16 of the most effective tissue masks

ZRotie, foil, with three types of collagen and sos-care – comfortable working fabric face masks from butyricum!

Lifting mask Dermask Intra Jet Firming Solution, Dr.Jart+

I love cloth masks! It is convenient to take on trips, take up little space in Luggage and are suitable for rapid recovery.

Dr. Jart+ love for a lifting effect. Although this Korean brand all fabric face masks are good but this one fits me to fight first signs of aging.

Лифтинг-маска Dermask Intra Jet Firming Solution, Dr.Jart+

Leave on the face for 20 minutes. After – neat contour, smooth skin and a healthy glow.

Mask-concentrate concentrate Instant renewal mask, Kiehl’s

Маска-концентрат Instant renewal concentrate mask, Kiehl’s

And this mask – emergency care in any situation. Kiehl’s has released a tool not long ago and hit the target! The mask is good because of its complex composition, which gives more than just mild hydration. Among the components – a few of the Amazonian oils and fruit extracts. Consists of two parts: on the right and lower areas of the face, so it is easy to apply along the contours. Personally I after it significantly improves the complexion. In a set of four cloth masks.

Hydrating mask with coconut gel Brightening Recovery Mask, Leaders

Увлажняющая маска с кокосовым гелем Brightening Recovery Mask, Leaders

Don’t like the feeling of a cold mask on the basis of tissue on the skin in the morning, so I use the funds from the recovered fermented coconut gel. Externally Brightening Recovery Mask resembles a very thin slice of coconut flesh. Its main advantage is tight to the skin (it can not boast of many Korean funds with a decent composition). The mask is the same a sturdy base so that it is fixed – you can go about your business.

The manufacturer advises to withstand a means 10-15 minutes. But I like to leave it to dry for an additional lifting effect.

Mask The Mask Primer Base De Maquшllage 5 en 1, Sephora

Маска The Primer Mask Base De Maquшllage 5 en 1, Sephora

Love this mask for versatility. After application the skin becomes hydrated, radiant, smoothed, there is an effect of the photoshop blur. Most interesting is that it can be used right before makeup as a primer.

Mask with natural aloe Vera extract Aloe vera, Adelline

Маска с натуральным экстрактом алоэ вера Aloe vera, Adelline

Quickly soothes and moisturizes the skin. After applying my complexion noticeably improves. So use a mask when tired after a busy day, it’s nice to lie down with her in the bathroom, for example.

Regenerating tissue mask with ceramides Ceramidin Facial Mask, Dr. Jart+

Восстанавливающая тканевая маска с керамидами Ceramidin Facial Mask, Dr.Jart+

Use the mask before going to an important event or a romantic evening. The Foundation funds ceramides, so it will help if you have dehydrated skin and dull complexion.

On my face the effect is noticeable immediately after 20 minutes of use: skin is smooth, with a healthy glow and freshness like after a long weekend.

Complex masks “Purification and mitigation of” Jet Super Hydrating Mask Kit, Double Dare

Комплекс масок «Очищение и смягчение» Jet Super Hydrating Mask Kit, Double Dare

Cleansing mask with the extract of the fruit of the cactus is my must have in the aircraft! Despite the fact that it is a two-part tool, use it very simple. First cleanse the skin with a cloth with aloe and AHA-acids (do not need to take a cleanser) then I apply the mask it fits tightly to the skin, does not create discomfort, great moisturizing during the flight.

Fabric face mask 3 Layers Collagen Mask, Japan Gals

Тканевые маски для лица 3 Layers Collagen Mask, Japan Gals

The tool can be used indefinitely – in the set 30 of masks. Store them in the fridge and use in the morning or after exercise: hydrates and reduces wrinkles. In the composition three types of collagen, it sounds impressive, but in fact actually makes the skin more elastic.

Face mask Dermask Water Jet Hydra Vital Solution, Dr. Jart+

Маска для лица Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution, Dr Jart+

Love all the masks Dr Jart+, but Vital Hydra Solution especially! After use – an incredible feeling of hydrated skin (one of the ingredients – algae extract). And she’s great soothing (part – panthenol), so you can take it on vacation or apply after cosmetic procedures.

I have sensitive skin, but when you apply the mask no burning sensation – this is important!

Night mask Advanced Night Repair, Estée Lauder

Ночная тканевая маска Advanced Night Repair, Estée Lauder

Works 100%! Is composed of hyaluronic acid and the famous night serum Estée Lauder (all information about it here). After using it moisturizing enough for very long.

A big plus mask: it consists of 2 layers, one of them foil. It prevents the evaporation of the liquid and allows the composition to penetrate into the skin very quickly, especially compared to the regular fabric masks.

A series of masks Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet, Holika Holika

Cерия масок Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet, Holika Holika

I also like the Hydra Solution mask is Vital, but it is said above, so I will tell you about another favorite tool. Bubble Magic – funny masks with muzzles of animals, which is a 15-minute turn tired skin into the skin pisasu health!

Each tool of the series has its own task – improving skin elasticity, brightening, moisturizing or struggle with imperfections. For the effect is enough to keep the mask on your face for 15 minutes.

Gidrokolloidov mask 100% Сollagen, TETe Cosmeceutical

Гидроколлагеновая маска 100% Сollagen, TETe Cosmeceutical

If you want to get from tissue masks the high, buy the tool with panthenol in the composition, soothes the skin after professional peels! The second important component that I look for, and hyaluronic acid. Any other ingredients in the mask to take effect only at the time of application to the skin, after removal they do not work.

Buy Korean fabric Maxi without reference to a specific brand. The main thing – the composition! Be sure to take tools on the plane. Love the Swiss professional hydrogel mask TETe Cosmeceutical: cool moisturize the skin, so called them a lifeline before going into the light!

Mask Beauty Masque Myo-Fix Meder

Тканевая маска Beauty Masque Myo-Fix, Meder

Beauty Masque Meder Myo-Fix is coming as a reinforcement to the same care firming concentrate, but the solo gives a noticeable lifting effect. Well first of all, it smooths fine lines and feels a little numb with the tension of the skin, while without the slightest sign of dryness is a very unusual and interesting!

Separately want to praise the pattern of the mask, which consists of parts for the face, neck, and has slits stretched on ears and provides a very snug fit. So all strategic areas (lips and eyes) “on the spot”.

Gold Foil Face Mask Gold Foilayer, The Oozoo

Золотая Фольга Face Gold Foilayer Mask, The Oozoo

This is no ordinary mask, as it consists of three layers, including aluminum foil (which provides maximum adhesion, do not allow to evaporate the moisture and creates a kind of greenhouse effect). It enhances the action of the means, which is impregnated with a mask. Personally I like to use when you want all at once (including a photo in instagram!).

About the best disposable masks for the skin around the eyes read the link.

Express Firming Smoothing Bio-Fleece Mask Juvena

Express Firming Smoothing Bio-Fleece Mask, Juvena

Nourishing mask for dry skin. Smoothes wrinkles, refreshes and rejuvenates. Relieves signs of fatigue and the negative effects of the environment. The skin is after using it fresh, but the effect is that you recently did the mesotherapy.

Biocellata soothing mask Biocellulose Restorative Masque, SkinСeuticals

Биоцеллюлозная успокаивающая маска Biocellulose Restorative Masque, SkinСeuticals

The mask is made of material that is used for stitches and a bandage for wounds. The best after traumatic treatment from a beautician: pilinov, laser resurfacing. Enhances the effect and at the same time soothes the skin. The mask does not spread, is suitable for all skin types and is highly concentrated. Works well in the winter.

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