17 of the best wedding invites that will make your friends and family want to RSVP ASAP

To set the tone of your big day, and even the events that come before it, you’ll be wanting to invest in the best wedding invites or wedding invitations. Think a colour scheme, font style (maybe something that will match the place cards at each table on the day), and decorations.

Will there be a nod to the flowers your venue will have on display? Do you wish to go for something minimal and classic or bold and glamorous? And, most importantly, how much money are you wanting to spend? Weddings cost an arm and a leg, even for the most pared-back of ceremonies. From the very moment you say yes to your unique engagement ring, and before you even begin looking for wedding dresses, comfortable wedding shoes and where to buy your bridesmaid’s dresses online, you’ve committed to a hefty spend.

I don’t need to tell you that the amount of planning that it takes to get a wedding up and running is astronomical. Every last detail must be thought out and have a back up plan. It is everyone’s worst nightmare to get to their wedding day and wish they’d thought of something or done something differently, only for it to be too late. That includes wedding invites.

Wedding invites needn’t be the most expensive or lavish part of your prenuptial planning. After all, you’ve got your wedding flowers to think of, not to mention your mother of the bride gift and bridesmaid gift ideas to organise (best get yourself a wedding planner book ASAP).

In fact, buying wedding invitations should be something you enjoy purchasing and that won’t break the bank and mean you have to be thrifty elsewhere. There are plenty of places to buy wedding invitations, too, in case you don’t fancy getting crafty and making them yourself.

Nowadays, you can even design your own. From the very paper the words will be printed onto, to the size and shape of the invitation, you’ll have a say in all the details. Look to places such as Vistaprint or Moo.com to start creating yours – you’ll find yourself playing around with different designs for hours. Trust us, we’ve tried them.

Of course, the plus side to buying a ready-made design is that you don’t need to think about your wedding invite’s wording. It’s already done for you. Just remember to go for something that matches or complements your Save the Date (no, they’re not the same) and most importantly go for something that’s going to remind people of the important date and stand out. The last thing you want is for your wedding invite to get put down on a coffee table and forgotten about or lost in a sea of other bits of paper.

This vintage lace invitation from Not On The High Street is a rustic wedding invite, but chic at the same time. Perfectly suited to the occasion, it’s adorned with a lace panel and printed with curly script writing atop kraft card and is bound to capture anyone’s attention. The best part? You can personalise them before you even order them, taking away all the stress of having to sit and write them out.

For something more extravagant, look to this acrylic wedding invitation from Etsy. Completely customisable, the transparent design is one your guests will remember. Pick from a variety of fonts and designs and even add a custom wax seal. Stunning.

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