July 24, 2024

15 most stylish maternity garms worth buying on sale

It’s a catch 22 situation, however – more than ever it’s important to feel and look like yourself when you’re going through such a big life change, but is it really worth splashing the cash on items you won’t even wear for a year?

Luckily, if you find yourself pregnant at the moment, it’s the perfect time to grow your maternity wardrobe. It’s Black Friday and cyber weekend and we’ve done a round-up of where and how to shop the sales, mama-to-be style.

News flash: Being pregnant is HARD. Besides the hormones surging around your body, you’ll find yourself struggling to sleep, having to give up your favourite rosé and French cheese, forgoing your nightly retinol. . Not to mention all the changes that are happening to your body.

Whatever your fertility journey has been and however excited you are for the new life growing inside of you, it doesn’t take away from the fact that the miracle of pregnancy. . well, a lot of the time, doesn’t feel *quite* so miraculous.

And one of the hardest parts of adjusting to being pregnant (that no-one seems to tell you about) is the lack of actual stylish maternity clothes out there. You might be reading all the right baby books, doing maternity yoga and taking your pre-natal vitamins religiously, but what do you wear when all your fave pre-pregnancy outfits no longer fit?

Whilst we would all love to emulate Emily Ratajkowsi and still wear our designer threads as our bellies expand, most of the time, it’s just not possible. There is only so long you can do the hair-tie-trick through your jeans and stretch your favourite tee/dress/jumper over your stomach before you realise that you’ll need to invest in at least *some* maternity wear.

Where is doing Maternity Black Friday Sales?

Sadly some of our favourite scandi high street brands like other stories and Arket haven’t yet started maternity lines but there’s a host of retailers who do – if you know where to look. ASOS has one of the best and largest maternity sections out there and Topshop does fashionable bump-friendly dresses and a selection of their best-selling jeans in maternity versions (and honestly, once you turn to maternity jeans there is no going back. )

Although it’s only a small range, Mango has stylish maternity pieces and of course John Lewis (a mecca for all things baby) has some options that won’t look amiss in your usual, chic wardrobe. And yes, all of these retailers are running Black Friday promotions, so you can now get your preggy wardrobe sorted at a fraction of the usual price.

What should I buy in the maternity Black Friday sales?

Shopping for an ever-changing body can feel like an impossible task, so sticking to the basics when it comes to maternity wear is key – even during sale season. Topshop’s maternity jeans – in the same styles as their mainline such as the Joni skinny jeans – are a must-have, but if you’re looking to invest in *only one* pair, make it these Paige jeans. Now only £184 at Selfridges, you’ll find yourself getting a lot more cost per wear.

Leggings will most likely become your new best friend so this is another item where quality wins over quantity; our pick is for the Spanx Mama leggings, which are currently 20% off at Selfridges.

Whether you’re planning to dress up for the upcoming festive season, or just want something easy to chuck on, a bump-friendly dress is *always a good idea. * This Seraphine style (20% off with the code BLACK) transforms into a breastfeeding dream post-baby, and this tiered Topshop smock dress will just as easily fit into your post pregnancy life.

And because pregnancy fatigue is a very real thing, our Black Friday round-up wouldn’t be complete without a loungewear set or tie-dye sweatshirt (both at 30% off), for those days when getting through more than one episode of The Crown feels like an achievement.

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