May 25, 2024

20 fashionable gifts for the New year

Prederie the Christmas holidays – a Paradise for butyricum. Already today in all the corners and large networks, it is possible to find cosmetic kits and tools from Christmas collections. Editors BeautyHack carefully studied the shelves and ready to share information, where to buy the best gifts to 1,100 rubles.

Palettepowdercorrectorsforface Glow Enchanting Holiday Collection, Sephora

I’m not an active user of makeup, but the collector with the experience. Lipsticks and palettes from the limited edition series – the most favorite exhibits that every day I consider gently, stroking and sniffing (everyone has their weaknesses).

Powdery sharpeners from Sephora – the perfect gift for teenage daughter, mom or girlfriend.

Палетка пудровых корректоров для лица Collection Holiday Enchanting Glow, Sephora

From one case you can go crazy – he is very “photogenic”. And its contents will help to create the perfect holiday makeup for a few strokes of a brush will turn you from a Cinderella into a Princess.

A Set Of “Tea Ceremony”, YvesRocher

Набор «Чайная Церемония», Yves Rocher

Every year French brand Yves Rocher was one of the first decorates his corner and collects a great and “tasty” gifts. This was no exception. A set of “Tea ceremony” extravaganza warming aromas and delicate textures. The set includes: shower and bath gel, liquid soap and hand cream. And all this “treasure” in a festive package. Take three will not be superfluous.

Paletteforlips Holiday Collection Steal A Kiss, Sephora

Палетка для губ Collection Holiday Steal A Kiss, Sephora

Whether you love lipstick like I do? If the answer is “Yes”, you need to the corner with Sephora right now. Without this palette from the limited edition of life buchalik will be nice. Four shades give your imagination a field of activity: mix, experiment, enjoy the process. The fifth shade is a holographic coating – gives your lips a shimmer.

Set nail art StampySet, Essence

Набор для дизайна ногтей Stampy Set, Essence

Today many refuse to gels and prefer regular. If your friend or younger sister is also adept simple manicure, run into the Essence behind the kit for nail design. It’s beautiful, I swear! The set is very easy to use. The designs are transferred on to the nails using stamp. Everything you need for nail design you will find in the kit.

Brush set makeup BrushSet, Soda

Набор кистей для макияжа Brush Set, Soda

I think I will never grow up and even at 70 I will believe in miracles. Probably, for this reason I can not get past the colored brushes, made in the shape of a horn fabulous edinoroga. Just look they are gentle and cute – plush pandas, a new competitor, and that’s a fact. The kit has everything to make natural Christmas makeup no less than an experienced makeup artist. The brushes have nice, soft bristles and comfortable handles – be creative! New year – a good excuse for experimentation.

Gift set “Hello Winter! ”, Weleda

Подарочный набор «Привет, Зима! », Weleda

I was a devoted fan of this brand, what I will discuss in our regular headings. This pack includes the tools that will protect the skin from frost and help her to “hibernate” with minimal losses. It is a protective Coldcream c beeswax lip balm Everon. There are no mineral oils, synthetic dyes and fragrances – the adherents of the “eco” will understand.

Lip balm LipBalm, Essence

Бальзам для губ Lip Balm, Essence

Lip balm is essential in winter. Without it, I even to the store for bread not getting. And my girlfriend also do not go. A new tool from the Essence of the Christmas collection is full of winter wonder with excellent moisturizing properties. The balm has a translucent, barely noticeable tint. Time lips moisturized and protected, two – you are ready to date. Will definitely put this balm in beauty boxes, which collect close girlfriends.

Setforbath Sephora Holiday Collection Once Upon A Night

Набор для ванны Sephora Collection Holiday Once Upon A Night

When you have a baby, you cannot just take and pass mugs of fizzy bath stars. Christmas collection from Sephora is a magical and beautiful as the upcoming holidays. In the set of Once Upon A Night is part of the circle with the image of the sleeping sovochki and nine “POPs” that will make the reception a bath in the new year’s extravaganza. Daughter will love this – I’m sure of it. Friend, by the way, too.

Set in a gift box “Sweet treat”, YvesRocher

Набор в подарочной упаковке «Сладкое угощенье», Yves Rocher

In 1959 by the French entrepreneur Yves Rocher founded a cosmetics company that is now loved by millions. And I is the unit of this million. I love Yves Rocher for the concept, incredible flavors and great compositions. Set “Sweet treat” gift for niece. She was 15 years old. Nika, as well as aunt, has for Yves Rocher the most tender feelings. The set includes: massage sponge, perfumed body lotion, liquid soap, shower gel and bath. In General, everything you need to turn bath and bathing into an unforgettable aromatherapy ritual.

Gift set “Beauty and tenderness”, Dove

Подарочный набор «Красота и нежность», Dove

One a snow-white package is a reason to pay attention to this set. Girls will appreciate! Its content is not less great, than a box. In the set you will find the cream-gel for shower “Creamy vanilla and peony” and deodorant that protects from odor and 48 hours (tested myself – works). The funds do not dry the skin and does not contain harsh chemicals. Thanks to the technology of Nutrium Moisture shower gel provides gentle cleansing and nutrition without disturbing the lipid barrier. And how it smells! The fragrance of blooming peonies mental moves into grandma’s garden in August. A fascinating trip!

Two phase micellar water for cleansing the face, eye contour and lips Clean Pure Micellar Water Biphase, Kiko

Двухфазная мицеллярная вода для очищения лица, контура глаз и губ Pure Clean Micellar Biphase Water, Kiko

I really love makeup. And the New year are going to sow his oats, not sparing no shadows, no lipsticks, no eyeliner. To wash this beauty is only for a good micellar water. My choice fell on Kiko – copes with its main functions, and gently removing even resistant means. Water has been tested by ophthalmologists. I wear contact lenses and this fact for me plays not the last role. The holidays are already here-here will knock at the door, so remember that to give butyricum.

Set of lipsticks from the Land Of Lollies Lip Trio-Intense Lip Gloss, NYX

Набор помад Land Of Lollies Lip Trio-Intense Lip Gloss, NYX

For lipstick I react like a bull to a red rag: the goal is to get at any price. When caught the eye palettes with multiple hues dancing from pleasure. This set bought as a gift, but realized I wasn’t ready to part with it. He is in several variations. The first is represented by three shades Intense Butter Gloss, the second – Soft Matte Lip Cream, and the third Metallic Lip Gloss (new, by the way). Are you still looking for the perfect red? Your moaning is over: he is in the set from NYX.

Cream highlighter PekoJjangMeltiJellyHighlighter, HolikaHolika

Кремовый хайлайтер Peko Jjang Melti Jelly Highlighter, Holika Holika

More, more Shine, that’s my motto for the upcoming new year’s eve. To give the skin a gentle shimmer and make-up natural will help “correct” the highlighter from Holika Holika. Small reflective particles make the skin perfect: be sure that the selfie will turn out great. Generally, collection of baby Pekoe is my favorite. Highlighter seamlessly fits in any makeup case. More precisely, not so: the remedy will be a worthy exhibit.

A set of “Nutrient cocktail” series

Набор «Питательный коктейль», Pantene

Finally tried the new product, which lab Pantene worked for a long time. The shampoo and conditioner lived up to expectations. In the new tool collection – analogues of these vitamins and a unique complex of Pro-V – make the hair smooth and shiny. The set makes a wonderful gift for mothers and grandmothers. Thank you.

Palette Ultra Blush and Contour Palette, Makeup Revolution

ПалеткаUltra Blush and Contour Palette, Makeup Revolution

8 shades in the palette for sculpting justified – not to find your impossible. Pale pink corrector has the effect of photoshop – smoothes out wrinkles under the eyes. Gray-brown shade suitable for cheeks. Brown-red sculptor – a godsend for dark-skinned girls. Our favourite highlighter from the palette – pearl hue. Despite the gold veins, the skin looks cold, with small sequins.

Exfoliating body cream Peau Neuve, Clarins

Отшелушивающий крем для тела Peau Neuve, Clarins

I love travel formats. First, it is convenient. And secondly, the mini version is a great opportunity to try the “Suite” and to conclude, a suitable tool or not. Gentle exfoliating cream based on bamboo powder perfect for the bath removes dead cells and tightens well, restoring skin elasticity. After it moisturizers much better absorbed, penetrating into the deeper layers. Felt from the first use skin thanks gentle smoothness of silk. In Clarins corner any remedy you will draw in festive packaging – will take a worthy place under the tree.

A set of three-step care system for skin prone to oily, Clinique

Набор трехступенчатой системы ухода за кожей, склонной к жирности, Clinique

I have repeatedly been told about this system and tell me once again – it’s beautiful. It includes three tools designed to care for skin prone to fat. If you are tired of the typical Shine in the T-zone, run to the store. A set of miniatures consists of a liquid soap for the face Liquid Facial Soap Oily, exfoliating lotion 3 Clarifying Lotion and moisturizing gel Dramatically Different™ Moisturizing Gel. If you start to use right now has all the chances to celebrate the New year with perfect skin.

Pink palette eye shadow EyeshadowPalette, Soda

Розовая палетка теней для глаз Eyeshadow Palette, Soda

Not that I loved pink and dresses with bows, but sometimes I Wake up in the blonde, dreaming about the convertible color pink (just kidding). Chose this palette because it is uplifting and inspiring to the new “promised” victory. Brand Soda like for the “fabulous” philosophy and an interesting concept. And yet – for excellent quality. The shade I have, do not roll down and stay even after the wild dance (but Shhh! ).

Strawberry set, DolceMilk

«Земляничный» набор, Dolce Milk

I think in the world there are people who don’t like the smell of fresh berries. Sweet “summer” and “juicy”, he mentally moves on flowering meadows with buzzing bees. Set Dolce Milk smell that way. Series of the new season received the name of Dolce Shop. Do you know why? On the menu of every cafe has desserts. That the brand they are except they are not growing waist, and blooming soul.

Setofmascara Cabaret Premiere andliner Charbon, Vivienne Sabo

Набор из туши Cabaret Premiere и подводки Charbon, Vivienne Sabo

This mascara has long been a legend, having roots in the purses of the popular makeup artists and beauty bloggers. In my it too – gives volume and lengthens well, no flaking and no irritation. Paired with eyeliner mascara works perfectly, helping to create expressive and bright image.

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