April 19, 2024

17 Best Period Pants for Every Budget & Flow in 2023

Single-use menstrual products are a huge contributor to this plastic pollution, with one pack of sanitary pads containing the equivalent of five plastic bags, and the average woman using over 11,000 disposable products in her reproductive lifetime (which each take over 1,000 years to decompose).

“The environmental saving of switching to a more sustainable period product like reusable pants or pads is vast.  Each of us have the power to divert 9,600 plastic-filled pads from landfill or oceans in our lifetime by switching to reusable alternatives,” said Ruby.

Period pants are also comfortable and convenient. You can wear them all day without worrying about changing a tampon, or you can wear them to give you extra protection alongside a pad or menstrual cup on heavy flow days. You can also wear them to protect against incontinence or for peace-of-mind postpartum.

They don’t smell, since their super-absorbent and sweat-wicking fabric works to avoid leaks, avoid any nappy-like scenarios and keep you fresh and dry. Most period pants – including Modibodi period pants – are actually made with a patented design that neutralises bad odours and bacteria.

Finally, switching to period pants also saves money. “Whilst they do require a bigger initial investment, the average woman will spend around £120 on disposable period pads in just two years, but with reusable period pants, the cost is no more than £75,” Ruby added.

How long can you wear period pants for?

“This depends on how heavy your flow is,” Ruby said. “You can wear our pants for up to 12 hours but we always say, you know your flow best. ” Take WUKA’s High-Waisted Stretch Seamless Heavy Flow pants, for example. They are designed to hold three tampons’ worth of blood, so consider how long it takes you to get through three tampons and go from there. Personally? I have a medium flow, and manage around eight hours in one pair of period pants before I start feeling uncomfortable.

How do you wash period pants?

“Caring for your period pants isn’t much different to looking after any other underwear – simply rinse in the sink or shower, pop in the washing machine at 30 degrees with your usual laundry detergent and air dry,” Ruby said. “Try to avoid using fabric softener and tumble drying as, over time, this can impact the product’s absorbency. ”

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