June 17, 2024

17 Fresh Fragrances to Wear This Summer

You’ll want to spritz every last one of these with abandon. What do palo santo, cannabis and music festivals have in common? Well, a lot of things, probably. But perhaps the most surprising is that they’ve all served as inspiration for a new crop of summer’s most intriguing fragrances.

Whether you want to smell like a fancy hippie, a well-crafted cocktail, salty ocean air, freshly laundered linens or an oddly sexy confection, this season’s batch of perfumes – in mist, oil and even body glitter forms – offer something to appease a diverse range of olfactory desires.

Fragrance brands really stepped up their game of late, turning out inspired updates on beloved classics, cool-as-hell unisex colognes, nuanced florals and addictively complex gourmands, all housed in aesthetically pleasing vanity toppers you’ll have no choice but to ‘gram. Let’s just say, it’s a fun time to go fragrance shopping.

To help you narrow down your perfume prospects, we’ve rounded up 17 of our favorite elegant, unexpected, mood-boosting scents to try now. Prepare finally have the revelation: Oh, is this what it means to find a signature fragrance? Click through the gallery below to find your summer scent soulmate.

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