April 15, 2024

15 Headboard Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom 2022

A headboard — be it a DIY headboard or something high-end and upholstered – is one of the easiest pieces of furniture you can update to make a statement in your bedroom design scheme. Particularly if you’re the owner of a divan bed base that could do with a little makeover. While you might not feel the need to invest in an entirely new bed frame, your practical (yet dull) divan low platform bed can be enhanced in seconds with a stylish, statement-making headboard.

What is the point of headboards?

Aside from injecting personality into your bedroom scheme by acting as an accent wall – and giving you an affordable home decor update – the best headboards protect your wall against marks, abrasion and stains. What’s more, cushioned headboards provide you with something comfortable to lean against when you’re propped up in bed reading. Or TikTok scrolling.

Can you put a headboard on any bed frame?

Yes, unless your bed frame has a headboard built-in. Your headboard will also need to be size-compatible with the size of your bed frame. For example, a double headboard cannot be attached to a king-size bed frame.

What can I use instead of a headboard?

There are lots of headboard alternatives, hacks and decor ideas for you to consider, some of which we’ve listed in the gallery below. Hello, headboard project.

Replace your existing headboard with a piece of wall art.
A tapestry. This is idea in a small bedroom.
Consider a painted headboard in a half-moon shape to crown your bed and jazz-up your white wall. It’s such an easy DIY hack – and you can shop from the best luxury paint brands here.
Simply use your pillows and cushions. The best budget-friendly choice.
Drape a tapestry on the wall for something eye-catching and bohemian.
Use patterned wallpaper – in your guest bedroom or master.
Use a room divider or dressing room partition – and a staple gun to attach it to the wall. You can buy these on Amazon.
Use shelves.
Create a gallery wall. We’ve got a tutorial for creating gallery walls which you might find useful.
Repurpose a vintage door or wooden pallet.

What type of headboards are in style?

Rattan headboards reign supreme as the most popular interior design choice for minimalists right now — a shrewd way to introduce the bohemian interior trend into your bedroom without spending too much money. Made. com has a couple of wood headboards to offer: their Selin natural wooden headboard an affordable, sub-£100 choice. French online furniture store La Redoute also comes in highly recommended for headboards in all interior styles, but Rattan in particular. Their Cedak Rattan Cane Headboard is reduced from £295 to £179. 40 right now, and handcrafted from rattan cane, it’s practically screaming for a spot on your Instagram feed.

Elsewhere, velvet upholstered headboards à la Oliver Bonas (their velvet headboard is available in a plethora of rich, mood-boosting hues from orange to dusky pink and duck egg blue) are the perfect choice for the maximalists among you. Pair with a vibrant duvet cover, clashing scatter cushions and an expensive blanket and you’re in for a striking affair.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to hunt down the very best headboards of the highest quality in a variety of other styles you can shop today — from wooden headboards and rustic headboards to tufted headboards and upholstered headboards for every bed size. Single right through to king-sized. Consider your sleeping space complete.

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