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Aboutcanopy and mediocrity now not synonyms! Edition BeautyHack have audited the shelves in the stores and found the tools that will help to Wake up in the morning, will create the skin glow without highlighter will hide the traces of sleepless nights will help to cope with enlarged pores and pitted acne scars, reminds you of summer and will reveal the secret of eternal youth. I bet each of you find your own?

Serum radiance Clarifying Infusion, Valmont

In 1905, the year on lake Geneva, léman opened its doors, the clinic of health and beauty Valmont – it will take several years, and her regular guests will be Coco Chanel, Georges Simenon and Ingrid Bergman.

There was developed and the cell procedure that helps to restore skin damage and to return to her former youth and beauty. Now this is not just a hospital, but one of the biggest brands with a wide range of vehicles for all occasions, but “cell” principles Valmont have remained loyal have done a triple DNA molecule is the main ingredient.

Serum for Shine it was accompanied by the zinc unites them together with a plus sign, because together they rejuvenate and soothe the skin. My combination zinc generally acts very positively: significantly reduces the production of sebum and tightens pores in the T-zone, so for me this is the best primer.

The serum promises to give radiance, but don’t expect shimmering particles or oil sheen – components work from inside. “Illumination” to the skin provides hexylresorcinol – it limits the production of melanin, evening out the skin tone and preventing the appearance of age spots. And apply the product – a pleasure. Gently-pearl-cream flavor of my mom’s cosmetics (such heat-herbal), the serum is quickly absorbed and leaves no sticky feeling, but skin is without a highlighter!

Night serum Perfect C Treatment Serum, 3LAB

Ночная сыворотка Perfect C Treatment Serum, 3LAB

To try means American brand 3LAB at least once in their life dreams of almost every girl (and even to know whether the high price of quality!). During the long working days and cold weather one lack of sleep makes my face is tired and worn out that all I ask, “do you ever sleep?”. Radiance and healthy color, of course, running “the ship” at first. One cream is not enough. Decided to give a chance to transform me serum (spoiler alert: she nailed it!).

The tools are the gel texture and light yellow color. If you look closely, you can see small shining particles. Separately want to note a pleasant flavor of sour. Consumed sparingly: 1-2 drops is enough for entire face. Serum night, but sometimes apply it in the morning. In the composition of the two active forms of vitamin C (to prevent first wrinkles and anti-aging effect), peptides (to stimulate the production of collagen) and acai (as an antioxidant). A couple of days of use, which was not the most sturdy and long lasting sleep, the serum still managed to help the person and “hid” the sleepless nights and fatigue. Moisturizing, antiage effect and glowing skin – what more need for happiness?

Renewing hydrating serum Retexturing Activator, SkinCeuticals

Обновляющая увлажняющая сыворотка Retexturing Activator, SkinCeuticals

The brand appeared in the United States 24 years ago, and three years later received a patent for the use of antioxidants in cosmetic products – it is on the SkinCeuticals research in this area is rely on a cosmetic laboratory. It is the efficiency of this component-based philosophy of the brand – “Warning. Protection. Correction.”

Serum I would have reacted to the “Correction”, its purpose is to eliminate the problems that are already there. In the transition to autumn skin test tool easy – rash, redness and skin moisture requests. Against the background of General uneven texture painting sad. But antioxidants will save the situation in the serum there are several, the most active hyaluronic acid and kombuchka (a complex of Kombucha, which a year ago all HLS activists drink instead of lemonade).

This season did not run to the beautician and have only used this serum for one month morning and evening. Tool sticky is not the case when you applied the product and forgot about it. Absorbed, about 10 minutes (time to drink coffee) and then apply the cream.

One of its tasks is to renew the cells of the epithelium (composed of urea and sulfamic acid), so in the beginning of may slightly peeling. But the result is worth it – after 10 days, the skin looks rested, redness around the nose and on the cheeks go, and even concealer grateful if slip on the surface.

Serum-radiance anti-dark spots Vinoperfect, Caudalie

Сыворотка-сияние против пигментных пятен Vinoperfect, Caudalie

After a holiday at my face unexpected raided pigmentation. At first I freaked out, and then began to study the issue. Because the stain is not very pronounced, I realized that I need to deal with the problem by using cosmetics – to treat “inside” and hide outside.

Serum helps on both counts. When selecting funds, there was no doubt: the main ingredient of this serum is viniferine. It’s not a terrible term from alchemy, only natural extracts from grapevines. Remember the lessons of history and the portraits of the girls at the winery – despite the bright sun, their skin was porcelain-sleek, all thanks to the juice of the vine.

Squalane olive will additionally moisturize your skin (in the fall this is very important) and lightweight formula fats let the tool soak in quickly and not to bring trouble to the girls with the combined type.

Serum smoothing and brightening the skin tone of White Plus by Clarins

Сыворотка выравнивающая и осветляющая тон кожи White Plus, Clarins

In autumn, the skin reaches a state of disaster to replace healthy glow comes a dull color, even if sleeping 8 hours), tone and texture is far from the norm (about the ideal I is silent), and pigmentation finally finishes drowning.

Got a serum with pleasant texture and acerola cherry extract. Applied for two weeks morning and evening on clean skin and saw in the mirror the following.

Pigmentation became less noticeable. The complexion became more even and the dullness is gone. I still can’t forget about the highlighter, but to go outside without makeup, not rocket science. Bonus – hydration, which is necessary for all and always. A great tool for those who struggle with pigmentation and wants to help the skin become healthier – milky pink complexion after the serum, it is impossible not to fall in love!

Regenerating serum oil Serum Oil Nanomic The 22, Cefine

Восстанавливающая сыворотка-масло Nanomic The Oil Serum 22, Cefine

Founder of the brand – a Japanese scientist-beautician Mineko Nishida. In the media of the brand, she managed to make a unique is to combine nano-development of Japanese scientists and the secrets of ancient Chinese medicine. This “combo” became the basis for tools that can make your skin perfect. Like this serum.

For me it is – a fun two-in-one: I love Japanese tools and I can not pass oils. In a convenient bottle with pipette lies the real Golden wonder, which should be applied morning and evening. In the morning I add 2 drops to your cream and apply mix on the skin after a tonic. And in the evening give the ritual more time – slowly put massage five drops of oil on the face and rest. Avoid the areas around eyes and lips – the manufacturer advises to give these areas special attention.

Serum normalizes and restores the quality and composition of sebum (the composition was almost identical). What the skin lacks, it receives from the oil. Know why in the name of and on the bottle flaunts a figure 22? Tool, thanks to its natural vegetable oils, it restores the quality of sebum to his level at the age of 22 years! It is proved that at this age, its composition is perfect – the skin is not damaged adverse environmental impact.

The smell of the serum of damask rose oil (I’ve numbered them in the lineup as much as 13 pieces) which is in the part. Consider an extra bonus in the form of aromatherapy.

Serum “the White Queen” Reine Blanche, L’occitane

Сыворотка «Белая королева» Reine Blanche, L’Occitane

“The white Queen” is not a reference to the character of Lewis Carroll. So L’occitane has called a series of funds with the extract of meadowsweet is a perennial herb with white flowers. In all means you will find a sizeable portion of antioxidant flavonoids, fatty acids and vitamins A and C. This mix “flavored” salicylic acid and received funds, the main task – to fill the skin with radiance! Serum copes with its task by 5 points.

It’s not anti-age category, so don’t expect it will work miracles, but as a daily care in any season it is very good.

First, comfortable to use: no feeling of the film, a sticky layer. The serum is very light texture, immediately absorbed tool – you can proceed to other stages of care.

Secondly, the result from the media will see immediately, if the skin no obvious problems. If you do not forget it in the morning and evening, the skin will become soft, and the person will notice a delicate glow, like you applied makeup base with shimmering particles.

The tools are handy dispenser. I love the serum with a pipette – they are photogenic (will cool Boomerang) and focus on the impressive work on his skin. But the spout has its advantages (especially when late for work).

Serum with vitamin C Energising Essence, Egia

Сыворотка с витамином С Energising Essence, Egia

The serums and creams with vitamin C, I’m very skeptical – “askorbinka” is quickly destroyed when in contact with air and exposed to direct sunlight, which is, even in autumn and winter. Remedy Egia first provoked the same feelings: the glass vial is not associated with the impermeability to UV rays. Begin to understand. After an hour of researching forums and chatting with a biochemist proved that the composition of stabilized vitamin C – the sun and the oxygen in this form it is not terrible. Doubt vanished and gave place to delight.

The effect of using funds with gel consistency and a pleasant, faint odor, visible after a week. Ascorbic acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight free radicals and strengthen cell regeneration. After seven days (or almost seven – if you are lazy, add yourself a couple of days) markedly improved complexion and smooth out fine facial wrinkles.

Additional ingredients found inulin, palm oil and panthenol – nothing more.

Apply on face and neck morning and evening serum in a wonderful relationship with makeup and easily replace Foundation.

Serum with antioxidant action Idéalia Vichy

Сыворотка с антиоксидантным действием Idéalia, Vichy

I have oily skin prone to acne, so prefer ehemaligen tools with a light texture. Serum drugstore brand will not only help the girls whose face color in the fall leaves much to be desired, but ladies with enlarged pores – tightening effect after the first application “on the face”.

Special attention is given to the aroma – light floral scent with notes of citrus reminds you of summer and lift your spirits.

Citrus not only for flavor – it will make your skin radiant, relieving you from the dull color of the face. But the root of licorice will make the skin tone smooth. Used vehicle a week, and post-acne marks are lighter, and the pores less visible.

Whitening ampoule serum water-based “Yuzu”, Skinfood

Осветляющая ампульная сыворотка на водной основе «Юдзу», Skinfood  

Cosmetic brand Skinfood, we love the unusual approach to the creation of funds: the basis of compositions useful foods that provide skin beneficial effects.

After trying the serum with the extract of Yuzu, I realized that citrus is not only useful on the plate. This tool perfectly moisturizes the skin, creating the effect of a natural glow (as if you have a good sleep and live in nature).

The secret funds is that a large amount of vitamin C, which is in the heart of Yuzu (well, more than lemon!).

Besides, Yuzu is a powerful natural antioxidant, and thus can align the tone and calm redness. Vitamins fall needs not only the body, but the skin – do not deny her the pleasure.

The serum looks like lemon water and it smells the same. Cleanse the skin, going through with toner and apply a few drops of serum of the signs of fatigue and sorrow on the skin like they never existed.

Intensive serum C-Vit Intensive Serum, Sesderma

Интенсивная сыворотка С-Vit Intensive Serum, Sesderma

Tools brand travel with me everywhere from Sunny Italy to just under the sun Rostov-na-Donu. Autumn – time to unpack the serum and prepare the face for the cold. The tool is based on the 12% vitamin C cream for dry, dehydrated skin prone to flaking.

I have oily, and the skin took means perfectly, without unwanted Shine in the T-zone. Serum helps to recover after aggressive cosmetic procedures. Two weeks ago, doing a resurfacing of the face without damaging the upper layer of the dermis. The redness and slight swelling sleep the next day.

The serum is also prescribed in treatment of hyperpigmentation the post – acne marks really became lighter. Very soon the sun will become an infrequent visitor in our latitudes will be possible to make peels. I undergo retinol and now I know which tool will help to improve the effect, make it two.

Face serum Citrus Brightening Serum, Frudia

Сыворотка для лица Citrus Brightening Serum, Frudia

With autumn comes to me-grey complexion – the skin is very sensitive to the offseason, “rewarding” me with tarnish and peeling. Therefore, serum for Shine with vitamin b complex – not “dainty”, as a mandatory part of your morning and evening routine.

This season in makeup got bright bottle of the Korean brand, which entered the market about 4 months ago. We are all editors loved the lip balm (how is it different from the others – read here) and scrubbing shower gel (spoken about here). My hands were drawn to the medium for a long time, and it turned out for good reason – it can solve nearly all skin problems.

If you have enlarged pores, this serum will help them to pull together, not peresushit the skin is composed of mango butter, tomato seeds, grapes and apricot pits. They will help make the complexion smoother and keep the skin elasticity. For those who have fat also advised to pay attention to the serum – extract of bamboo leaves will make the skin slightly matte, without oily Shine during the day, and the eucalyptus extract normalizes the sebaceous glands, helping to treat acne and restoring areas that are damaged acne.

But if you overdid it in the summer with a tan, the tool will help more with pigmentation to visually hide it, make it lighter and will help to remove the dead cells. But it will help the serum only in case if the spots are not very active – working as extra care.

But the best, in my opinion, toning, and eliminating dullness. The Mandarin orange extract gently lightens the skin will breathe life into it, forcing the blood to circulate more quickly in cells. In the end, you will receive a healthy complexion without makeup – a real gift for autumn!

Concentrated serum anti wrinkle Hyalu B5 Serum, La Roche-Posay

Концентрированная сыворотка против морщин Hyalu B5 Serum, La Roche-Posay

Before the word “serum” has caused one Association – shelf with dairy products at the grocery store. But this season leather became dull redness. The situation had to be saved and come to the aid of anti-wrinkle treatment (but anti-aging isn’t the only property).

In the structure stated two types of hyaluronic acid – low and high molecular weight. Work is being done on two fronts at once – in the deep layers of the skin and upper layer of dermis. The result is a hydration, nutrition and skin – in particular, due to the unique component of “madecassoside”. It was developed in the laboratory of the brand in the process of finding the recipe for eternal youth – skin regeneration. It helps to synthesize collagen, renewing cells and it means that with this serum the wrinkles you will not get any.

Liquid viscous consistency for the week has saved my skin from dryness and lighten it. Apply the serum before bed and in the morning, when it’s especially cold. Peeling did not notice the tightness too. Suggest serum and as sos-means after peeling and mechanical cleaning will help to soothe the skin.

Serum for face Mandarine Honey Whitening Moisturizing Serum, Secret Nature

Сыворотка для лица Mandarine Honey Whitening Moisturizing Serum, Secret Nature

Means brand, like all followers of natural cosmetics – in the only environmentally friendly components. I love it more for nourishing cloth masks (a test drive will find here). But the serum did not disappoint me!

Perhaps this is one of the best tonics that I’ve tried. Tool slightly lightens the face, but the effect of bleach the skin is not. Tangerine extract and propolis from Jeju island are responsible for the active hydration and nourishment – what you need in anticipation of cold weather. Is in serum and green tea leaf extract and aloe – they once or twice will soothe all inflammation and redness (in windy weather, this can happen to anyone).

Paint a vehicle in the morning after washing the skin gets its cheerfulness, and I faster Wake up and smile from the soul (feelings of tightness either).

Serumprimer Instant Radiance Booster, Retinol

Сыворотка-праймер Instant Radiance Booster, Retinol

The U.S. brand is very popular in the United States and Europe – their love of beauty bloggers from small to large, bucholic with experience, beginners, the young girls and ladies over 40. It is simply impossible to pass – on enthusiastic feedback tool promises a wow-effect.

The “trick” of all funds – a large number of retinol in the composition of any jars in the lineup. Not the easiest component, it cannot be used in Sunny season and if not acne, up to 30 years to better save with such components in the box. But he has a very obvious advantage – it regulates sebum production and stimulates formation of new collagen and elastin fibers.

Making a choice in favor of the funds with retinol, first carefully read this article). If you decide that you need it – the result of funds not disappoint.

Familiarity with the brand has decided to start with the serum – the most safe and easy option. Have applied the product strictly at night, but the morning was sometimes added as a “skin diet” – if you have not seen in the active sun outside the window. The facility works as a primer – Foundation is not slipping, and the skin is “illuminated” from the inside. Imperfections will be less visible – in the composition is light-reflecting particles.

Who likes tool? Those who comes on the heels of ageing, and really need a miracle to reverse the situation (the skin will be more actively updated, it will become firmer and more dense). For those who have oily skin, prone to acne (will help to normalize the production of sebum). If you are in the list – feel free to grab the jar and do not let it go: laudatory odes to the glory of the funds is well deserved.

Serum-activator “Intensive rehabilitation” Omega 3 6 9, Omegaderm

Сыворотка-активатор «Интенсивное Восстановление» Omega 3 6 9, Omegaderm

In the fall my skin starts real hysteria – if I could, I would cry as a newborn. The reason for the lack of moisture, and the usual nourishing cream can not cope with the dryness. Leather requested the superfunds for moisturizing, and I gave her the serum with omega fatty acids 3 6 9.

Its texture is more like a gel after application you feel a light stickiness, but the feeling passes quickly. After absorbed, touched face and did not recognize my skin as if touched by the dress of expensive silk, and not to cheek.

Without lyrics and finish, works well. The flushing, smooth tone, deep power – does what the manufacturer promises. Natural glow is also the place to be – but it is more like a healthy glow, so ladies with a very tired person suggest to stock up on one of these shimmers / highlighters.

It is nice that the tool has a cumulative effect. It’s not moisturizing “here and now”, a comprehensive work on the problem. Vitamin a special moisturizing and anti-aging complexes, restores the lipid balance – I think with this tool we will easily get through the winter.

Anti-wrinkle serum for leveling the surface of the skin Sérum Végétal Yves Rocher

Сыворотка от морщин для выравнивания поверхности кожи Sérum Végétal, Yves Rocher

The secret of the funds in its rich composition. In “the forefront” of the serum is plant mesembryanthemum crystallinum. Extract a wonder flower helps skin to produce proteins, through which it will become supple and hydrated.

Lukonina packing a small amount will fit into the smallest suitcase, while the floral fragrance will give you pleasant sensations. The texture of the serum is similar to a light fluid that is quickly absorbed. There are no dyes, mineral oils and parabens and serum-like formula 88% of ingredients of natural origin.

After using the skin becomes very moist, small mimic wrinkles are smoothed out after a few weeks, and the complexion becomes more even – what you need to prevent aging for young girls.

Serum Samoobrona activator lifting effect for 46 years, Black Pearl

Сыворотка Самоомоложение активатор лифтинг-эффекта от 46 лет, Черный Жемчуг

You will be surprised, but the brand “Black Pearl” for 22 years, and still rely on our resourceful mom, on themselves tested all the charm of the beauty of the deficit. Jokes, and the first cream, produced in 1996, made a real revolution in the cosmetic field Russia. In 2005, the brand has gone through some changes and added three new lines: “Resilience”, “Lifting”, “Cabalens”. And, friends, there are decent copies!

For example, serum “Samooborona”, which painstakingly tested my mom, dealing strictly according to the instructions, 2 times a day, morning and evening. Foundation funds – Self-complex, which starts the process of self-production of cells, collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. Due to this change the skin (is compacted) and decrease the visible signs of aging.

The result of a two-week experiment: a healthy color and reduce swelling. Of course, miracles from the serum do not wait, but as supportive care she is good.

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