17 of the best alternative wedding dresses

So you’ve got the fiancé picked out and the ring on your finger, but the selection process isn’t over yet.

If finding *the dress* is proving more difficult than finding both the fiancé and the ring combined, then maybe you’re not as predictable or traditional as even you thought.

Meringue-like styles aren’t for everyone, and whether you always pictured yourself as the classic blushing bride in a big white gown or not tastes change and, thankfully, so does the ever-increasing wealth of options.

17 of the best high street wedding dresses

If you’ve hit a sartorial brick wall picking out the most important dress you’ll ever wear (no pressure), then why not change things up via a raised hemline, a flash of colour or a splash of sequins – or all three?

When it comes to the modern-day wedding rules are relatively off-limits, so if you fancy walking down the aisle in a goddamn bin bag you should.

If not – take a look at our pick of the most beautiful alternative wedding dresses below…

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