July 23, 2024

19 Equally Cool Alternatives For When the Micro Sunglasses Trend Isn’t Your Thing

Even if they do look *great* on Bella Hadid. Not all trends are for everyone, this we know. And while that generally just comes down to personal style and preference, there’s no denying that some trends pop up and become straight up polarizing; so extreme that one isn’t even tempted to casually give it a test-run with a Zara knockoff.

Photo: @shopsonix/Instagram

Think steamy PVC footwear or theatrically oversized shoulders. One of the most current and relevant examples of fashion making people pick sides? Those micro, couldn’t-be-skinnier sunglasses.

Beloved by street style regulars, your favorite Instagram follows and every Hadid, the teeny style can be accounted for in just about every brand’s eyewear lineup for the season, and considering that the sunniest months are right around the corner, there’s a slim chance of the hype dying down any time soon. It’s great if you’re into the look! But if you’re not, it can be easy to feel like no other options exist at the moment.

Thankfully, if you fall into the latter category, there are plenty of other trendy styles you can jump on right now that feel just as refreshing without having you look like you just stepped out of “The Matrix. ” From boxy styles that still bring the 1990s nostalgia to translucent colored lenses and styles that follow the more-is-more approach, we found over 19 equally cool frames for the skinny adverse.

Boxy + Rectangular

Crap Eyewear

Translucent Colored Lenses




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