17 best shampoos for fall

Withredtwo, which will make the colour tone more saturated, shampoo with ceramides and oils, a shampoo that will restore dry and brittle strands and gently cleanse the scalp, editors BeautyHack chose the perfect tools that will definitely help your hair become better in the cold period.

Silver shampoo for colored hair Alchemic Davines

Long been looking for the perfect toning shampoo – care for bleached hair requires a special approach. It is important that the facility was struggling with an undesirable yellowing, which appears over time, and protect color from harsh environmental factors. Alchemic by Davines copes with these tasks.

The tool can replace the rendering: does the blonde shade more intense, revealing the ashy undertone. Alternate it with a regular moisturizing shampoo, and completely satisfied.

Formula, enriched with milk proteins and vitamins, is responsible for nutrition and softness to the hair. If the “dessert”to use silver air, can not be afraid of the reservation or any other clarification!

Серебряный шампунь для окрашенных волос Alchemic, Davines 

Fights with yellowness and cares about giving the hair a natural and healthy glow. Hair becomes more manageable and silky, and the color becomes a cool shade, like after a salon treatment.

Shampoo “Extra volume” Shampoo and Extra Volume Conditioner, Moroccanoil

Шампунь «Экстра-объем» Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, Moroccanoil

The history of the brand Moroccanoil started with the unfortunate coloring of its Creator Carmen tal. While traveling to Israel, Carmen went to the salon where her messed up hair. A friend took the woman to another salon in tel Aviv: master spas strands, causing them argan oil. One bottle wonder drug Carmen took home to Canada, handed out to friends and colleagues and convinced her husband ofer, it is time to open a beauty business. After 6 months there was a brand Moroccanoil.

To all those who have hair like the Swan Pooh, dedicate a review on this perfect shampoo! Personally, I am in the eternal search for the products, giving my soft, thin and overly smooth hair is a welcome volume and texture. Trying different tools, I faced two problems: some shampoos gave the desired effect, but the curls started shining even more, turning me into domovenka Kuzya, the other was compacted hair, and then gravity did its job. Flavored duet from Moroccanoil – same middle ground. Hair lifted from the roots, but shiny and not confused.

In the composition – a lightweight delicately cleansing formula, so feel free to use shampoo and conditioner every day. Among the ingredients are there and the main character of all means of Moroccanoil is argan oil with antioxidants, nourishes hair, and volume is responsible extract from the buds of lime trees. By the way, for the presence of sulfates, phosphates and parabens can also not to worry, thanks to them, the shampoo is ideal for care for colored hair. And yet of all the means of Moroccanoil (including these) tart signature scent. The creators of the brand call it a “Fragrance Originale”.

Revitalizing shampoo bath Cronologiste, Kerastase

Ревитализирующий шампунь-ванна Cronologiste, Kerastase

Excellent foaming shampoo has a very minimal consumption, nourishes and smooths my curly hair. Noticed that they stayed shiny and moisturized for a few days. The product has a revitalizing effect due to the molecules abissin, which is synthesized by microorganisms living in the volcanic depths of the Glyco-lipids and bisabololo.

Ceramides repair hair oil (argan, Camellia, kurortnyj beans and Amla) add a noticeable Shine to hair. Separately want to mention the incredible aroma of tea rose, light wood and musk. Seriously thinking to buy a perfume for the hair in this series.

Nourishing shampoo for damaged hair Nourish Liding, Kemon

Питательный шампунь для ослабленных волос Liding Nourish, Kemon

The Italian company Kemon was founded in 1959. Organic products do not cause allergic reactions and is effective and pleasant to use.
Liding is a professional line of products for fast and efficient hair care products. If this description fits your present state, then the line is vital.

Bright blue bottles series Liding Nourish look kids. In shampoo 250 ml (roller there are also 1000 ml). The first thing you meet – form. It is minimalist and beautiful. Second – aroma. Lovely and familiar scent of Shea butter. It is considered the most important component which is responsible for hydration. Third – easy to comb (and you want to make a joke about “like butter”), lively luster and a pleasant softness.

Intense nourishing shampoo Top Care Hydra Repair Hair, Lisap

Интенсивный питательный шампунь Top Care Repair Hydra Hair, Lisap

Italian brand Lisap was founded in Milan in 1952. A family company, which is now managed by the third generation of the family Locatelli. The main focus of the brand – work with professionals, so a significant part of the range of tools for coloring, smoothing and perming hair, styling. And this skin line, which also have Lisap, it becomes even more valuable.

I don’t like rich flavors, plenty of foam, usually need just working the shampoo wash a head skin, removes the remains of scilingo and allow the conditioner or hair mask to finish the job. Hydra Hair just like that. Has a very discreet, sweet aroma, sparingly used and almost no foam. Your hair dry. Important: the shampoo is very delicate, there is no feeling of “difficulty” hair, with my thin strands retain volume. The reason for this effect in the composition. It has, for instance, extract of papyrus, which has conditioning properties.

Cream shampoo with extracts of flowers Creme aux Fleurs, Leonor Greyl

Крем-шампунь с экстрактами цветов Creme aux Fleurs, Leonor Greyl 

In shampoo, from the favorite brand of many Hollywood stars (Diane Kruger and Lily-rose Depp – some of them), unusual not the form itself, but rather the content. Just imagine: you can use it as shampoo, mask, leave-in treatment for hair and even add to paint for a cushioning effect. Thick cream green not create a lush, foamy head on the head – this should be ready. The product is applied only on the skin, but thoroughly cleanses the scalp and the hair, as if pulling them from all impurities. Like those who wants to switch to natural shampoos and is in perpetual search for the perfect products for sensitive scalp.

Staff – above all praise: sage and chamomile prevents itching and irritation, rich gray nourish plants and algae untangle hair. Among the ingredients are and collagen, the hair, as in advertising – brilliant, obedient and supple.

Shampoo LuxeOil Keratin Protect Shampoo And System Professional

Шампунь LuxeOil Keratin Protect Shampoo, System Professional

Shampoo LuxeOil line will appeal to owners of fine hair – it visibly densifies each hair without effect of weighting. A nourishing shampoo over-saturate the hair and deprive them of their volume and natural texture for LuxeOil I’m such a “sin” is not noticed.

The tool perfectly cleanses the scalp of dirt and residues of styling products and the hair surface becomes smooth and ready for new paving accomplishments. The aroma reminded lollipops from my childhood, but during the day I don’t feel it on my hair – he delicately gives way to a perfume. The shampoo – keratin, restoring hair and making them more elastic, so if your hair is colored or just damaged – take note!

Professional shampoo and conditioner Kedr Rose Elastin, Super Siberica

Профессиональные шампунь и бальзам Kedr Rose Elastin, Super Siberica

The winner of the weakened hair, rejoice in his professional shampoo Natura Siberica mixed Daurian rose and organic oily and combination cedar to charge the curls with energy and force.

Want to make your hair soft and manageable as advertised – try the new product from Natura Siberica. I, as a true connoisseur of natural cosmetics, long use of means of the brand – and this Duo of shampoo and conditioner also did not disappoint.

Part of the funds have oily and combination cedar (it has vitamins a, B, D and E) and elastin Daurian rose – together, they fight hair breakage, adds volume and Shine. Be prepared for the fact that hair will smell of pine needles at least half the day, but are they so soft that the smell can forgive even the opponents of herbal aromas.

Shampoo-bath Magistral, Kerastase

Шампунь-ванна Magistral, Kerastase 

After dyed hair, their quality deteriorated slightly – hair became more dry and brittle. On the advice of our special correspondent Karina Ilyasova drew attention to the Nutritive range of Kerastase brand, which for 54 years has been producing professional hair products (for which Karina likes shampoo with keratin, read here).

My tools are quite a thick texture and a pleasant aroma as from a professional in the beauty salon. Liked the unusual “combo” – a tool to cleanse the scalp up without drying the length. After washing, the hair becomes smooth, soft and manageable. Nice effect – the merit of the composition. The shampoo has special systems for the supply of the hair, iris extract to combat dryness, frankincense to nourish and xylose that protects the hair from damage high temperatures. My head in addition moisturize hair conditioning and dry hair, not afraid to hurt them (but finally able to give up still not advised).

Refreshing shampoo Hairtology Fresh Cool Shampoo, Vprove

Освежающий шампунь Hairtology Fresh Cool Shampoo, Vprove

Korean cosmetics is becoming more popular! And rightly so. Brand Vprove – all products of the brand are hypoallergenic and suitable for even super-sensitive skin. The main component in the composition Vprove – v-water, based on the ginseng after the stage of fermentation. It is perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the hair.

Hairtology Fresh Cool Shampoo – natural remedy that caring not only for strands, but also through the skin. The shampoo is perfect for oily type. The peppermint extract and salicylic acid freshen and eliminate the problem of hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands. Additional ingredients: panthenol and keratin.

Shampoo cope with its mission 100% hair loose and shiny. I think that you should try other products from this line to enhance the effect.

Shampoo Mythic Oil, L’oréal Professionnel

Шампунь Mythic Oil, L’Oréal Professionnel

Have been looking for a shampoo that will not only cleanse the hair, but to tame them – I have thick and sometimes unruly after washing, begin to electrify. Shampoo Mythic Oil coped with the task. Transparent gel with excellent foaming, for a thorough cleansing according to tradition, washed his head twice to hear the coveted “creaking” of purity.

Love the composition: among the caring components of argan oil, enriched with vitamin E, and myrrh extract (in ancient times the Greeks, the Chinese and the Egyptians discovered the healing and rejuvenating properties of this ingredient). Shampoo perfectly nourishes and moisturizes after washing and styling hair brush with hair dryer has noticed a healthy glow, and each strand was so soft that constantly wanted to touch my hair.

Shampoo Refresh Moist, Diаne Botanical

Once in range of the Japanese brand was only one moisturizing shampoo with argan oil, but now to choose the right tool can any. Even such seemingly incongruous effects as freshness and hydration, merged into a new shampoo.

I love hair products large volume, so this series I immediately liked – the size butylkov impressive. In addition to packing in nearly a pint of the means convenient dosing – one click is enough to wash the hair of medium length. The shampoo is runny in consistency and smells really nice colours – good foaming and thoroughly cleanses the scalp. There are no sulfates, ethanol, dyes, mineral oil, animal fats and petroleum products.

Shampoo for extreme hair restoration Total Results Re-Bond, Matrix

Шампунь для экстремального восстановления волос Total Results Re-Bond, Matrix

My hair is very suffer from any of the dye thins and becomes brittle and dry. Total Results Re-Bond is ideal for bleached hair, but also takes care of the hair which were exposed to thermal damage. The components included in the shampoo, allow to get rid of negative ions, which appear after the chemical treatment of hair. Shampoo gently cleanses and restores the hair (ideas haircuts will find here). Thanks to citric acid, it is less alkaline, free of fragrances and dyes, transparent and easy. The absence of a characteristic smell slightly surprised me, a fan of nice and sweet aromas of caregivers. But the better – this indicates a good and natural composition, as well as being hypoallergenic means.

Shampoo with antioxidants Fully Antioxidant Shampoo, I. C. O. N.

Шампунь с антиоксидантами Fully Antioxidant Shampoo, I.C.O.N.

Shine and volume – these two effects is rare to obtain from a single shampoo, because the smoothing components inevitably aggravate the hair. With Fully from I. C. O. N. – it is possible: seals and nourishes the hair, and uplifted. Shampoo suitable for all hair types, but it has anti-aging qualities – thanks for that acai berries, which are still in the role of a powerful antioxidant.

Don’t be surprised – there will be a lot of foam, and the scent of the shampoo will resemble the classic scent of caregivers in the beauty salon. Hair smooth in the shower is a plus when in a hurry I want to “horse around” and do not apply. The ease of combing is not affected – the hair will flow and catch all the rays of the sun.

Solid Floral Flair shampoo for damaged hair, Foamie

Твердый шампунь Floral Flair для поврежденных волос, Foamie

Among our readers there are surely holders damaged hair. This review is for you! New from Foami – solid shampoo, which will leave in the past serious problems with the hair and restore the structure due to its wonderful composition. But about all under the order.

First, this is a very unusual solid shampoo. One significant disadvantage of such means “razmytost” and the inconvenience of storage. But the brand has taken care of us and easily decided two shades in one fell swoop – included is a mesh case. Thanks to him, the shampoo moderately. and how to do it right, shown in a video.

No soap – no problem! The pouch has a loop which you can hang the shampoo on any hook (or the crane), to quickly, easily and without loss it to dry.

Second, the flavor! Agree, very rarely want to use the tool, which does not appeal to their smell. After washing my hair is a nice light plume of Jasmine with patchouli. Don’t worry – dry flavor is brighter, but after drying, it disappears and leaves a light perfumed mist.

And, thirdly, the shampoo. For the restoration and Shine meets nettle. I, as the owner of the scalp, often choose the tools (and even dry shampoo) for the hair because of its versatility in working on hair restoration. For example, the contained acid activates dormant follicles by stimulating blood circulation. Plus, it helps to obtain the desired lustre, remove the irritation and peeling, and to adjust excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. This piece of Foamie will be enough for 25 applications. And that is important – the tool is not tested on animals and 100% vegan is considered.

Shampoo shampoo Peeling, Lundenilona

Шампунь Peeling shampoo, Lundenilona 

I have long been in love with this cosmeceutical brand from Russia. But to test all tools Lundenilona, yet Oh so far! Brand 7 years and during that time its range has expanded to remedies for body, face, eyelashes and even a children’s series.

The next step – peeling-shampoo. First, use it at least convenient. “Percussion” staff is working on several fronts: glycerin, wheat protein, complex of seven natural oils, vitamin E moisturize, nourish and protect scalp and hair from external influences. Secondly, the tool works great as a peeling. In it, several exfoliating ingredients: Bacillus ferment, allantoin and lactic acid. Under their attack affects not only the remains of styling products, but also dead skin cells. Apply the product onto a damp scalp, very easy have to massage 3-5 minutes and wash off with cool water. The result – hair is soft (thanks to the oils and glycerin in the composition) and easy to comb.

Shampoo and conditioner-lamination “Keratin, ceramides, caffeine,” Dr. Stern

Шампунь и бальзам-ламинирование «Кератин, церамиды, кофеин», Dr. Stern

“Airports and cities” – sang Presnyakov with Agutin, not realizing how much all this affects the hair. Specially for inhabitants of megacities brand Dr. Stern has released a line of products for dull and weakened hair.

This is my first acquaintance with the brand: all I know is that the formula funds razbrasivayutsya in Swiss laboratories. After that, my confidence increased significantly, so I tried the shampoo and balm for hair restoration, especially after the summer they become dry and has lost its former luster.

Funds added trace elements and a special complex that gently cleanses the hair and fills in damaged keratin structure. Collagen and elastin prevent breakage and hair loss and caffeine is responsible for toning. I liked the effect after shampoo, but no conditioner to feel the same lamination, you can not – I keep it for a few minutes and then wash away. The hair pass through his fingers is keratin covers them with a thin film, which, by the way, excellent protection against harmful thermal effects.

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