April 17, 2024

18 Gender-Neutral Baby Names Used by Celebrities

There’s been a rise in gender-neutral names for children – especially among celebrities, and it can only be a good thing: gender and sexuality are fluid for so many people, so it only makes sense that more parents consider a unisex name for their kids.

A name can put someone in a box just as much as an all-blue room or closet full of frilly pink dresses. And aren’t we past that? Aren’t we ready for the next generation to decide who they are without the pressure of a gendered name? We’re telling you: androgynous names are where it’s at.

And celebrities have given their kids some beautiful ones – like Lincoln, Bingham, and, yes, Chicago.

In fact, the Kardashian-Jenners are particularly great at giving their children gender-neutral names: North, Saint, Psalm, etc. Kim and the gang are really onto something.

As are the stars in this gallery below, whose children all have gender-neutral names.

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