20 Hilarious DIY Disasters You’ll Be Glad Didn’t Happen to You

It’s hard to nail down the 20 dumbest ones we’ve seen. Let’s face it: they’re all contenders. But here’s our best shot.

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Commode flambeau

“A part from my young son’s plastic potty had somehow gotten stuck in the toilet trap. I couldn’t snake it out, nor could the plumber, who left saying, ‘Buy a new toilet.’ But I had a brilliant idea: I’d burn it out! I pulled the toilet and dragged it outside. There I poured charcoal lighter fluid down the trap and lit it up. Standing back, I basked in the glory of the geyser flames and my phenomenal ingenuity… until the bang. The commode literally cracked from the heat. I bought a new toilet.”

These hilarious electrical fails are sure to make you cringe.

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