May 18, 2024

15 serum with immediate effect

Tohow to use a serum with retinol and what components in the compositions of the treatments work wonders? Editors BeautyHack (and their moms) tell about the best means for young and Mature skin.

Essence, anti aging Essence, Sensai

All my friends bucholic are divided into two groups: who funds Sensai loves and who have not tried it. Mark’s Japanese (the Japanese, by the way, in principle, wrong with care, not doing) as the main component means silk. Then ask the little beauty a parable.

In 1930, Sanji muto, managing a textile company Кanebo (today Sensai – part of the group), noted that the hands of women working on a silk manufactory, and always smooth. The observation of Mr. muto has led to studies of the peculiarities of silk, and those for the opening of fibroin, a substance that holds in the skin seven times more moisture.

Serum Essence I tested at seven o’clock in the snowy gray of the morning – and I wanted more than anything to climb back into the blanket cocoon and hide there, to put it mildly, not cheerful face. And then – this life-giving dew! The consistency of the serum is similar to much melted honey, not water (don’t like), but not sticky toffee. Instant hydration, but the vehicle does not sink into the skin – just not there (I like this effect do not like), but gradually absorbed, on average, for 5-7 minutes.

Антивозрастная эссенция Essence, Sensai

And after full absorption double joy: not only tangible hydration, but also a marked flattening of all traces of mounding and other irregularities. And yet it does not require you to cream of the same brand – I paid on top of your regular La Mer and they are great friends, without any pilling or redness. Certainly use the entire tube – to check not only Express properties, but also long-term anti-age effect.

Phloretin CF serum, SkinCeuticals

Сыворотка Phloretin CF, SkinCeuticals

The Skinceuticals brand was invented by the American scientist Dr. Sheldon Pinnell in 1994. He owns the patent of Duke University for an antioxidant. In 1999, SkinCeuticals launches Serum 10 and Serum 15 is the first stable funds with the local antioxidant on the basis of L-ascorbic acid. The motto of the brand – “to prevent, protect, correct”, so your tool can find every.

Creams brand love and honor for a long time, but about the SkinCeuticals serum first heard from singer Julianna Karaulova – she especially praised Ferolic (full makeup the stars you can see here).

I tried the antioxidant serum Phloretin CF. Drew the composition with a net 10% L-ascorbic and ferulic acids and floretina. What action has the serum? I apply in the morning a few drops on the face for 5-10 minutes tone and texture of the skin are aligned and you’re ready to apply Foundation. After sleepless nights and flights now is my sos-medium: serum brightens complexion and reduces swelling. The right amount of money is typed in a pipette at a time, paint a hammered movements on the skin. The tool is quickly absorbed and moisturizes.

Lifting serum Lifting Serum, Cholley

Лифтинговая сыворотка Lifting Serum, Cholley

All the funds marked with “lifting effect” I sent to test my mother, who is either liberally sprinkled with compliments regarding the new miracle-banks or cut short, “well that…”. With Cholley I downright ran to her with glowing eyes, carrying before him the serum from the iconic brand. But before handing it, read a short lecture about the brand. At its origins is the Swiss doctor Jules Louis Mass, who devoted his life to studying the medicinal properties of plants, invented a special method of ekstruzii active ingredients to the skin they have kept their properties. Since 1990, Methode Cholley owns the lab of Jules and produces all tools under the brand Cholley on the basis of his research. Mark Cholley – professional care on the basis of these Swiss funds do many respected clinics of Moscow (for example, Beauty Boutique Embassy) and suggest no less dear cosmetologists.

In General, the effect of the funds we were waiting for the two of us. The verdict rendered in a couple of weeks: worth it to fulfill your innermost beauty supplies. Means in the format of a spray (economical): make a couple of “zilch” and hammered the lightest serum in the skin. She willingly absorb it for 5 minutes (the drier, the faster) and immediately refreshed and softened. Mother said that the skin immediately becomes very smooth, and then another, and gratefully absorb the day and night creams. I applied the serum morning and evening: a very convenient format, you can use it even in an airport lounge, no film on the skin (it does not appear, and in the morning – it was my first time), but have glowing skin and seemed to fit the oval of the face.

To say about the anti-age effect, I will be able in a few months, it is now clear that the composition of the oligopeptides, hyaluronic acid and brand for Cholley bicomponente (extracts of horse chestnut, chamomile, horsetail, Potentilla, rosemary) works in the right direction.

Perfect Sublime serum Skin Serum, comfort zone

Совершенная сыворотка Sublime Skin Serum, comfort zone

The effect of anti-aging serums from Sublime Skin comfort zone, I felt after the first application, the skin was so taut that I thought, isn’t it time to seriously move on to anti-age means. Perhaps the “culprit” of this magical effect is a special patented technology Archi-Lift, through which the oval of the face becomes clearer, and the skin – elastic.

The tools are excellent composition – 92% ingredients of natural origin. Here and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that helps skin stay hydrated, and components with beautiful names and effective action – lantsetolistnyj plantain and Paeonia lactiflora.

Apply the serum morning and evening after cleansing and before applying moisturizer and enjoy smooth skin and even complexion all day long.

Serum for the eyes ‘ youthful LiftActiv Serum Eyes Lashes, Vichy

Сыворотка для молодости взгляда LiftActiv Serum Eyes Lashes, Vichy

When brand released a universal tool that can not but rejoice – agree, not everyone has the time for a long beauty routine. By the serum from Vichy is now possible to combine the care area around the eyes and eyelashes, and to make it even holders of sensitive skin (hypoallergenic and tested by ophthalmologists).

In structure of – rhamnose contributing to the development of collagen and elastin, we all know hyaluronic acid (read our “30 facts” about this component? ) and reflective particles that turns you into a sleepy person. Not without ceramides they strengthen the lashes, so don’t forget massage, apply serum to them.

Base leveling of wrinkles “Liquid silk” Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Base Soskin

Выравнивающая база от морщин «Жидкий шелк» Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Base, Soskin

If you want to experience an instant wow effect from skin care products, take 2-in-1 serum, acting in the role of base makeup. “Liquid silk” from the French brand Soskin is one of these, and his name got on purpose. The tool works in several ways: fills wrinkles, smoothes the skin and makes pores less visible and brightens the complexion. Thanks to its silky texture glides over skin, even the most minimal amounts – enough for one drop. It smoothing abilities and make the perfect base for makeup – concealer fits perfectly, and thanks to hyaluronic acid the skin will reliably moist throughout the day. But note: to get the desired effect database must be applied over a day cream, not Vice versa.

Antioxidant concentrate of youth LiftActiv Vichy

Антиоксидантный концентрат молодости LiftActiv, Vichy

Winter (or Neustupa spring) is the perfect time to use this serum. Experts warn Vichy: LiftActiv better not to apply, if you are going to be in the sun. If the serum is still there is in the skin, use over cream with an SPF of at least 15. Another thing – night. At this time, means it is better absorbed by the skin, and in the morning you quietly wash away its remnants.

The main promise from the manufacturer of the concentrate gives the skin a healthy glow. And it’s true! For the month of (exactly within that time, the jar ended), the skin gradually acquired a healthy and well-rested. Externally, the serum is like water and it must be applied very quickly to absorbed into the skin.

Then, the tool is not scored, but can pinch if the skin has sores. Of course, after a month fine lines have not disappeared, but the freshness of the face at 100% makes up for all the promises.

Regenerating serum Intensive Repair Essence, Egia

Восстанавливающая сыворотка Intensive Repair Essence, Egia

Egia cosmetics – Italian, but her heart and brain are concentrated in the other country – Switzerland. It was there in 1989 is a laboratory where are created the innovative name brand components.

For those who like heavy artillery (and rich media), serum will definitely like it: contains a unique anti-aging Egia E. C. A. -3 complex associated with stem cells of an Apple, enclosed in liposomes, and best humidifier Amidospher. This mix protects the skin from stress and photoageing. Apple stem cells are responsible for self-renewal of skin, and enzymes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which are sources of trace elements necessary for the occurrence of biochemical processes in the skin.

The texture of the serum is more like a cream, so easy to apply and uncomfortable and leaves. After be sure to use the cream so it is faster and better absorbed, skin is more hydrated, and the effect of the cream lasts for days.

And yet the manufacturer claims that the serum can be used along with hardware techniques, but it is, trust the professional. By the way, in Russia the means Egia is available only in medical centers and beauty salons – +50 points to the level of confidence in the brand.

Serum vitamin C Energising essence, Egia

Сыворотка с витамином C Energising essence, Egia

In the offseason, my face looks dull and tired, so I “bring it” with vitamin C which is needed not only to body as a whole and the skin in particular. I have tried many different creams and serums with this active component, but the immediate result was seen for serum Egia.

In the vehicle of the Italian brand everything perfectly – from delicate textures, thanks to which it is gently spread over the skin, before the effect: the skin becomes silk. Apply the serum at night after the tonic, and in the morning the skin looks rested and fresh.

Noticed a cumulative effect – I use the serum for about a month and already forgot about the dryness and flaking. The composition helps to maintain the natural water balance of the skin. A unique complex of E. S. A. -3 has an antioxidant effect, which prevents ageing of the skin: the cells themselves aktiviziruyutsya and improve immunity of skin (as vitamin C increases the immunity of our body).

Serum Skin Brightener, Retinol

Сыворотка Skin Brightener, Retinol

Before I tell you about the effectiveness of the serum from America’s leading beauty brand, an important digression: a few months before and during pregnancy and lactation do not use tools with retinol. There are numerous studies that link vitamin a with the development of pathologies in the foetus, – this will tell you any competent cosmetologist. Plus, manufacturers always warn about it in the instructions to the funds with retinol. The same list of contraindications on the packaging of the serum Skin Brightener.

But those who are now not concerned, I still recommend this remedy Retinol. After trying the serum for the first time, I’m not particularly impressed by: the flavor seems too intense, the texture (don’t forget to shake before using) is very fluid and buttery. Apply inconvenient, but I painstakingly used the product morning and evening and, bingo, I saw the result! The tone became smoother, emulsion really lighten the skin, and, in General, she was grateful to accept portions of the beauty elixir for every day. Retinol in the composition support the vitamins E and C, glycerin and green tea extract – it turns out the shock portion of hydration and nutrition with a lightening finish!

Anti-aging bioenergy whey concentrate Mezolux, Librederm

Антивозрастной биоармирующий сывороточный концентрат Mezolux, Librederm

Few people, at 22, think about using anti-aging. I think that you should start small, don’t dive into the abyss of heavy suites and delicately “fertilize” the skin with funds from the basic components, that is, for the future. It is with these thoughts in mind I opened my first anti-age care of the brand Librederm. The brand has released a series Mezolux, which included 15 vehicles, generously laced with six active concentrate against skin aging (anti-aging, muscle relaxant, anti-stress, lymphatic drainage, detox and lightening) – they are all created on the basis of microalgae of the sea Iroise.

Have biogarmoniya serum several tasks: to rebuild the collagen-elastin frame, to strengthen the extracellular matrix, to improve the microrelief of the skin, accelerate the skin renewal process. Tell how these problems are solved on a young 22-year-old skin, if used regularly (twice a day) the tool each time will lead you to the feeling after the next sleep, will remove puffiness and refresh the face. Isn’t that all we want from a wonder drug? Recommend!

Serum Samoobrona activator lifting effect for 46 years, Black Pearl

Сыворотка Самоомоложение активатор лифтинг-эффекта от 46 лет, Черный Жемчуг

You will be surprised, but the brand “Black Pearl” for 22 years and she still rely on our resourceful mom, on themselves tested all the charm of the beauty of the deficit. Jokes, and the first cream, produced in 1996, made a real revolution in the cosmetic field Russia. In 2005, the brand has gone through some changes and added three new lines: “Resilience”, “Lifting”, “Cabalens”. And, friends, there are decent copies! For example, serum “Samooborona”, which painstakingly tested my mom, dealing strictly according to the instructions, 2 times a day, morning and evening. Foundation funds – Self-complex, which starts the process of self-production of cells, collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. Due to this change the skin (is compacted) and decrease the visible signs of aging. The result of a two-week experiment: healthy color and no edema. Of course, miracles from the serum do not wait, but as supportive care she is good.

Serum for eye area Eye Refining Serum, Kanebo

Сыворотка для области вокруг глаз Refining Eye Serum, Kanebo

Want to get rid of circles under the eyes, but don’t know which tool to choose – trust the Japanese. They have learned to win time, releasing funds for different skin types with different needs. This spring, the brand Kanebo introduced new products for exhausted by the cold and stress of the skin – a powder cleanser, serum to wipe the skin and a magical serum for the eye area, erasing fatigue, as an eraser.

The latter is recommended as the final stage of skin care – before applying makeup. Along with the signs of fatigue are erased and the small wrinkles thanks to its formula with extracts of licorice, watercress and Japanese medlar. Skin instantly becomes moist – but do not overdo it, a single tap on the white dispenser is enough.

The Blue Serum Eye Serum, Chanel

Сыворотка Blue Serum Eye, Chanel

It’s new Chanel, which appeared in the classic lines of the Blue Serum only this year. The press release tells us that the components for it were gathered already in the blue zones of the planet (and there are only four in the world, and, say, the people in them live 10 years longer). So in the serum, there appeared extracts from green coffee, olives and resin of the mastic tree. The innovation experts Chanel laid an impossible task: to improve skin elasticity around the eyes and reduce bruising.

I put the tool patting motions every morning and evening on cleansed skin around the eyes. The serum’s light texture it is quickly absorbed and leaves no sticky residue on the skin. Then the usual pattern of care, which completes the cream for the skin around the eyes. The result of such a beauty-attacks – no visual swelling and reduce bruising (how to get rid of them forever, we have told you here).

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