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With oils and micelles, for easy combing and super volume, with the scent of tea and roses: edition BeautyHack tested best shampoos for shiny hair and told about their experiences.

Shampoo Fructis “Strength and Shine” 2 in 1, Garnier

“I don’t know about you, but I have the scent of the shampoo Fructis consistently associated with childhood – just want to go jump in the elastic and try to blow the biggest bubble gum Love Is.

But even if not to take into account nostalgia, shampoo honestly executes the program-maximum – cleans and gives hair a noticeable Shine.

Шампунь Fructis «Сила и блеск» 2 в 1, Garnier

Tool no silicones and parabens (though the harm to their not proven), but there are natural extracts of fruit acids, vitamins B3 and B6 that strengthen the hair, and grapefruit extract, which helps the hair to remain longer clean and shiny as advertised”.

Micellar shampoo-bath Aura Botanica, Kerastase


“I no longer expect any miracles from shampoos that they have one function – to clean. But Aura Botanica impressed, and how! My main selection criterion is the absence of sulfates, parabens, fragrances. Remedy Kerastase 96% consists of organic substances (the remaining 4% of the “enemy”, need for a bunch of components). Shampoo liquid, slightly oily consistency in the composition of argan and coconut oils.

Well whipped into foam upon contact with water immediately formed a cloud of air. When you open the bottle tub immediately filled with a strong smell of just brewed tea with lemon. The aroma is absolutely “natural” – no chemical notes. Shampoo copes well with its main task – the cleansing, but it solves a number of problems: it leaves hair smooth, shiny and manageable”.

Shampoo exfoliant for thinner hair Advanced Invati Exfoliating Shampoo, Aveda

Шампунь-эксфолиант для истончающихся волос Invati Advanced Exfoliating Shampoo, Aveda 

“Series for thinner hair Invati us Aveda Advanced brand released in 2012. At the beginning of this year, the line improved: updated the serum for the scalp. Two tools – the shampoo and conditioner that six years ago, scattered all baths butyricum remained consistently perfect! I strongly suggest you use shampoo to three times a week along with conditioning. The shampoo – turmeric and ginseng, which improve the microcirculation. While salicylic acid cleanses the scalp of dirt in the pores. The new version of the shampoo is more dense in texture and resembles the body cream.

The basis of conditioning is the extract of the fruit of the Amla tree. It seals the hair and the like, increases their volume, but does not weigh down and does not fluffs.
The smell of both is magical! Two bottles fit Spa at home! A mixture of menthol, turmeric (very strong scent) and herbs at the same time relaxes in the evening and invigorating in the morning.”

Shampoo to preserve color Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo, Paul Mitchell

Восстанавливающий шампунь для сохранения цвета Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo, Paul Mitchell

“For all owners of colored hair maintaining the radiant color and fresh looking hair is the main issue. For those who lightens them is still difficult. Therefore, one procedure of staining and toning a little. Shampoo to preserve color from American brand Paul Mitchell is just what you need for your strands. The tool cleans the hair, smells good and it needs very little, foams very. Most importantly, the shampoo keeps the color, not washes it. Visible results will be noticeable within a few applications. If you decide to buy, then certainly advise you to acquire and air conditioning for a powerful combo effect”.

Shampoo for highlighted hair Lumino Contrast, Loreal Professionnel

Шампунь для мелированных волос Lumino Contrast, Loreal Professionnel

“Shampoo designed for highlighted hair and I had long time ago was Shatush, so we decided it was worth a try. Shampoo gels, transparent and with a pleasant floral and sweet scent. The foam is not so good, so the consumption is more than normal. But shampoo is a write. After complete drying, the hair is shiny and bouncy, very nice smell. Usually such shampoos give some stiffness to the hair, but from Lumino Contrast hair was very soft and smooth.”

Shampoo Young Again Wash Shampoo

When I see this angular bottle, immediately begin to fantasize how he smells? I got the rejuvenating shampoo in tube juicy plum color, the aroma has a fruity-woody, a space and like no other. The packaging is compact, this means that you can take with you on trips. The consistency of the shampoo is a thick, economical, pearl pearl color.

When applied seem to do care in the salon: the hair is dense, smooth and longer confused. You can skip them through my fingers before using the air conditioner.
I only need one application to cleanse the hair – they Shine easy to comb, look fresh and well groomed, and nice bonus is the wonderful aroma that lasts even the day after application.”

Hyaluronic shampoo with argan oil, Librederm
Гиалуроновый шампунь с аргановым маслом, Librederm

“A very delicate tool – it will not clean the hair to squeak (I have practice every two weeks), but perfect for daily use. I know you’ll appreciate: my husband is very handy pump, it even in hands to take it is not necessary to squeeze the tool – I love these bottles! Excellent foaming shampoo (sulfate in the composition in third place) and smells like aloe Vera. I liked that the composition is argan oil and castor oil. And not in last place in the list of components. I want to believe that easy styling and lack of fluffiness after washing and blow-drying, is their business.”

Micellar light shampoo “Perfect hair mulberry”, Clean Line

Мицеллярный легкий шампунь «Идеальные волосы – шелковица», Чистая Линия

“Micellar water in our time it is difficult to surprise anyone, but the micellar shampoo – the phrase is relatively new and very attractive. Means under the promising title “Perfect hair” I immediately liked – first of all, the scent of sweet candies uplifting, and secondly, the impressive size of the package pale turquoise color last long.
Micellar shampoo ideal for long hair becomes manageable, shiny and, most importantly, stop confusing. The composition pleases: shampoo 80% of broth of herbs and does not contain silicones. A micelle is a sense of purity only increase – removes excess sebum and residues of styling products, instantly giving a fresh scalp”.

Shampoo Actyva Disciplina, Kemon

Шампунь Actyva Disciplina, Kemon

“Brand Kemon – the Italian family brand of professional cosmetics for hair. In the lines there is a huge amount of care, styling and maintenance of hair cosmetics. In beauty salons, this brand goes in the favorites, especially the semi-permanent tinting cream paint. They are persistent, intense, and almost harmless.

In my possession was a shampoo for unruly and curly hair. Just such I – quadravest them enough!

Shampoo, liquid, orange. Does not contain silicones, but is caring and moisturizing of sweet almond oil and peach – hence a pleasant floral aroma.

After the first application, the hair became obedient, and curls into a neat curl. Manufacturer for hair rehabilitation recommends to use the whole series-shampoo, mask, fluid, and cream for curly hair. If one shampoo Kemon gave this result, imagine what will happen from a disciplinary series”.

The Mirrorsmooth Shampoo Awapuhi Shampoo, Paul Mitchell

Шампунь Awapuhi Mirrorsmooth Shampoo, Paul Mitchell

“The consistency of the shampoo is quite runny, but spreads easily on the hair – pins turns thick. When applying feel the presence of oils, which give a smooth feel. My hair recently became dry, and I shampoo.

After use, there is a sense that the applied conditioner, hair do not get confused, cleaned the first time, as if the hair struck oil, but they do not become fat.
After shampooing with this shampoo the hair dry quickly, but remain hydrated, smooth and visibly more shiny. The packaging is convenient, compact – like tubes because you can easily use the shampoo until the end.”

Shampoo with antioxidants Fully Antioxidant Shampoo, I. C. O. N.

Шампунь с антиоксидантами Fully Antioxidant Shampoo, I.C.O.N.

Shine and volume – these two effects is rare to obtain from a single shampoo, because the smoothing components inevitably aggravate the hair. With Fully from I. C. O. N. – it is possible: seals and nourishes the hair, and uplifted. Shampoo suitable for all hair types, but it has anti-aging qualities – thanks for that acai berries, which are still in the role of a powerful antioxidant.

Don’t be surprised – there will be a lot of foam, and the scent of the shampoo will resemble the classic scent of caregivers in the beauty salon. Hair smooth in the shower is a plus when in a hurry I want to “horse around” and do not apply. The ease of combing is not affected – the hair will flow and catch all the rays of the sun.

Shampoo to protect the color and Shine Actyva Colore Brillante Shampoo, Kemon

Шампунь для защиты цвета и блеска Actyva Colore Brillante Shampoo, Kemon

“This shampoo Kemon fully meets the needs of dyed and highlighted hair, providing a complex action: quickly and efficiently cleans them, refreshes the scalp, moisturizes and makes the hair more dense and long maintains the color of the hair intact! The most important thing for me in choosing any shampoo – no parabens. Kemon just removed them and synthetic dyes. I note that after applying hair noticeably soft and supple. For my bleached tips of the comb without the balm, it was torture! But with this shampoo, all different.”

Shampoo for Shine Sugar Shine System Biolage, Matrix

Шампунь для блеска волос Biolage Sugar Shine System, Matrix

In a series of Biolage five tools: polishing scrub, conditioner, heat protection spray-a veil, serum and shampoo. To give the hair light enough to last – even without air conditioning get a “mirror”. The shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and, importantly, does not cause irritation. The smell of Biolage Shine System Sugar sweet: blend of “barberry sweets” and lemon. The consistency of the shampoo is reminiscent of liquid cream. Foams well and leaves hair annoying “aftertaste”.

Shampoo for hair Shine Glow Dry Diamond Oil, Redken

Шампунь для блеска волос Diamond Oil Glow Dry, Redken

“A good first impression of the packaging of shampoo: girly pink bottle, inviting you to touch. The shampoo is transparent with a gel texture and candy-floral smell. It gently cleanses the hair without pulling the skin of the head, and gives a great Shine to any hair color. The tool does not desiccate them, on the contrary, has a moisturizing effect and fragrance lasts for the whole day. In the line there and scrub the hair, which now want to try it too after shampoo. The shampoo is suitable for any color and type of hair, even the unpainted”.

Revitalizing shampoo bath Cronologiste, Kerastase
Ревитализирующий шампунь-ванна Cronologiste, Kerastase

“The shampoo smells good, has minimal flow, nourishes and smooths my curly hair. Noticed that they stayed shiny and moisturized for a few days. The product has a revitalizing effect due to the molecules abissin, which is synthesized by microorganisms living in the volcanic depths of the Glyco-lipids and bisabololo.

Ceramides repair hair oil (argan, Camellia, kurortnyj beans and Amla) add a noticeable Shine to hair. Separately want to mention the incredible aroma of tea rose, light wood and musk. Seriously thinking to buy a perfume for the hair in this series.”

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