April 15, 2024

17 celebrities who are unashamed about ‘getting work done’

For years even a whisper of plastic surgery or Botox was considered taboo, but it was especially so in Hollywood, where an incredibly singular form of “natural” beauty has long been the ideal.

But like the influencers on our feeds, celebrities, too, have gotten more candid about their decisions and are reclaiming the conversation. Scroll on for 17 celebrities who are open about the changes they’ve made.

“Getting work done” is no longer the secret it once was. But if you’re considering going under the knife or needle, you deserve to be informed. We’re breaking down everything you need to know, from injectables to invasive treatments. Choose to change your looks or don’t – the point is, the choice is yours.

Thanks in part to social media and the rise of “lunchtime lifts” – cosmetic procedures that require little to no downtime – the tides are turning when it comes to plastic surgery. While many still prefer not to disclose the work they’ve had done, more women are opening up about the changes they’re making to their appearances.

Kylie Jenner

In perhaps one of the biggest culture-shifting discussions on injectables, in 2016, Jenner revealed on her app that she had gotten lip injections. “As of now, I only have lip fillers…But I’m also someone who says ‘never say never. ’ If, down the line, I get to a point where I’m really uncomfortable with something on my body, I’m not against changing it,” she wrote.

Chrissy Teigen

Teigen has never been shy about letting us in on her glam routine – even the parts that aren’t so glamorous like rashes and altitude sickness. Earlier this summer, she posted about getting Botox in her armpits, which can help stop excessive sweating. “TRULY BEST MOVE I HAVE EVER MADE. I can wear silk again without soaking woohoo! ” she wrote. In 2017 she revealed that she’s had another treatment done to her pits: liposuction. “It added two inches of length to my arms. (That fat) is coming back though, so I might need to go in and pay for it again. ”

Cindy Crawford

“I’m not going to lie to myself, past a certain age, creams work on the texture of your skin but, in order to restore elasticity, all I can really count on is vitamin injections, Botox, and collagen,” the model told InStyle. “I have a very simple, healthy life, which works miracles. I drink a lot of water, watch what I eat, and exercise… but I owe the quality of my skin to my cosmetic surgeon. ”

Cardi B

Cardi is willing to talk about anything, so it’s not surprising that she’s been pretty open about the work she’s had done. In a video interview in 2017, she talked about her breast augmentation and illegal butt injections (something, it should go without saying, you should never do; complications from illegal and so-called “back alley” procedures can be catastrophic – even deadly). Earlier this year, she was vocal about getting liposuction and going right back to performing (something that’s not advised), which led to her needing to cancel shows due to complications.

Kris Jenner

In 2011, Kris famously underwent a facelift on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians before Kim’s second wedding. We love that kind of transparency.

Ariel Winter

In 2015, Ariel opened up to Glamour about her breast reduction after years of physical and emotional discomfort. “I got it for myself. I can’t even really put it into words about how amazing it feels to really feel right,” she said.

Dolly Parton

Dolly isn’t exactly known for her natural look, so it should come as no surprise she’s a fan of enhancing what she’s got. She told The Guardian, “If something is bagging, sagging, or dragging, I’ll tuck it, suck it, or pluck it. ” When she was asked if her breasts were real on a CBS segment she replied with a laugh. “They’re real expensive. They’re real big. ”

Kaley Cuoco

In 2016, The Big Bang Theory actor told Women’s Health that her breast augmentation was “the best thing I ever did. ” She also talked about her nose job and round of fillers. “As much as you want to love your inner self, I’m sorry, you also want to look good,” she said. “I don’t think you should do it for a man or anyone else, but if it makes you feel confident, that’s amazing. ”

Nene Leaks

In 2010, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star told People about her liposuction, nose job, and breast implants. “I still wanted to look like NeNe, the black woman that I am, but a better version,” she said.

Christie Brinkley

The iconic model has long credited a healthy diet and fitness for her looks, but in 2017 she opened up about trying the injectable Xeomin for her frown lines. “I wondered if people would think I’m phony and fake,” she told People. “But it’s better to be honest and say, ‘Yeah, this is what I do. ’”

She added: “I’m almost 64. At a certain point, you might need a little something extra. When I look in the mirror, I want to feel like I look as good as I feel. And if you can have something done to feel more confident and better about yourself, then you feel like your face matches your spirit – and my spirit is enthusiastic and energetic. ”

Chloë Sevigny

For someone once dubbed “The Coolest Girl in The World,” Chloë is very open about her beauty secrets. “I think Botox is good,” she recently told Into the Gloss. “It’s just a preventative for my 11 lines, but also my derm is very conservative because I’m an actress. I attack the 11s too, with massage. Sometimes I catch myself doing that and it’s really embarrassing. ”

Iggy Azalea

Iggy isn’t afraid to talk about her breast augmentation. “I love them so much I had to talk about them…I’d feel better not to have some secret. It’s much freer to say it and then you don’t have to worry someone will dig it up,” she told E! in 2015.

Wendy Williams

In 2009, Williams discussed her breast implants on an episode of her show. “Our son did not know I had breast implants,” she said. “So I sat down and went through plastic surgery with him. And it was great, because I was able to let him know that when his dad met me, I was completely natural. The beauty of my story is that ‘Your dad met me as a frog and I have transformed myself, because I wanted to, into a swan. ’” She stressed, “I wanted the body that matched my personality. And the body I have now matches my personality. ”

Lisa Kudrow

In 2013 in The Saturday Evening Post, Kudrow discussed the nose job she got at 16, which she called “life-altering. ” “I went from, in my mind, hideous, to not hideous,” she said. “I did it the summer before going to a new high school. So there were plenty of people who wouldn’t know how hideous I looked before. That was a good, good, good change. ”

Sharon Osbourne

Not shy of discussing her surgeries, Osbourne declared she’s on “face three and counting” on a 2016 episode of The Talk. She’s also been open about her tummy tuck, lipo, facelift, leg and breast lifts, and lip fillers.

Courtney Love

Before she was the front woman for her band, Hole, Courtney Love was trying to make it as an actress. “That schnoz was not taking me anywhere,” she said on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2014, as to why she wasn’t getting parts. And so, she got a nose job.

“I got my nose fixed, and in six months the whole world changed. ” When Kimmel asked her if she regrets doing it at such a young age (Love was 20), she said, “Hell no! ”

Robin Wright

When it comes to injectables, the House of Cards actress has nothing to hide. “Everybody fucking does it,” she told The Telegraph in 2014. “I suppose I can’t say ‘everybody’ because I don’t know for sure, but come on…It’s just the tiniest sprinkle of Botox twice a year. I think most women do 10 units, but that freezes the face and you can’t move it. This is just one unit, and it’s just sprinkled here and there to take the edge off…. Perhaps it’s not wise to put that in a magazine? But I ain’t hiding anything. ”

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