April 12, 2024

17 Best Sequin Suits 2022 for Christmas Parties Galore

Once upon a time, sequin suits were worn only as stage costumes by Elton John or Cher (fashion icons, the both of them). They certainly weren’t your go-to for a regular Saturday night ‘fit. Sure, you could probably get away with a sequin top (with jeans, obvs) – or a sequin dress if it was a really, really special occasion. But sequin suits? Nooooo. No way. Far too show-off-y.

Oh how the tables have turned. But after 2020’s Christmas was cancelled and 2021’s festivities were rather reduced, it seems like 2022 is the season for your wardrobe to live large. And there is no better way to express your joy at being Out Out than wearing sequins from head to toe.

You heard it here first: sequin suits are the ultimate way to dress festively if you’re not into dresses (or if you fancy a change from your LBD). Read on.

There’s actually something rather pared back about a sequin suit. Stay with us. . . The strong silhouette doesn’t feel as OTT as a sequin dress might, and you can always have more fun with the styling of a suit. Obviously wearing a sequin suit over bare skin with heels is a classic evening look, but sequin suits can also take being teamed with trainers and a slouchy white t-shirt as well as being broken up into separates.

And this is where a trouser suit will always trump a dress in the versatility and sustainability stakes (or a shorts suit, like Zara’s silver version, or a skirt suit, like H&M’s fringed option). You instantly get double the outfits! Wear the blazer with jeans, cigarette pants, a mini skirt, dresses or over leggings… Then wear the trousers (shorts or skirt…) with a crisp white shirt, a biker jacket, smart blazer or statement cardigan. If you choose a clever clash of textures you’ll be able to nail every stylist’s trick of working the high / low mix to boot.

Wearing your outfits as much as you can is key, if you’re shopping consciously. It’s fair to say that sequins are not the most eco-friendly material in your wardrobe. Made from plastic and un-degradable, make sure that any sequin item you buy is not a purchase you take lightly and will wear well into the future.

We’re thrilled to see some brands (like Albaray and Whistles) are using recycled sequins this party season. If you choose wisely, your sequin suit could also make a come back for 2023’s wedding season too, proving that sequins are for life — not just for Christmas.

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