the main component of vitamin F acts, and the company he is ceramides and prebiotics, active moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin. I apply the cream before bedtime. After washing there is a feeling of tightness, which is just great fights this tool.

In the morning the skin – if after a nourishing mask. Problems with rashes and small peeling disappeared after a week of use. But the main “chip” of the cream – it can even be applied to newborn babies, the packaging is marked as “0+”. A tool recommended by leading dermatologists and is totally safe to use.

Protective cream for very dry skin Coldcream, Weleda

Защитный крем для очень сухой кожи Coldcream, Weleda

There are tools that you can take with you anywhere: even at the North pole, even in an expedition to Altai (I do not know where, but I say, interesting). Protective cream from Weleda – just like that. Dense, but not heavy the tool will save to get rid of blackheads, and irritation, and even fine rash – greetings, holders of combination and oily skin.

Their “superpowers” cream must oil of almonds and peanuts, bee wax and glycerol – vladovski “homeopathic” solution. In the summer he saved my lips on the beach, soothed skin after sun exposure and helped to “tame” the red spots from post-acne no worse than the acid peels. Now autumn, which means it’s time to think about it, – something to please the skin in the Sunny season of scarcity. One candidate for a seat in the purse for just is! And to pick up a Kold-cream for your baby, you can here“.

Face cream “Xemos” Xemose Face Cream, Uriage

Крем для лица «Ксемоз» Xemose Face Cream, Uriage 

I have oily and slightly dehydrated skin. During cold weather I often notice that on some areas of the face it starts to peel off. I usually try to use a good exfoliating agent in tandem with light creams that do not clog the pores.

“Xenos” from pharmacy brand bioderma is very thick in consistency and is almost odourless. Apply it in the morning after toner and serum, tightens pores. The moisturizing effect of the cream is enough for whole day without discomfort. And most importantly – he has not scored my pores. At night I added to a cream three drops restorative booster that had an extra nourishing effect. In my opinion, one of the advantages of the cream (in addition to a good moisturizing and that it won’t clog pores) – is that it has a simple composition. This remedy can be applied over any serum (like vitamin C and retinol), and it can interfere with any boosters, and all this will not cause a conflict of ingredients.

Care cream to protect dry skin anti-aging, Vichy

Крем-уход для защиты сухой кожи Nutrilogie, Vichy  

First cold played a cruel joke with me – I was sick and the skin pulled so that it became painful to smile. To escape urgently needed: at the pharmacy, I picked up not only the cold medicine, but also a moisturizer.

The pharmacy brands you trust immensely, so never knew cream I like. But this effect I did not expect the tightness went away after the first use. In two days the temperature dropped, and the skin was again soft. Did not throw the cream in the drawer – I continue to use it, because the tool helps to protect the skin from the cold.

The composition enhances the synthesis of lipids and not moisturizing in the format of “here and now”. In the list of ingredients is the legendary thermal spring water (why she is really cool, read here), glycerin and apricot oil and jojoba oil – bid for success and proof that the tool actually works.

Face cream “coconut Oil. Recovery,” Avon Care

Крем для лица «Масло кокоса. Восстановление», Avon Care   

Light nourishing face cream from Avon Care with wheat germ was almost the first in the series of my day creams. For this reason, I have no fear to use the tool from the same series with coconut oil.

Probably all know the magical properties of this wonder oil, which not only deeply moisturizes the skin, but also care about healthy complexion, evens the complexion and enriches the skin with vitamins. If you are the owner of oily or problem skin should not be afraid of threatening writing on the jar “for dry to very dry skin”, because coconut oil stabilizes the production of sebum and prevents inflammation.

For dry skin the pros are obvious, coconut oil is a great nutritional source. This cream instantly softens the skin, leaving no unpleasant sensations. The texture is incredibly soft and lightweight, so I use the tool as a base under makeup, during the day, it moisturizes the skin and protects it from occurrence of peeling. The cream is quickly absorbed and economically expended, so that we can extend that coconut fun for a long time.

Protective cream Derm Acte Anti-Pollution 365 UV Screen SPF 50, Academie

Защитный крем Derm Acte Anti-Pollution 365 UV Screen SPF 50, Academie

Before trying the tool, studied the history of the French brand Academie. The company is 128 years old, in 1895, its creators have already opened the first salon in Paris, and in the 20-ies of XX century it started to do the first sessions beauty massage. Further – a century of development, the first patent (incidentally, the first Academie added collagen cream for the face) and that brand now has a huge series of treatments for face and body, make-up, and techniques that are used at beauty salons around the world.

Derm Acte is the anti-age series, so the main components of our funds hyaluronic and glycolic acids and vitamins. For such a high SPF (50!) the cream is very light, even watery texture. Due to this, it spreads easily and is immediately absorbed. Let the marked anti-age you as well not bother – age cream 25+. It’s great to use in the summer (comfortable in the heat and high humidity), so I’ll lay it to rest on new year holidays. But in our latitudes it is good: moisturizes, replaces base under Foundation and protects the skin from the city smog.

Night anti-aging cream, Retinol

Ночной антивозрастной восстанавливающий крем, Retinol 

Funds with retinol have become the main weapon in the fight against skin imperfections and effectively increase its quality among the fair sex. Retinol, an American brand with 30 years history, known for innovative formulas and effective action. He is loved by dermatologists and cosmetologists all over the world. And this is the only brand that focusing on skincare that contains retinol in each product: beginning with the cleansing, ending the night nursing.

Retinol night cream not only nourishes the skin, removing flaking and making it healthy and silky, but also has anti-aging effect: removes as completely invisible, and quite deep wrinkles. With this tool, the skin becomes elastic and elastic. The cream is pleasant and easy to use: absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a sticky feeling and greasy on the face. Vitamins a, C and E restores the health of your skin while you sleep, so you can not worry about how you will look in the morning. Boldly declare cream is ideal for those who want to preserve the natural beauty and youthfulness without resorting to salon treatments and injections.

Moisturizing fluid for face, A, E, F, Dr. Stern

Увлажняющий флюид для лица А, Е, F, Dr. Stern

With the onset of cold fluid Dr. Stern became my daily assistant. For skin that is sensitive to temperature (like mine, for example), it is very difficult to find a tool that will not only be a moisturizing base for makeup, but will also fight dryness, irritation and other problems comprehensively.

D-panthenol in the composition just copes with these tasks. Cream not only gives desirable matte finish, but also deeply nourishes the skin, restoring water balance, thanks to vitamin F. this does not create a mask effect: the skin seemed to begin to breathe anew. Vitamin a improves elasticity, accelerates cell regeneration and contained in the composition squalane smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Due to the watery texture and uniform application is spent very economically. I use the fluid during the morning (before applying makeup) and evening care. During the night it helps to eliminate minor troubles in the form of redness and peeling.

This means no Intrusive fragrances. Subtle pleasant grassy aroma gives a feeling of freshness and seems instantly tones the skin. Suitable for any type: combination to oily skin will make a velvety, removing Shine, for dry and sensitive moisturizing will become an indispensable assistant.

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