18 fashionable gifts for the New year, from 3000 rubles

Limitated editions of fragrances Christmas collection of makeup, beauty boxes and advent calendars: BeautyHack have collected the best gifts for the Christmas holidays for friends and family – choose what to put under the tree!

Limited edition toilet water Chanel No.5 Noel Red Limited Edition, Chanel

Лимитированный выпуск парфюмерной воды Chanel №5 Noel Red Limited Edition, Chanel

The perfume packaging has not changed 97 years of age, and at Christmas time he “dressed” in a translucent bottle of red. The limited-edition version of the legendary No. 5 – perfect gift for mum, fans of Chanel. The fragrance is the embodiment of Coco Chanel: red displays her fervor in the work and art, and yet associated with something fabulous and festive.

Price: 13 360 RUB.

The set of “the Secret to perfect skin”, Erborian

Набор «Секрет совершенной кожи», Erborian

Recently during an interview with Julia Topol’nitskiy (search for him here) found out that Erborian is one of her favorite brands. A friend of mine, a fan of the actress will definitely be pleased with this set for the perfect skin. It has all to Express care and rapid recovery – during the new year holidays is especially important. Black scrub will help get rid of dirt and residues of makeup, BB mask will transform skin in 15 minutes, and CC cream is suitable for daily winter walks: highlight the face and make the tone perfectly flat.

Price: 3 799 RUB.

Stimulating anti-aging serum, Truffle Therapy Boosting Anti-Aging Serum, SKIN&CO

 Стимулирующая антивозрастная сыворотка Truffle Therapy Boosting Anti-Aging Serum, SKIN&CO

In the middle of the last century, the founder of the brand figured out how to combine vegetable oil and black truffle, so that the skin was not given your age. Get the serum that passed the harsh test drive at the movie stars of that time – decided to give to her mom, but previously studied composition. In addition to the extract of truffle in the list of ingredients there are the extract of hibiscus (natural relaxant – relaxes the facial muscles) and enzyme-antioxidant that eliminates skin damage from free radicals. The concept is simple – as in the serum.

Price: 7 330 RUB.

Gift set Aura, Mugler

Подарочный набор Aura, Mugler

Recently appeared on the Russian market Mugler fragrance Aura immediately became one of my favorites. The emerald heart raging real tropics: the smoky aroma of candied almonds intertwined with guitar chords a sheet of rhubarb, and is headed by song Bourbon vanilla. In perfume new found love and sister to her as a gift already prepared a set that includes the fragrance, body lotion and shower gel. All three tools are left on the skin a light plume that envelops throughout the day.

Price: 3 999 rubles.

Gift set for women Si by Giorgio Armani

Подарочный набор для женщин Si, Giorgio Armani

A chypre fruity Si gained millions of fans back in 2013, the year – surely we all remember the advertising campaign with Kate Blanchett, who was called on more often to say “Sì” (“Yes”). Now the aroma with notes of white freesia, may rose and vanilla paired with the body lotion can give the closest – elegant red box and asks under the tree. With a weightless texture that milk not only moisturizes the skin, but will also enhance the sound of your favorite plume perfume.

Price: 5 230 RUB.

Eau de Parfum Hysteric, Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Парфюмерная вода Hysteric, Laurent Mazzone Parfums

To understand what are the niche brand fragrances Laurent Mazzone Parfums, it is necessary to get acquainted with its founder. Laurent. – not designer, but definitely a man of style. As a true lover of Gothic and glamour, he first released an elegant black candles with amazing fragrances that immediately sold out the whole French Beau Monde. To stop this Laurent did not – presented his first fragrance collection some time later.

It has recently been enriched with new water perfume Hysteric unambiguous belonging to the category unisex. The composition is serious and mysterious, as the likes of the Maestro himself: chords of rose and Jasmine intertwine with notes of dark chocolate, whisky and tiramisu, all seasoned with a pinch of cardamom and ground coffee. Hysteric is definitely a night perfume which it will want to become a vamp, boldly smeared red lipstick and soften the bitterness in the mouth with a slice of dark chocolate.

Price: 36 000 RUB.

The set of “Lab perfect skin”, Erborian

Набор «Лаборатория совершенной кожи», Erborian

Only one Glow Créme makes this set a perfect gift, not to mention the legendary CC cream black facial scrub cleanser tool, and fabric mask “Ginseng”. They are forced to remove countdown timer from your phone – the effect of “blur” to the skin is provided. Once seen, like a sister secretly takes my favorite cream for radiance, decided to give her on New year’s this kit: Glow Créme will replace the highlighter, black scrub will help get rid of excess sebum and Matte cream and mask prepare the skin for the festive makeup.

Price: 4 999 RUB.

Limited edition texturizing spray Dry Texturizing Spray, Oribe

Лимитированное издание текстурирующего спрея Dry Texturizing Spray, Oribe

Want to see this spray in action – review series “Gossip girl.” Stylists on set has used this tool on Blake lively’s hair. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the brand the bottle is “strewn” Golden sequins – the perfect Christmas gift for the most passionate fan of Oribe in our editorial – senior editor Anastasia Speranskaya. Spray works as dry shampoo and texturizing spray at the same time, and for brown hair and brunettes a separate advantage is that it is invisible on the hair and leaves no white haze. Overall, the list of ingredients is more similar to the composition godovogo means: extracts mango for hydration and nutrition, sunflower seeds for Shine and a kiwi to protect the color.

Price: 3 510 RUB.

Limited edition powder Pearl Electric Météorites, Guerlain

Лимитированная пудра Electric Pearl Météorites, Guerlain

The legendary “meteor” Guerlain every year appear in a new guise – that become saturated shades of fuchsia, mixed with the shining stars. And this year at Christmas collection of the brand appeared Golden balls – limited edition Electric Pearl. Pastel shades accentuate the natural beauty of the skin and give it a light shade of tan, that all seemed like you were just on the ocean coast. Golden packing, like jewelry box, and I want to give to a friend!

Price: 4 137 RUB

Set Rouge Dior Collection, Dior

Набор Rouge Dior Collection, Dior

Better than Dior can be only a whole set of Dior lipsticks with interchangeable blocks. And the Christmas collections of the brand on each and even engraved with the wish “love”, “happiness” or “pleasure”. All – creamy texture and satin finish, which is not felt on the lips. A leading makeup artist brand Roxanne Arakelian said that technology brands have focused on the components that will take care of the lips, smooth the skin and restore. Cold champagne and new year’s eve lipstick definitely will not be afraid!

Price: 12 600 RUB.

Eau de Parfum Mutiny, Maison Martin Margiela

Парфюмерная вода Mutiny, Maison Margiela

“Be free,” urges the slogan of the fragrance, forcing us to look at the tuberose in new ways. Mutiny presented right on the show of Maison Martin Margiela’s first perfume launch of Galliano in the role of creative Director of the fashion House. Describing the fragrance, the designer admitted: “This is the heart of tuberose, magic mix – even after you leave the room, people will know that you were here”. Give those who do not like to go unnoticed: orange, Mandarin, Apple, peach and pear will help to assert themselves.

Price: 8 580 RUB.

The ampoule advent calendar 2019, BABOR

Ампульный адвент-календарь 2019, BABOR

It would seem that after a large Easter egg with a super-ampoules BABOR have been no surprise (spoken about here , but the brand has prepared a new advent calendar – this time a classic, the new year. 24 Windows is hidden vials of essences every day for wet, perfect radiance, relieve irritation, saturate the skin with oxygen and not only. Don’t worry if give calendar in the New year – it will not only help to prepare your skin for the holiday, but also to recover from.

Price: 6 800 RUB

Christmas calendar “24 Treasures of the Arctic”, Lumene

Новогодний календарь «24 Сокровища Арктики», Lumene

What good is a calendar Lumene? He’ll definitely appeal to fans of the brand, and those who are not yet familiar with it: 5 means for shining make-up and 19 – for skin care quickly correct the situation. In tiny Windows not only miniatures: a set of five full-size vehicles and two accessory will last a long time! About the children’s delight, which will appear every time you open another cardboard door, not even saying is a brilliant idea!

Price: 5 990 RUB.

Massage set Pranamat ECO

 Массажный комплект Pranamat ECO

This is the case when the gift will help not only to stay beautiful but also to maintain health, self-arranging a massage at any time. The kit includes massage Mat and pillow PranaPillow with acute “Lotus”, which provide a lymphatic drainage effect. And most importantly, no effort for this to work is not necessary – kit will do everything for you: massaging the neck, shoulders and lower back at the same time helping to relax and tighten the skin.

Price: 12 495 RUB.

Set “Ablackadabra”, Erborian

 Набор «Ablackadabra», Erborian

I talked in detail about how to care for oily skin here, and now wish-list down and set “Ablackadabra” from Erborian. Inside – three tools for deep cleansing: black charcoal scrub (the best friend of your pores, by the way), black oil facial cleansing that removes even waterproof makeup and sponge gonyak, matting the skin. The coal in the money not only removes impurities but also regulates the sebaceous glands – and thus, oil blotting sheets new year’s eve will be put off away.

Price: 3 599 RUB.

Palette eyeshadow Naked Cherry, Urban Decay

Палетка теней для век Naked Cherry, Urban Decay 

Autumn buthelesi said goodbye to the legendary Naked palette brand that was discontinued (talked about it here). But the brand just couldn’t take and not give something in return. New palette – just space. Even before she was in my hands, I was sure it’s a real godsend for brown-eyed girls. 12 rich colors with a matte and shiny texture, excellent shading and durability for all day (especially if you use a good base Primer Potion for eye makeup brand). And means convenient to take along on a trip: cool eye makeup will not remain, and the mirror and bilateral brush with very soft bristles will help you to create it in any conditions.

Price: 4 700 RUB.

Comb massager Majestic Classic Scalp Care, Scalp Brush

 Расческа-массажер Majestic Scalp Care Classic, Scalp Brush

The comb helps hair grow faster and look better? “Give two” – I have to say, because Japanese comb Scalp Brush are unparalleled. First, massage the scalp due to elastic bristles made of wear-resistant nylon. In the process, the hair does not fall and are not injured, despite a record number of cloves – there are over three hundred. Secondly, the more you brush your hair, the better they become. The fact that all the bristles are different in length and degree of provosty: some help to normalize the hair follicles, others cleanse the pores. Well, and thirdly, the comb will adorn any dressing table – its as if carved from a precious stone.

Price: 12 750 RUB.

Box beauty Seasonal Beauty Box, SKINBUTIK

 Коробочка красоты Seasonal Beauty Box, SKINBUTIK

The very phrase “box of beauty” already sounds like a party: you never know what lies within! But the contents of the Seasonal Beauty Box is known: it’s my favorite ampoules BABOR, face cream with algae from Elemis, vanilla lotion by Ligne St. Barth, baby massage oil by Little Butterfly London, biocellular mask Skinbiotic and capsules omega 3+. The surprises do not end inside the box is the scarf twill with a unique pattern that you will want to look at. Indeed, beauty is in the details!

Price: 4 950 RUB.

18 модных подарков, на Новый год, от 3000 рублей

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