May 24, 2024

15 Door Hangings For Spring Decorating

Buying your home one of the best Easter wreaths is becoming an increasingly popular trend with each passing year. Alongside Easter trees – which are to be adorned with egg-shaped decorations and pastel-hued ornaments – spring wreaths are a modern way of welcoming the new season and celebrating the festivities all at the same time.

Once reserved for the month of December, wreaths are now becoming a year-round trimming on people’s front doors. Summer provides the desire for bright colours and flowers on your doorstep, October means pumpkin-themed displays are everywhere, and spring signifies the coming of Easter — another excuse to decorate accordingly.

There’s no denying it: there really are few things as welcoming as a ring of foliage on your door and Easter wreaths have to be some of the most inventive. Whether it’s alive with pretty pastel eggs and rustic twigs (echoing nature’s new life) or colourful florals and greenery, decorating your exterior (or interior) with an Easter wreath is the best way to say goodbye to winter.

While you could get crafty and make a spring wreath using the materials in your own garden — which is a lovely way of tying everything together — you could also save yourself the hassle (and your plants from being snipped) by buying an artificial one that you can reuse for years.

For something handmade and utterly charming, look no further than Etsy and Not on the High Street. This Easter door wreath is adorned with faux eggs, berries, a rabbit and flowers — you don’t get much more springtime than that. This leafy one is blossoming with sherbet yellow roses and makes for a less-obvious Easter design.

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